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Fiction: Cassie’s Introduction

This is the fictional story of how Cassie learned about adult spanking.

My father was an abusive man. He rarely struck me, but was very harsh with my brother and mother. As is common in these situations, I married an abuser the first time. There was certainly no spanking there, but he used his fist quite often. I lived with this for five years when he died unexpectedly. I can’t say that I was sorry. Although I am sure he didn’t mean to, he left me well off financially and I decided to party and enjoy myself and never allow anyone to hit me again.

During the late 60’s, I fell in with a group of friends that traveled and partied. Although I was too old to be a hippie, we embraced the idea that if it feels good, do it. We loved to gamble, drink, and sleep around. It was a very unladylike period of my life. I developed a sleeping problem. I could only sleep if I was alone; it was like I was afraid to let my guard down around others.

In June of 1970, a man began showing up at many of our gatherings. I thought he was gorgeous. I saw him at different parties for several weeks, but I couldn’t get up enough nerve to speak to him because it seemed as if every time he actually looked at me, it was with a frown, like he was annoyed. We hadn’t even spoken! But finally in July, he asked me out.

Our date was lovely, perfect in fact. We talked and talked. I had never talked to anyone as much as I did with Tom that first night. I was completely willing to go to bed with him, but he took me home, kissed me good night and left. About a week later, we were dining when I said something like, “Where the hell is the damn waiter?” Suddenly I saw the “look” again, the annoyed one. He said, “You are the most beautiful, most refined lady I have ever known. How can you allow such vulgar language to come out of your mouth?” This was my first introduction to Tom’s ideas about the proper behavior of a lady.

I think that I muttered an apology while thinking to myself, “Who the hell do you think you are to tell me how to talk. I’m nearly 30 damn years old!” But other than that, he was wonderful. We danced and went to casinos, plays, and parties. He was the most interesting and attentive man I had ever known. But I couldn’t get him in bed!

After we had been going out for about a month, we drove way out in the country for a picnic. It was a beautiful secluded spot. We laid out the quilt and ate. After lunch, he slept and I just sat and watched him. When he woke, we took a short walk. I accidentally stepped into a muddy area and when I saw the mud all over my new shoes, I said “Oh, shit.” I suddenly felt Tom take my arm and he said “That’s IT!” Before I could get my bearings, Tom was seated on a log and I was over his knee. I never remembered being spanked before, but this, my first, I will remember the rest of my life. This hand that had so gently stroked my face was spanking my bottom for all he was worth. Each smack reverberated though the woods and created an area of fire on my seat that was unbelievable. I finally realized he was talking the whole time about my “inappropriate” behavior. “You are not going to use that language around me, or anyone else. You are a lady and you will not speak like a streetwalker”.

I was totally shocked and furious. I began fighting as hard as I could to get away with no luck. If he thought he had heard cussing before, it was nothing compared to what I was saying then. The more I cussed him, the harder he spanked. My bottom felt like it was in an oven. I finally just had to grit my teeth to keep from crying, and I was NOT going to cry. When he finally stopped, I was still shaking with rage and jerking to get away. He held me firmly over his knee and asked one question that changed my life, “Cassie, has no one ever cared for you enough to make you behave yourself?” As I write this, it seems like a simple question, but as I lay across his knee the answer came to me and it hurt deeper than the spanking. No, no one had ever cared that much. Then I started crying. I hadn’t cried since I was a child. My first husband had NEVER made me cry and here I was crying my eyes out.

Tom picked me up and carried me back to the quilt. I think I sobbed for nearly an hour and then I actually fell asleep, in front of another person! When I woke up he was still holding me and seemed content to do so for as long as I wanted. We made love for the first time then and I felt like a virgin. I truly feel that the spanking I received that afternoon and all the talking we did afterward saved me twenty years of therapy.

We were married three weeks later. I was thirty and I can’t believe with all the street smarts I possessed at the time that I was totally naive about the idea of a “spanking lifestyle.” I assumed that the spanking had been a once in a lifetime event. Just how naive was I? I never gave one thought to the wedding gift Tom gave me: a beautiful ivory hairbrush and comb set for my dresser. Now wasn’t that lovely?

I certainly think so. Thank you, Cassie, for sharing that sweet story.

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Caia said...

Very sweet story, thanks for sharing it!

padme said...

That was a neat story. Thank you to Cassie for sharing that on your blog...

Damnation's Cellar said...

A very nice story!

Tigger said...

Wow Cassie,

That one question will haunt me all day... that may have just saved me some therpay, too. My initial response in my head helps me make lots of connections that I couldn't quite make ever before, about my needs and wants, about why I desperately need and crave spanking but in a safem nurturing, environment.

THANK YOU for this just before seeing the therapist...


Paul said...

Great story from Cassie, thanks for sharing it Bonnie.

Bonnie said...

Caia - Hi! It's great to hear from you. I hope you're doing well.

I thought Cassie's story was very sweet. I simply had to share it.

Padme - Isn't it lovely?

DC - I completely agree.

Tigger - This story could be a public service message for spankos everywhere.

Paul - You're most welcome.

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