Thursday, June 08, 2006

I'll Show You Mine...

Ideas are the fuel that powers every blog. A faithful reader named Don just put a tiger in my tank. He sent me a photograph of one of their favorite spanking implements. It's an old wooden spoon that appears as though it would be very effective for warming a bottom.

I thought about sharing this photo, and I probably will. But, I wondered, what if lots of readers contributed pictures of their favorite spanking implements? I think it would be great fun to see and compare everyone's toys. Better still, I imagine most of these implements carry with them some wonderful stories.

Accordingly, I invite you to send me via e-mail a photograph (or photographs) of your favorite or most memorable spanking implements. I can accept either the picture itself or a link to it elsewhere. If you would like to include a short history, that would be splendid as well. I will then display all of the toys here on MBS.

Thank you, in advance, for your contributions!


Tigger said...

Clever idea, Bonnie... hmmm... I'll ahve to give this one some thought overnight.

I'll sleep on it, and since wewill have a couple hours alone tomorrow, maybe I'll even ask for a reminder of which feels "best." (If my hubby is feeling better by then).

On second thought, I'm almost positive that I already know which will be my first choice...

Hugs and sweet dreams,

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea, Bonnie!!!

But I don't know if I can pick a favorite!!! *grin*


Shimon said...

I'd just like to say that I would rather see picters of the object of the spanking, then the implement used. But thats just me.

padme said...

I just sent you a picture of my favorite spanking toy. *big grins* I hope you get the picture ok. Let me know if it doesn't come to you.
Great idea!!!

wind walker said...

that's a very cool idea!!

Bonnie said...

Tigger - I received your photos and I will definitely include them in an upcoming follow-up. Thanks!

Tigger Too - If you truly can't make up your mind, it's OK to send more than one submission.

Shimon - That's been done before, most recently by Happy Tails. I was looking for something a little different.

Padme - It looks great! Thanks.

Wind - It should be fun. Are you going to send me a photo of your big paddle?

Tigger said...


How quick do you need pics? I hope it can wait til at least the end of the weekend... I told my hubby about this request last night and ooohhhh, I'm gonna get a reminder of my three favorites so I can pick the best. But it won't happen until tonight or tomorrow (kids and other things in the way).

Can you wait that long? I can send the pic then too?

Tigger Too (New name for me, huh?)

mike said...

a couple of pics on the way. hope they come through ok.


Bonnie said...

Tigger - I was planning to post the pictures around the middle of next week, but I'm not locked into that schedule. There's no need to rush.

To keep me from getting confused, I label the first one I encounter "Tigger" and the second "Tigger Too." I think I know the difference now, but readers may not.

Mike - I got your photos. Thank you!

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