Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Story: The Exchange

Be forewarned. This story is slightly unusual.

The howling winds buffeted the small tent as rain pelted it relentlessly. Thunderclaps could be heard on all sides. Greg thought again about the grizzled ranger’s warning about the dangers camping at the summit. Who would have thought such a calm day could give way to wild storms in just a few hours time?

Jill nestled closer to her husband. She was worried and scared. If the tent collapsed, or worse yet, blew away, they would be totally exposed to the elements. They were dry for the moment, but she wondered how long they could stay that way.

The sides of the tent heaved in and out as the wind direction shifted. A loud boom heralded the arrival of closer lightning strikes. Jill screamed. Greg placed his powerful arms around his bride and tried to comfort her as best he could. As they embraced, the sounds of flowing water were audible all around them.

A second ear shattering boom was accompanied by a brilliant white light. It completed illuminated the battered tent. Both Jill and Greg felt a strange and intense tingling sensation all through their bodies. Then it was dark.

When Jill awoke several hours later, the rain has ceased. Their tent had apparently survived, and so had they. It was still dark, but now all was quiet. She reached for Greg. She touched his back. It felt strangely smooth and soft. She slid her hand up toward his neck and discovered a curly mane much like her own. This was not Greg!

Jill screamed in horror, but the sound she emitted was more frightening still. Her ears could hardly believe the deep bellow that arose from within her chest. Somehow, some way, it was the voice of a man. When she touched her own face, her fears were realized. Her cheeks felt scratchy and rough.

Greg, awoken abruptly by loud yelling, said “What’s going on? What? This isn’t right.” Even in his groggy, half-asleep state, he was shocked by the soft, feminine tone of his voice. Jill now recognized her partner’s voice as her own. Greg and Jill came to the realization that through some odd miracle or curse, their consciousness had been exchanged. For several minutes, they repeatedly touched each other and then themselves, all the while muttering in disbelief. How could such a thing even be possible?

“Uh oh,” Jill said. “I have to pee.” With that she arose, unzipped the tent flap and poked her head out. The first rays of dawn appeared along the distant horizon. The storms were gone. She took a couple of steps away from the tent and began to lower her pants. Suddenly, it occurred to her that there might now be an easier method. Moments later, Greg heard uncontrollable chortling coming from outside. He looked outside and saw a large male figure nearly doubled up with hysterical laughter. “What’s so funny?” he inquired, still unnerved by the pitch of his voice.

“You never told me,” Jill boomed, “I can pee anywhere I want.”

Greg rolled his eyes, completely unimpressed by this revelation. “So what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know.” Perhaps we should see if we can get a little more sleep. That was a pretty rough night.”

“Rough? You call it rough? After a rough night, I have a hangover. After last night, I have boobs!”

“Oh, get over it. It’s not so bad. Maybe things will look better later.” With that, Jill returned to the tent.

Once they were safely back in their sleeping bag, Jill placed her arms around Greg.

“This is very weird, you know,” Greg whispered.

“I know,” Jill replied.

“Does this seem at all, um, gay, to you?”

“No. A man and a woman together in a sleeping bag? That’s not gay.”

“Well, I’m worried that you might want to, like, kiss me or something.”

Jill gently kissed him.

“See what I mean? I just kissed a man.”

“First off, those lips are yours and the person kissing you is me. It’s really all right.”

“Let me show you something,” Jill cooed. With that she moved her hand down to Greg’s crotch. Despite his protests, she removed his panties. Applying her middle finger to his love nub, she introduced him to the source of a woman’s passion. She rubbed up and down sharing the sweet friction. Sensing the moist aroma of arousal, she increased the pace of her caress. Greg moaned involuntarily. This was a sensation he had never experienced.

Jill jumped up and eagerly replaced her finger with a smooth lapping tongue. Greg was now bucking with the overwhelming pleasure of the moment. His qualms were, at least momentarily, cast aside. He exhaled deeply as the first vibrations of orgasmic joy washed over his body. Again and again, Jill’s flittering tongue drove him through waves of bliss.

“Oh my God!” Greg said, as he struggled to regain his breath. “I had no idea.”

“I’m just getting started,” Jill said with a chuckle. “Get over my lap.”


“You heard me,” Jill said. “It’s spanking time.”

“No fricking way. You’re the submissive around here and I spank you.”

“I think not. You seem to be the one possessing the backside that you yourself said simply begs to be spanked. Get over my lap.”

“No way. I don’t want a spanking.”

“Trust me, Greg. I know that body a little better than you do. It’ll be fun.”

“All right. I suppose.”

Greg timidly crawled to where Jill was sitting and reluctantly placed himself over her muscular legs.

Jill rubbed Greg’s bare bottom as he had done to her so many times. She knew he would still be turned on and that this would feel good to him. Slowly, she began to intersperse slaps with the rubbing. They were almost pats at first, but over the next few minutes, the intensity grew steadily. This was the kind of spanking that Jill loved best. She was fairly certain that her transformed lover would appreciate it as well.

By the time she finished spanking, Greg’s bottom was surprisingly warm. It hurt. It hurt a lot in fact, but not quite in the way that Greg expected. The discomfort on his smooth, curvy posterior was more than offset by a different sort of heat immediately to the south.

Jill easily lifted her partner off of her lap. She then positioned him on hands and knees.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for this,” He mumbled.

“Nonsense. You couldn’t be any more ready.”

Jill removed her pants and momentarily admired her own new appendage. It was standing at attention and ready for business. Jill entered her husband from behind, slowly at first, savoring each inch of penetration. This, she thought, felt really great. For his part, Greg was again pleasantly surprised by the intensity of the female sexual response. Jill was soon pumping in and out with gusto.

With a loud growl, Jill ejaculated long and deep. The orgasm was brief, but satisfying. Afterward, she felt completely exhausted.

Greg regretted that she had finished before he had an opportunity to reach his climax. But still, he rationalized, the results were very good for their first time like this. He felt warm and contented.

They returned to their sleeping bag and began to snuggle. “I think I could get used to this,” Jill said optimistically. Greg wasn’t so sure, but he said nothing.

Sleep overtook the couple again and they slumbered well into the morning.

- - - - - - -

“Honey?” Jill was vaguely aware of a voice calling to her.


“Are you going to get up?”

“Yeah, I guess... Hey! You’re you!”

“Last time I looked. Are you OK?”

Jill stared into the eyes of her handsome lover. He was back to normal and so was she. Perhaps it never happened, but it had certainly seemed real enough. Real or imaginary, Jill vowed to not forget this brief walk down the other side of the street.

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CeeCi said...

What fun! Gosh, to be able to do the big switcheroo, wow. I've always wondered what it would feel like to pee standing up :D

Paul. said...

Great story Bonnie, loved it, and yes it would do us all good to swop places with our partners occasionally. It would help us to better understand her/him.
Thanks dear girl.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting piece of fiction -- there is a longer story in there.... ever think of expanding it?

Dyke Grrl said...

That's a delightful story, and really well-written. Thanks for sharing!

gordy31 said...

read this with a smile on my face, thoroughly good read,[and thought provoking] the site also, great humour

Bonnie said...

CeeCi - Me too. That's why it had to happen in Jill's dream.

Paul - Yes. I would have to believe that the lovemaking would be much better after things returned to normal. How helpful it would be to know precisely what feels good to our partner.

Anon - Welcome to MBS!

Yes, as a matter of fact, that thought did cross my mind. I've conditioned myself, though, to write for this medium. Many blog readers simply won't make it through a tome. I find that they tend to bail out after about 1000 words. Therefore, I work to keep my writing sharp and concise while preserving the integrity of the story.

With that said, you have a good point. The plot is a kind of sexy cousin to Freaky Friday. Variations on this theme (typically involving a mad scientist) have been around for years. Even Gilligan's Island did a version.

I wanted to twist this plot in such a way as to pose questions about the meaning of identity, gender, and self. Does submission arise from nature or nurture? I don't know the answers, but it's fun to ask.

Dyke Grrl - Thank you!

Gordy - Thanks. I am happy to entertain my readers. If I can make you think as well, that's particularly wonderful. Welcome to MBS!

Shimon said...

I believe that this story shows that you have a subconscious desire to spank Randy.

Anonymous said...

WAHOO!!!!! My dream come true! loved it.

Bonnie said...

Shimon - I don't believe I do. I genuinely enjoy being the one getting all of the attention!

This story began life as a thought experiment. If these two people were dropped into this highly improbable scenario, how might they react? I wanted to pose the hypothetical question of what makes us who we are.

In the story, the gender exchange occurred in Jill's dream. Almost everything that happens is told from her perspective. Had Greg been the dreamer, I imagine events would have unfolded quite differently.

I've received quite a few e-mails about this story. I may have to write a second post to explain what I was trying to say.

Thanks for commenting.

Anon - I'm glad to be of service. Welcome to MBS!

Shimon said...

thats the whole point. you told the story through kher eyes because it was a way to show how you felt.
p.s. I loved the story

Bonnie said...

Shimon - If we were in that extremely improbable scenario where I was suddenly the man, that might be the case. So long as we remain as we are, I am quite happy to be the sole recipient.

I wanted to write a story that would encourage people to think about familiar subjects in new ways. It appears that I succeeded!

Shimon said...

ok but I would just warn Randy to watch his back(side). LOL

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