Monday, June 26, 2006

Fiction: Cassie's Most Memorable

Cassie’s story about her first adult spanking experience was so sweet, there simply had to be a return engagement. Now, MBS presents for your reading pleasure, Cassie’s Most Memorable.

It wasn't long into my marriage that I realized that my first spanking wasn't going to be a one time deal. Tom made it clear that he expected me to act like a lady. I had been truthful with him before the wedding that I had seen and done many things in my life that might disqualify me as this lovely lady that he wanted. He told me as far as he was concerned time began when we met and everyone had a clean slate.

During the first few years most of my spankings came from using ugly language in front of my husband, or worse in his eyes, in front of others. Occasionally, I would tell a juicy piece of gossip or tell an off-color story to our friends. Tom would lean close to my ear and whisper “When I get you home, I’m going to wear you out.” My stomach would tighten and I knew I would be across his knee before bedtime. Most of these spankings hurt like the devil and kept me from sitting comfortably for days, but there were only a few that I felt were true punishment.
Some real problems began after about three years. Tom began a project that kept him working long hours for months. I became bored and lonely. We lived in Nevada then, and I began spending time at the casinos several afternoons a week with my friends. Soon I began going alone every day to drink and gamble. I don’t know if I had a gambling addition, but I know I was coming close. In one afternoon alone, I lost $900 (an absolute fortune at that time). I was scared and I didn't seem to be able to stop myself. I stayed up that night to talk to Tom and I told him everything. I didn’t think he would spank me for this confession or even for losing so much money and he didn’t. I always knew in advance what would cause a spanking and we had never discussed this before. Basically, I wanted his help. We decided that evening that my gambling days were over. Tom assured me that he would back up our decision with the hairbrush if it became necessary.

My problem was that I couldn’t stop. At first, I would confess when I slipped, but I hated that darn hairbrush (my wedding gift no less - I used to refer to it as the fire brush). I then began to lie to Tom. This is something I still regret today. He kept pretty close tabs and when he would find out one way or another, it was bottom scorching time. All of this came to an end when we decided to relax and take a cruise with four other couples.

I love cruises! We five couples had often traveled together. But mostly I was looking forward to spending time with Tom. The first night we wandered the ship. It was so beautiful! We passed the casino and Tom patted my bottom as we went by and said, “Don’t even think about it.” I wasn’t worried as long as he was around. There are plenty of other ways to amuse ourselves.

It was wonderful! We ate, danced, watched the sun rise and set, went to shows, swam and made love! But on the third night, I just don’t know what came over me. All of the others were going to the casino after the midnight buffet. I wanted to go too! I was in an ill mood, so I didn’t have much to say as we went to bed. At 1:30, I could no longer stand it. I suppose that sanity completely left me because I stole out of bed, slipped back on my evening dress, and headed for the casino. I’m not sure if I really thought that I could get away with it or not, but I had a vague idea that if I was back by 4:00 AM, it just might work.

Casinos just have an excitement to them, a pulse of their own. I got a drink and sat down at the slot machines. Soon I was completely absorbed. But I wasn’t completely crazy. I actually did keep a close eye on the time. I was playing and winning and loving it when, just a bit after 3:00am, I looked up to see the most terrifying sight I have ever seen in my life.

Tom was standing in the doorway, wearing his pajamas and robe, holding the ivory hairbrush. We all know that clenching, tingling feeling you get when you know you are going to get a spanking and you know that there is nothing you can do about it. Well, this wasn’t that feeling. I felt like I had just grabbed a live wire! Every fiber of my being was in panic mode. My mind just went black with dread. I knew that Tom meant to spank me right there in front of friends and strangers alike.

Tom walked straight to me and said “Cassie, you shouldn’t be here.” I wanted to say something, anything to get him to take me out of there and back to the room. I didn’t care what he did as long as it was there! But I couldn’t say a word. I felt paralyzed. Tom pulled out one of the gambling stools and without wasting a moment, I was over his knee. You need to see the whole picture here. I was a grown women, mid-thirties, beautifully dressed, hair and make-up immaculate, with my bottom suddenly served up over my husband’s lap like that of a naughty child -- in front of a room full of people, including my best friends!

He wasted no time. The first lick made me cry out (something I rarely did), but I don’t think that I have ever been hit so hard. The man’s aim was perfect, right where leg and bottom meet. Every stroke landed at this spot on one side or the other. I had never had a spanking that caused a burn like this. This was probably one of my shortest spankings, not more than 20 or 25 licks. But Babe Ruth would have been proud of every strike!

When Tom was finished he stood me up. I was way past embarrassment. I was mortified and I didn’t know whether to cover my face or grab my bottom. Sheer pain decided for me as I grabbed my rear and tried to get some relief. Tom, you just have to know Tom, turned to our friends and said casually, “We’ll say goodnight now.” He took my hand and led me from the casino. Tears blurred my vision, but I have the fleeting memory of the women in the room with their eyes big as saucers, hands covering their mouths, and the men I saw seemed to be trying to suppress grins.

In the elevator alone with Tom, I did cover my face and cried. He took my hand again as we got to our floor and he lead me to the room. We went directly to the bedroom where he sat me on the bed. I leapt to my feet again because of the pain, but he firmly made me sit. He gently took my chin in his hand and made me look up at him. He looked me in the eye and said “Cassie, that was the last time you are ever going to gamble. If I ever catch you in a casino again we will have a repeat performance of tonight. If I ever find out that you have been somewhere to gamble I will take you back to that place and wear you out in front of everyone. That’s a promise. So when you find yourself tempted again, you think about tonight, and see if you think that it will be worth it.”

Tom helped me off with my dress and I lay on the bed still sniffling and crying a bit. Tom curled up next to me and held me until I fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning Tom was already dressed. He came over and kissed me and told me to get ready. We were meeting the others for brunch. I assumed he was out of his mind. I had no intention of leaving the room until we docked and then I was going out with the luggage. Tom had other ideas. He told me that we had planned this vacation with our friends and we had another four days, and that I would take part in all activities. I begged. I cried. I just couldn’t face a dinning room of people who knew!

In the end, I went with him to the dinning room. What choice did I have? Everyone should have the experience of having an entire room go silent when you enter. Believe me, once is enough. The silence that fell over the dinning room as we came through the door was proof that every passenger and probably the crew from captain to cabin boy knew what had happened in the casino. Tom had assured me that a lady knows how to conduct herself in any situation (Really? Have you seen this situation covered in Emily Post Guide to Manners?) But I held my head high and walked with Tom to the table. I did not let anything register on my face as I sat as gingerly as I could. My friends were wonderful and kept a nice casual conversation going all through breakfast. I was also grateful when Tom took the men off after we ate so that we ladies could really talk. We found lounge chairs by the pool so I could lie on my stomach and we discussed the previous evening. I don’t think that they understood all about the way Tom and I relate to each other and why I find this acceptable, but they are good friends and knew how much we loved each other and that was enough for them.

Many would wonder if they could ever get over embarrassment on this scale. I wondered too. But I finally realized that enough time can allow you to find humor in most any situation. About two years after the cruise, we were at a small dinner party with the same couples and two new couples. One of the new ladies suggested that we make plans to go on an all-night gambling cruise that was being advertised in our area. Silence descended over the party as everyone tried not to look at me. I just turned to my new friend and said “Dear, you go right ahead and make plans, but please leave me out. As far as I’m concerned gambling is nothing but a pain in the ass.” As laughter exploded around the room, I turned to Tom and saw that for the first and only time in my married life, I wasn’t going to get a spanking for saying “ass.” Tom just raised his glass as a toast and kept on laughing.

Thank you, Cassie, for that marvelous sequel! For more of Cassie's spanking stories, I invite you to visit her brand new blog, Cassie's Space.


Damnation's Cellar said...

(Really? Have you seen this situation covered in Emily Post Guide to Manners?)

You know... I think this is a good idea - an addendum to Emily Post. A chapter covering just these types of situations would be useful.



Tigger said...

YEAH Cassie! What a story... I doubted it possible to read anything better than your first story here but you've outdone yourself!

I do agree with Damnation's Cellar that such issues, including public spanking, shuld be included in the Post book. I can see the possible chapter headlines now, and I am giggling:

"Taking it Like a Lady"
"Sore but Silent"
"Embarassment without Blushing"
"Proper Public Spanking"

YIKES! I can't imagine both the pain and embarassment that you must have felt. The pain was certainly more immediate but the embarassment had to have added to it, too, and then also made it last even longer.

So, did Tom's "cure" officially, truthfully stop your gambling? Did you ever again find yourself in a casino? Come on, Cassie, fess up... inquiring minds want to know (whether or not Tom ever found out)...

I know, I know, I'm a brat and I'm tempting fate... somebody should spank me. Lucky for me, my hubby doesn't read these comments either and he is also under the weather these past few days so my hiny is safe for a bit longer!

Lots of hugs,

Anonymous said...

Long time reader Bonnie, your blog is the first I read with my cup of coffee and at times your words have had me shaking my head and giggling! Just a thank you to you for all you put into your work! I thought I would take the plunge and come out of the shadows and actually say so!

Paul said...

Absolutely brilliant Cassie, it has the taste of true as well.
If all your writing is of this quality you won't be talking to yourself for long on your blog, of that I can assure you.
I've bookmarked you Cassie and I note that you are linked to MBS. I predict a bright new star on the horizon.
Thanks Bonnie for inviting Cassie back and for an excellent read.

Jeff said...

A very well told story, I loved it so much I read it twice. I've got to hand it to Tom. As mortified as you were for being spanked in public in view of your friends He had to have the stones to do the spanking.

He was right to make you face the music the next day as well. By showing up for brunch the next day the both of you were telling the people on the cruise and your friends that this is normal for the two of you. You would have had to face your friends eventually so you might as well get it over with and put it past you. That way everyone could enjoy the rest of the cruise. If Tom had allowed you to hide out the rest of the cruise would have been miserable for you, strained for Tom, and uncomfortable for your friends.

Thanks for sharing, it was both entertaining and educational.


Scarlett said...

What an brilliant story! I am still cringing and laughing at the sheer embarassment of it! Written with such humour too - well done!
Thank you Cassie and Bonnie for sharing.
Scarlett x

Cassie said...

I can't thank you all enough for your wonderful comments! I do look forward to writing more.

I'll be looking for the new Emily Post book!

Tigger, true confession - it worked. But I do not recommmend spanking as a cure for most addictions. I was highly motivated to stop already. That was the biggest thing. Also I knew Tom meant what he said! And I would be afraid, even today, to risk a repeat! I love the fact that this is how we live our lives, but one public spanking is plenty for this girl!

Paul, thank-you so much for the encouragement. I'll give it my best shot.

Jeff, you're right and so was Tom. But I sure didn't think so
at the time!

Scarlett, I have always felt that if my life were one of these reality shows it would have to be a comedy! Thanks!

My biggest THANK-YOU to Bonnie and Tigger. Bonnie for your wonderful writing and for posting my stories too. And Tigger for actually getting me set up to write, my lovely picture and the encouragement from you both has made my day!!! Love to you both,


Tigger said...


Words truly can't express how much I appreciate you... your stories, yes, but also your kindness and coneern and compassion. You overwhelm me. Truly.


Bonnie said...

DC - Spanko etiquette? I could write a post (pun intnded) on that subject!

Tigger - I just knew my readers would love this story. It might be even better than the first installment.

Anon - Thank you, and let me officially welcome you to MBS. I'm glad you're here.

Paul - You're most welcome, as always. Isn't Cassie's writing wonderful?

Jeff - Welcome to you as well, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Scarlett - I too really enjoyed this tale.

Cassie - There you are! It's the woman of the hour. As you see, your stories are a bit hit.

Mary said...

This story was so fantasitc it was hard to believe it was for real! I get terrified even thinking about such an experience - how you surived Cassie, I admire you!

tom said...

Marvellous story. Cassie is really talented.

Damnation's Cellar said...

"Taking it Like a Lady"


You know... if someone would take each topic, we could have this Emily Post thing knocked out pronto!

*still laughing*


Katie_Spades said...


I loved it! That was a fantastic story and I was drawn to it. Quite fantastic and I'm sure you don't gamble anymore, LOL... but was getting spanked in public awful? I have not been and it is one of my biggest fears that Jake and I could be out in public and he could just take me over his knee in front of everyone as Tom did you!!! That must have been so embarassing... however did you face your friends and the rest of the people in the casino after your spanking? I would have died... you are a brave woman. Great story. Definitely going to have to check out your blog now. Can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my - I have just started to read your stories - Tom must be made of steel to do this in front of everybody. I do hope he kept some of your dignity by not raising your evening dress but spanking on top - anything else would have been so humiliating. I bet you do not go to a cassion for some while - well at least if you do keep it VERY quiet.

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