Thursday, June 01, 2006

National Erotic Spanking Month

Press Release


For more information, contact:
Rosie B. Hinde
Center for Erotic Spanking
(617) 555-9000

National Erotic Spanking Month begins June 1

BOSTON, MA -- Love and spankings go together like chocolate and peanut butter. That's the message delivered today by a host of celebrity speakers at the kickoff luncheon for the 2006 National Erotic Spanking Month. The event, sponsored by the National Coalition for Spanking Romance and the Center for Erotic Spanking, highlighted the many benefits realized by couples in spanking relationships.

"One minute, he's smacking my bottom," said spanking enthusiast Brenda Smith, "and the next, we're wrestling like newlyweds. It's simply marvelous." Her husband, Ben, agreed, "We thought we had a great relationship before, but the paddlings have brought us so much closer. It's a real turn-on for both of us."

Acording to the National Coalition for Spanking Romance, the Smiths' story is representative of millions of couples who have discovered the joys of erotic spanking. "We find that this type of positive experience is very common," said Dr. Horace Wacker, professor of Human Sexuality at UCLA. "Once people try a little kink, it quickly becomes a part of their regular repertoire."

Spanking-oriented events are scheduled at various locations throughout the month of June. For the complete schedule, consult the Center for Erotic Spanking web site.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun to me!!! *grin*


Irch said...

heh heh you are too funny. But keep this up and pretty soon people will start celebrating it (with the obvious kind of festivities)!

Bonnie said...

Tigger: Yeah, me too...

Irch - I would love nothing better!

Danielle said...

Maybe instal a Word Spanking Day, on which you're sure you get one. Although I need them nearly every day :))

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