Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Top Ten: Stuff About Bonnie

Hi. This is Randy. Ever since I helped out during that whole baby business, Bon's been pestering me to write something else for the blog. The fact that I don't want to write something for the blog seems to be irrelevant.

She said, "Pick something easy. You could just do a top ten list for example." So I did a top ten list. This may be the last time she ever asks me to write anything!

Ten Things You May Not Know about Bonnie

  1. Bonnie is very intelligent. In fact, she is one of the smartest people I know.

  2. She has a wicked sense of humor. To her, a broken spanking implement is just about the funniest thing there could ever be.

  3. Bon has the best butt on the planet. I ought to know. She grumbles about cellulite this or stretch marks that, but all I see is beautiful round smooth soft skin.

  4. She is not all that submissive. In *her* mind, she'd like to be my sweet little subbie. In reality, however, she's hard-headed and knows she's right.

  5. Bonnie has a degree in journalism. I think it shows in her writing.

  6. Bon also has an amazing memory. She remembers stuff I did better than I do.

  7. She complains about her small tits, but they're really perky and nice.

  8. She doesn't hate anal sex nearly as much as she would have you believe.

  9. Bonnie is a fantastic lover. She's multiply orgasmic too!

  10. Bon absolutely, positively loves to be spanked. No kidding. I can whack her ass until it's three shades of red. She yelps and whines and begs, but when I give her the old finger test, she is completely drenched. Spankings are a huge turn-on for her.
Hah! Look at her blush...

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jade said...

Aw, come on Randy. That's all stuff that is obvious from Bonnie's writing style. Tell us stuff we really don't know! ;-)

jeanmarie said...

To know her is to love her. You're a lucky guy to know her on so deep a level.
Jean Marie

Bonnie said...

Randy - I am too submissive! Don't even try to tell me I'm not... (tee hee)

Jade - You see what happens when I encourage him?

Jean Marie - Thanks, from both of us.

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