Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In With The New

I recently mourned the passing of a few blogs I've long enjoyed. Several others appear to be on extended hiatis. In a very selfish way, this disappoints me because these were people that I felt I had come to know and appreciate. At the same time, I recognize that each blogger must make their own choices. When the day comes that I step away from this blog, I'm sure it will be for a valid reason. I owe my colleagues no less respect.

The good news is that for every blog that has disappeared, three new ones have sprung up to take its place. I counted the number of new spank-friendly blogs that have appeared since May 1. There are eighteen!

A Spanking Good Time
Angel Reflections
Bad Behavior
Cassie's Space
Damnation's Cellar
Fanny Annie's Blog
Fantastic Spanking
Hidden Flames
Incorrigible Girl
Katie's Spanking Blog
Mistress Sky
Paul Sez
Spank the Weasel
Spanking and Marital Bliss
Spkrbryan's Blog
Storm and Wind
Terri Madison
Well Spanked Bot

(If I've forgotten anyone, please tell me)

I recognize that a couple of these are new blogs from familiar faces, but most are entirely new. In any case, all are worthy of a visit.

To these new bloggers, I bid you welcome. There are plenty of interested readers for everyone. Your insight and creativity make our community stronger.

I wish each of you well with your blog. Below are links to some suggestions I assembled a while back as a guide to enhancing your blog. It's certainly not the final word, but I think there are a number of useful tips.

My Blogging Smarts

More Blogging Smarts

Come what may, I hope you find the spanko blogging experience as rewarding as I have!

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Sassy said...


Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind note and for adding me to your links. You provide a sense of community and that is a wonderful thing for spankos. Thank you!

Damnation's Cellar said...

Thank you for the mention and kind words, Bonnie. I have read both of your entries about how to blog and have tucked them away for future and frequent reference.

I agree with sassy. You do provide a sense of community and I appreciate all that you do to make that happen.


Scarlett said...

Those 2 posts, My Blogging Smarts and More Blogging Smarts are brilliant. As i said recently, you are a "Blog Goddess" and you are so kind to share your tips and techniques with everyone. I have spent the last hour reading them and clicking on links and have learnt oodles of things. Some really great advice.
And an excellent blog too!
Many thanks Bonnie.
Scarlett x

Tigger said...

Hi Bonnie!

Thanks for once again promoting us "newbies," but thanks mostly for your tips and for just being there when we flounder. You've already helped me oddles and oodles and I am so very grateful!

I, too, have downloaded your tips onto my computer and I'm trying to utilize them as best as I can... it's a HUGE learning curve for me and I am NOT HTML inclined. My brain simply doesn't function that way... I get too easily overwhelmed with all the possibilities of web design to focus on one task at hand.

But I've had tons of help, including you, CeeCi, Janeen and His Mija. I am very grateful for each and every one of you! I'm grateful, too, for the wonderful response that I've received thus far on my blog and to everyone's encouragement, insightful comments and suggestions. Thank you!


Cassie said...

Thanks again Bonnie,
Most of this is way over my head computer wise, but the immediate acceptance and friendship that I felt from you and Tigger and so many other means everything to me. I don't plan on being famous but I love being able to express some feelings to friends who understand. This is wonderful!


Paul said...

Bonnie, I've been thinking something for a while, I'm sorry if it embarrasses you, but the truth must out.
Have you realised that you are turning into the Grand Dame of our spanking community and MBS has become the Saloon, in the Parisian rather than the Wild West sense.
Where those of us who wish to may mingle, converse and partake of light refreshments of the intellectual and/or emotional kind.
Your friendship, serenity, helpfulness and organisational ability are the hallmark of your saloon.
Regular visitor or casual drop-in, we each receive a warm welcome and an invitation to return.
Thank you Bonnie, you make our community a nicer and better place.
Big hugs,

dwcmike said...

Bonnie; The most we can hope for is that if a blog goes on hold for a while, or even permanently, that the blogger does not delete the blog. Thus, one can read the past posts as though they were today's news.
bottoms up

wellspankedbot said...

Bonnie, thank you for the link to my new blog.

I'm not sure exactly what I expected when I started my blog, but to know that there are such warm, friendly, welcoming people out there has made it worthwhile!


Incorrigible Girl said...

Thank you so much for the link... I am very much enoying my introduction into the circle of friends I am accumulating, and coming across blogs like yours, full of wise words, naughty fun and some of the most genuine folks I have had the pleasure of "meeting" in cyberspace.
IGirl ~

Cameo said...

Well, in my case Bonnie, you have read the story (and so has everyone else that has hit Cameo's Blog in the last few days). Pity, too, about Mike being SUCH a total dunderhead. Things could have gotten very sexy and spanky between us. Oh well...just now I gotta keep my nose clean as a whistle so as not to give him any ammo he can use against me - and that includes spanky fantasies, stories, yadda yadda yadda. Phooey. Least I know that there are guys out there who are not total scum, lol. I just wish that Mike was one of them. *big siiiigggghhhh*

rubytearedangel said...

oh my...so many new blogs! Now i feel rotten for only adding one today...yikes...

and i swear i'm gonna stay put this time!!! :)

rubytearedangel said...

oh, and i have to say....i really miss collar purple :( ..I've been worried about them, having disappeared suddenly months ago. gina

Bonnie said...

Sassy - You're most welcome!

DC - Thank you. I'm delighted to be able to help.

Scarlett - Thanks! I really enjoy meeting so many great people.

Tigger - The pleasure is mine, especially when I watch friends spread their wings and soar for the first time.

You don't have to know all the HTML (I certainly don't), but there are a few tricks that come in handy over and over again (could this be the genesis of "Still More Blogging Smarts?").

Cassie - We do understand. Your writing is wonderful, and so are you. You are always welcome here.

Paul - That's very kind, but this community was around long before I showed up and it will undoubtedly outlive me. I love the idea of MBS as a gathering place where friends and newcomers alike are always welcome. I aspire to make that a reality.

Thank you for your generous praise.

Mike - I agree. I recall that you link to Kasey even though she's been gone for a year. She was one of the bloggers whose brilliant work inspired me to give it a try. Even now, her words remain as potent as ever.

WSB - You're very welcome. I think you're a great addition to our community.

IGirl - Thanks. I'm glad you're here and I look forward to watching your blog grow and blossom.

Cameo - Yes, I did read about your unfortunate episode, and just when it seemed as though things were looking up. Here's wishing you a quick reversal of fortune.

Gina - Isn't this wonderful? Don't worry. I think I've put up your link and taken it down three times now. I'm good for four. Move as you see fit. LOL

I agree about missing Invidia. When last I heard from her, she was going through some difficult times. I do hope she returns one day soon.

sparkle said...

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for not thinking that Chris and I were on the out, too!

Blogging takes a lot of time for me, and I sometimes feel guilty about doing it when other things have piled up. And I just... well... I *can't* do it when the baby is home and awake. She's too high-energy and inquisitive to focus my attention elsewhere.

Anyway, thanks for keeping an eye on all the links I don't get to visit often.


Katie_Spades said...


Thanks so much for mentioning me! That was a real honor and so appreciated! I just saw this and was so psyched because it was just such a nice thing to do. You really are a sweetheart. I only started in a few days ago and I am having so much fun but to have you mention me is an honor.

Your tips were fabulous and I thank you for them. You really are a gem. Thanks again!


Bonnie said...

Sparkle - No, I understand your situation. I've been there myself.

I know you'll both be back when circumstances permit and I look forward to that day.

Katie - You're very welcome. You are doing great with your blog!

Mistress Sky said...

Bonnie - awesome to appear in your list of newbies! Thanks so much, I have started another one that's even naughtier and I was listing blogs I like to read and of course, you're on it!
Thanks so much - catch you at the Den when time permits!!!
Sky x x x

Bonnie said...

Sky - Hi! Thank you for thinking of me. I'll have to check out some of your other entries.

kk said...

Bonnie i must agree with paul your blog is the "Cheers" of blogs.

would you like to get away and go where everybody knows you name where people are all the same

yes Bonnie's

cutiepie_ml said...

Hello sweetie,
love your naughty blog have you checked mine out its a new spanking blog too.

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cutiepie xxxooo

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