Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poll: Who Initates?

Common sense tells us that a spanker does the spanking and the spankee is the recipient. Before the spanking reaches that physical stage, however, there is generally some discussion between the partners. Our poll question today deals with who raises the issue of spanking. Is it the spanker's idea? Or does the spankee prompt him to spank by asking, hinting, cajoling, teasing, or bratting? We would love to hear what you think.

In your relationship, who most often initiates spanking activities?



Anonymous said...

Most of the time, I initiate the spanking, either by pouting and sticking my bottom out, climbing over my hubby's lap, or simpy by asking him to spank me!!!

Sometimes, however, he initiates the spankings, which is always really fun because it's so exciting to be surprised with a smack on the bottom!!!


Cassie said...

Bonnie, I guess I like to think that Tom always starts things, but I also know certain things that I can do to make him spank me. So as usual my answer should be somewhere in the middle.

Have a great day!


Tigger said...

I usually WISH I was on the flip side...

In our household, I almost always initiate not only the spanking but its timing... I love initiating (earning) fun spankings but I REALLY wish he would more often determine the day/time of the actual event.

I really HATE doing that, especially since he is so finicky about not feeling coerced, forced or expected to perform. But I've learned that if I don't initiate boldly, it probably will simply never happen. And that's unacceptable.

However, as far as actual DD punishments go, he has caught me off guard once or twice with the dreaded acrylic cane, sometimes chasing me around the room in the middle of an otherwise ordinary afternoon, or bending me over the kitchen counter or sink (one of his favorites, though I'm not sure why).

And of course there have been a few random swats on the butt, though not nearly enough, initiated by him. So much of his spanko behavior is implied with me left to interpret its meanings...


jeanmarie said...

I initiate the playful spankings, usually by approaching him while he's working with my pants down and an implement in hand. That's one of our problems, I have to ask for it too much.
If it has been a while, I'll initiate a disciplinary spanking by bratting blatantly. Kyle has some strange ideas and punishes me for the most bizarre things; I've been punished for being too descriptive while blogging, often for touching myself instead of saving it for him. It's weird, but it's how he is.
He'd been away on a business trip for days, I greeted him when he walked in the door last night naked and confessing my many transgressions. I'm not sitting as I type this now...
Jean Marie

Paul said...

Bonnie, looking back, it seems to me that 9 times out of 10 Mel asked, it could be very subtle or very in your face, but I never objected.

Bonnie said...

Everyone - OK, this result surprised me. Maybe it shouldn't, but it did. I expected that the spankers would take the initiative. On the other hand, we needn't spend much time worrying about consent when it's the spankee who raises the subject.

Tigger Too - I initiate maybe a third of time, but I like it much better when Randy gets things his way.

Cassie - We're a lot like that too.

Tigger - It's fun for us spankees to start things sometimes, but I know I would tire of it all the time.

Jean Marie - I'm sensing a trend here. I guess I should consider myself fortunate to be married to a man who has no qualms at all about picking up a paddle (and using it too!).

BTW, I love the old greeting him naked at the door trick! It works equally well here.

Paul - I never argue with success!

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