Monday, June 05, 2006

After the Fire

I frequently describe in detail the events that precede a spanking and, of course, the spanking itself. However, I haven’t, until now, adequately examined the recipient’s thoughts, feelings, and sensations after the spanking is complete. This account is based upon a spanking that happened this past weekend.

One Minute After: At one minute, I’m still a bit discombobulated. My mind may be racing, but it’s difficult to get past the searing sting on the surface of my punished posterior. I now begin to recognize the sheer intensity of the spanking in a way I didn’t fully appreciate while it was being administered.

I stand and struggle to regain my bearings. My hands gravitate quite instinctively to my glowing orbs. They feel hot to the touch. When my fingers brush the skin, I feel nothing. To a gentle touch, it’s almost numb. A harder rub yields new waves of delicious discomfort. It turns me on, as does every aspect of the spanking experience. I feel very submissive now. I attach myself to my husband in hopes that he will use me as he pleases.

Five Minutes After: At five minutes, I am absorbed in coital passion and writhing in ecstasy beneath my dear spouse. The pain accrued through many heavy swats is still very evident, but it’s anything but a distraction. As my man’s body slams against my own, pleasure and pain blur to the point of becoming indistinguishable. I greedily welcome both sensations as the lovemaking escalates.

Ten Minutes After: I have little in depth recollection of this interval. I know I find bliss. So does he. It’s wonderful.

Fifteen Minutes After: Now we two lovers lie peacefully under the covers. Limbs intertwine. Kisses are exchanged. Vows of commitment and love are repeated. His hands invariably roam to my throbbing backside. I can now feel my heart beating, both in my chest and on my bottom. Despite the soreness, I want his hands to rub all over. It demonstrates again his wonderful dominance.

Thirty Minutes After: I get up to use the bathroom. While I am in there, I cannot resist turning my back to the mirror while craning my head to investigate my marks. To my surprise, it doesn’t look quite as bad as it feels. Considerable redness remains, especially in the center of each cheek, but I can see neither abrasions nor bruises.

Again, I feel compelled to touch the damage. My skin is now warm rather than hot. However, even the lightest touch triggers a painful reaction. I shiver with remembrance.

One Hour After: I have left the bed, donned my comfortable clothes, and busied myself performing chores. I feel energized to attend to a dozen small tasks that benefit home and marriage. I am contented with the world and my place in it. Yet I am driven to make it just a little bit better. My posterior hurts and I like it that way. That residual ouch reminds me how deeply I am loved. I am proud to be his woman.

Two Hours After: I settle down to my computer to answer e-mail and check blog comments. When my bottom makes contact with the chair, I am astonished by how much it still aches. “That,” I think to myself, “was one fine tail warming.” A smile crosses my face as I walk across the study to retrieve the well worn cushion I keep for just such occasions. Even perched atop this soft padding, I find it necessary to shift my weight in search of a more comfortable position. Randy was, as usual, quite thorough. There is no way to sit without feeling my spanking all over again. I continue working.

Four Hours After: I’m now in bed and almost ready to sleep. After years of practice, I have perfected the art of sleeping on my stomach. It’s a necessity on this evening. At the moment, though, I am happily reading a paperback book.

When Randy arrives in the bedroom, he can’t resist pulling back the covers to examine his handiwork. Raising my nightgown, he makes a sound that expresses mild disappointment. “It’s not even very red any more…” That may be, but the deep residual pain shows no sign of going anywhere. He can’t see my target without touching and so he begins to rub. Soon, he is adding hand spanks to the mix. It hurts intensely, but I choose to tolerate this play. Rather than asking him to stop, I distract my dear husband by placing his manhood in my mouth. He enjoys this. Eventually, we conclude our fun and drift off to sleep.

Twelve Hours After: I wake thinking about spanking. My spanking! I roll over to a vivid reminder of recent events. It turns me on immensely. I consider jumping Randy, but he is happily snoring, and I decide to get up instead. When I take a shower, I am reminded. When I dry myself, I am reminded. When I put on my underwear, I am reminded. I am a happily spanked woman. The afterglow follows me all day long. Even as the acute pain subsides, the cheerful, industrious mood remains.

- - - - -

I just love receiving a good spanking. In many ways, the aftermath is often as pleasurable as the main event. I adore that feeling. I drink it in. I bask in the warm glow. It makes feel alive and very, very loved. It’s the best!

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padme said...

I really enjoyed this blog post, bonnie. I have very similar feelings a few minutes or hours after my spankings. You described some of my emotions and feelings really well. I think this is my favorite blog post you've done...well done!

Susan said...

Bonnie, I've long enjoyed your site, but never posted. My "top" has sent me links over the last few months, and though I enjoy your site immensely, I've never really lingered here, and have often wondered why.
I finally realized it's because I'm so jealous! I'm married to a vanilla who understands, and encourages me to go on my spanking forays (to Paddles each month, to the ShadowLane Parties, to the Dark Side club, and to meet with my top once a month) but it's just not the same as having someone that you love, and who loves you understand and participate in the whole lifestyle.
I know already that you do...but I hope you appreciate that you are sooooo lucky that you don't have to go anywhere but home to get what you want.
Thank you for sharing your life with us - it is truly appreciated.


Damnation's Cellar said...

I love those reminders, too. Excellent!

Paul said...

Wonderful post Bonnie, so reminiscent of why Mel smiled so much after a good spanking.
Thank you Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, Bonnie!!! You described it perfectly!!!


Tigger said...

Yes, Bonnie, yes! I'm awestrcuk as usual by your grasp of the sensations and your knack for visual and sensual description.

It's truly amazing, isn't it, that despite all the many ways we get to the "receiving end," when we do, we feel so many of the same sensations and emotions.

Marvelous post, just marvelous!! Once again you've found a new angle with which to approach the spanking post... one of your all-time best, I must agree.

Just a word to all of Bonnie's readers... apparently there are two "tiggers" commenting here. I (the one with the profile and tiger picture) am the one with the "A Spanking Good Time" blog and I am also the one making very frequent travels and comments on several spanko blogs.

Hey tigger... welcome, by the way!!! We would all love to know a bit more about you. Getting a profile on Blogger isn't difficult at all, and if you need any help figuring it out, just let me know. I'd be more than happy to help! (You can still conceal your true identity, no worries).

Bravo, Bonnie!


freshairlover said...

I also enjoy the aftermath of a good spanking. I'm glad you wrote so beautifully about it.

jeanmarie said...

You chronicled these exquisite steps of the post-spanking process so well, we (I and many others I'm sure)were reliving them with you. I once was made to do corner time facing a wall with a big clock on it, and instead of contemplating my misdeeds as instructed, I monitored the stages of feeling coming back to my bottom and feeling heightening in my sex minute by glorious minute. Related to this, your posting made me think about the minutes just before and during punishment spankings. I wonder if you and others are like me; for someone obsessed with the act and its aftermath, I often HATE the spanking itself (or at least the first half of it until I'm subdued/reconciled to it all). There's a puzzling duality to it.
As always, thought provoking stuff.
Jean Marie

Storm Rider said...

I must say that there are a lot of simularities in how you described your feelings and the way my WInd is!
If you could talk to her the day before her spanking and two days later, you would fine, two differant people! I love them both but I prefer the latter!
Great post Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tigger!!!

I've been posting here for awhile as Tigger, and just saw your name the other day!!! I'll give some thought to setting up a profile, so thanks for the suggestion. I did take a look at yours, btw, and saw that we live in the same state!!! How about that!!! Also checked out your blog, love it, and will start visiting on a regular basis!!!


Terri Madison said...

This is a very yummy post! Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I don't often share my reading with my S/O but I asked her, NO TOLD her, that I wanted her to read this post on your Blog. She read slowly and then looked at me and said "WOW!!! that is very hot". Time stood still. In seconds she was naked and across my lap. I lost track of time, but when I stopped spanking her there was just a ball of fire where her white bottom was earlier. In seconds my erection was buried inside her and we were both making sounds that only people having orgasms can produce. She lost track of her orgasms and I had an eruption that took my breath away. We held each other panting and sweating. Her bottom was still hot to the touch and she winced and smiled when I rubbed her gently.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Tony and HER

Bonnie said...

Padme - Thank you! I didn't know how readers would react to a spanking story that left out the spanking. I guess that's all right, at least as a change of pace.

Susan - Welcome! I'm glad you're here.

What you read here is by no means my entire life. Randy and I lead normal lives, complete with unpleasant chores, mundane Mondays, illnesses, money issues, and differences of opinion. My spanking stories capture only the parts that are relevant to our favorite topic and make for good blogging.

With that said, I am very, very grateful for Randy and our wonderful bond.

You are most welcome!

DC - Aren't reminders wonderful?

Paul - You're welcome!

Tigger and Tigger Too - I'm glad we were able to solve this puzzle. I was positively baffled by the two Tiggers. By whatever names, I'm glad you're both here.

Fresh - Thank you!

Jean Marie - Yes. I agree about the duality of emotions, especially before the spanking. It's strange, but I am convinced that without this mix of dread and delight, this activity wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

Storm - I'm glad you enjoyed my tale. Let there be no doubt. A good spanking fixes my head every time.

Terri - You're welcome!

Tony and HER - What a lovely experience. I'm pleased to be able to help. May you rediscover this joy often!

peat713 said...

Thanks for sharing the aftermathfeelings with us all. A truly discriptive posting.

Mary said...

I really enjoyed this post. Thank you - the after glow is what I call it. It is such a warm and cozy feeling for me!

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