Monday, June 19, 2006

Implement Stories: Conclusion

As we complete our examination of readers' spanking implements, we have several very effective looking selections. Let's start with the picture that inspired this series.

Don's Mean Old Spoon

"I had time to take a picture of the spoon. The picture hints at the slightly dished out working side."

Padme's Razor Strop

"You mentioned in your last blog post to send in a photo of our favorite spanking toy. Here is mine. It's an old fashioned razor strop from the flea market. I love the feel of this against my ass. It's so traditional and really reddens my butt." :)

Mike's Custom Paddle

"Here are a couple pictures of my current favorite toy, that I made. I made the one side flat, hairbrush sized, and the other curved like a spoon. We had used a kitchen spoon in our play just before I made this one, and liked the added sting of the curved wood. I can tell you from first hand experience and reactions from my wife that there is a difference in the sides. The spoon side has a lot more sting."

That was fun. Thank you all!

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting and fun-looking implements!!!


padme said...

Great idea, bonnie. :) I enjoyed looking at the different toys and also to submit mine to it.

Kittygirl said...

Thanks Bonnie,I always find your blog so educational, which is great for beginers. We are just now exploring the idea if using implements, so this is great to read.

Mike said...

great idea Bonnie. Thanks for everyone for sharing.


Janeen said...

Those were some great pictures! They all look fun, I think I would definitely like to try Padme's though. LOL

Bonnie said...

Tigger Too - I have no doubt they are effective as well!

Padme - Yes, I agree. We should do this again some time.

Kitty - Thank you. We aim to please.

Mike - It was fun. I appreciate everyone's contributions.

Janeen - The strop is a truly legendary implement. I imagine it's reputation was well earned.

Katie_Spades said...

Those are great pictures and they look like some ouchie implements! Would love to see more!


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