Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Truth AND Consequences

Here's a classic tale of spanking adventure from my treasury.

Here I am again, perched atop a favorite pillow with another story to relate. Our daughter has been out of town since last weekend. I optimistically envisioned this week as a nonstop marital funfest. Real life, as it often does, intervened to pretty much foil these plans.

We did get to play a little on Tuesday, but it was mostly light fun (two little paint paddles played drumstick style to music). The other weeknights, it seemed that one of us had to be someplace or was too tired or too something. Last night, we attended an outdoor concert with friends. By the time we got home, it was too late to start a new project. Since our daughter returns tomorrow, today was pretty much the last chance to salvage our much-anticipated empty nest week.

Around 4 pm, Randy asked me to stay in the computer room. He told me he was working on something he didn't want me to see. OK, I was intrigued. This was a good sign, I thought. Staying by the computer was fine with me. I needed to catch up on all of my backlogged e-mail. All the while, I heard unusual noises coming from the kitchen of all places. This man does not cook (with the exception of an occasional rump roast). He was obviously getting things out and moving them around.

It must have been about forty minutes after the original request that he appeared in the doorway to the computer room. He rubbed my shoulders and gently kissed my neck. Then he took both my hands and assisted me as I rose from the chair. He lovingly embraced me. I like that part. Next, he pulled one of my scarves from his back pocket and tied it around my head as a blindfold. He really didn't want me to know what he'd been doing.

Slowly, my Prince Charming guided me out into the hall, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. I knew things were different when I walked right into the love seat. It normally belongs in the living room. I asked him what was up. Randy then explained that we were going to play a new game called Truth AND Consequences.

He told me to lower my shorts and underwear. I did. Next, he bent me down over the back of the wayward love seat (which was no doubt destined to earn its name tonight). Randy then told me to pick a number between one and ten. I picked four. The next thing I knew, my bottom was swatted four times. Randy asked me what implement he used. I told him I had no idea. With that came four more just as hard. He informed me that this was the small hairbrush with the dark wood. I was starting to get the gist of this game along with a realization that I needed to improve my guessing.

Next I picked one. Bad choice. BOOM! This was definitely my nemesis, the dreaded Mother of All Paddles. I guessed that correctly. There could be no mistake. I'm sure glad it wasn't number ten. After my guess, Randy told me to open my mouth. In it, he placed a sweet, cleaned strawberry. It was delicious. Now I was beginning to comprehend why we were in the kitchen.

After waiting for me to finish savoring my reward, Randy told me to guess again. I thought, "what the heck, let's try ten." My bottom absorbed ten quick whacks from something absolutely unlike the dreaded MOAP. I guessed the little paint paddle. Fortunately, I again guessed right. My reward was a chunk of semi-sweet baking chocolate. Mmmmm. Yummy!

Ultimately, we played all ten rounds. The other implements were the heavy wooden hairbrush (that was nine - ouch!), the tear shaped paddle, my sorority paddle, the leather slapper, the big round “radical paddle,” a wooden spoon, and a medium-sized paddle I had almost forgotten. Call me a spanking connoisseur, but I only missed one round after the first one. I thought the medium-sized wooden paddle was the sorority paddle. My tasty rewards were fresh cherries (no pits), vanilla frozen yogurt, honey, Altoids peppermint candy, maple syrup, and for the final round, well, it was Randy. I know all these fun details because Randy, being the dweeb he is, wrote out the entire script in advance. I'm using his notes now as a cheat sheet.

The interesting part about this game was that while playing I was thinking more about the game than the sound spanking I was receiving. It hurt, no doubt, but I was too distracted to worry that much about it. However, the other effect that tail-warmings always have on me was absolutely unabated. I was really hot. There's just something about a ritual that does it for me.

Randy took me from behind without moving me from the couch or removing the blindfold. Sex after a spanking is always a thrill, but this time, the blindfold somehow heightened the excitement for me. At the risk of being too analytical, I think it represents another method for yielding control. In any case, I loved every second.

Afterward, Randy removed my blindfold. The kitchen was a bigger mess than my bottom. We put away everything that looked perishable and just left the rest. There are implements all over the table and counters (not to mention one well used love seat). I guess we'd better deal with that before tomorrow afternoon. Oh well. Such is the price of a good time.

Right now, I believe I will join my darling husband in bed. He's just a fountain of ideas, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

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Yours said...

great story bonnie!!
im sure you'll had fun.
blindfolds i think are fun!
and oh btw.. im sure you loved the final round's reward!

wind walker said...

i adore your stories!!!

jeanmarie said...

This story reminded me how incredible blindfolds are. It also jump started my libido. Goodness, it's well told, and God, I'm all wet. Sometimes reading this blog is "moisture torture" and I have to pull my clothes off and jill-off right then and there.
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely fun game, Bonnie!!! We'll have to play it!!!


padme said...

Great story, bonnie. :) I always enjoy reading them...

Tigger said...

Sounds like a scene straight out of 9-1/2 Weeks!! Wow!! The eroticism figuratively dripped from your story. Lucky you!

"At the risk of being too analytical, I think it represents another method for yielding control."

Yes, yes and YES! Tantalizing, teasing, wondering, being forced to FEEL every heightened sensation with no distractions. It sure does help you to focus on the moment but also to just let go and enjoy the experience without thinking. Your mind shuts down almost or is at least overwhelmed by your senses.

Hmmm... leaves me wanting to drop a scarf or bandana on my husband's lap as he works at the computer. But then again, maybe not, since he's been promising a good spanking for a few days, not letting me forget as he manages to get a few hard swats in almost daily. Once the kid feels better, I think I'm in trouble. Oh, goodie, I mean darn... timing will just be tougher now that school is out for the little guy.

Bonnie said...

Yours - Thanks! It was fun. Hmmm... What's this? It's a lollipop!

Wind - Thank you!

Jean Marie - I certainly wouldn't keep you from that which must be done. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Tigger - I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Padme - Thanks, and hugs to you too.

Tigger (encore) - I have to be in the right frame of mind for this kind of play, but when I am, there's simply nothing better.

I hope your husband makes good on his promise (and perhaps tosses in a little surprise for your benefit).

sexxysmoker420 said...

omg, that was HOTT, lol. i wish that could happen to me!! and give koodos to your husband, he seems like an awesome man.

Julie said...

That was really hot!! What a GREAT game to play!

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