Thursday, May 04, 2006

Science Marches On

There was an interesting article today about the results of a new scientific study. The subject was pain and pain avoidance. The researchers determined that many people are willing to accept greater pain simply to have it over sooner.

As my daughter would say, "Well, duh!" Any spanko can tell you that, even without the lucrative research grant. No one wants to wait for a spanking, with the possible exception of the man who plans to deliver it (and that's only because he knows it drives me nuts).

If they want to fund a truly useful study, I think they should examine the positive benefits of adult spanking on mood and productivity. Although most spankos can predict the outcome of this one too, I'll bet the vanilla world would be mighty surprised. We might even gain a few converts.

A Russian study last year showed precisely this result. A second study would establish their results as scientifically verifiable.

In order to further the interests of science, I would like to offer my services as a test subject (just as long as I don't have to be part of the control group). Johns Hopkins, you know where to find me...

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Shimon said...

When I left school, I wanted to leave science behind me and I guess, if I join this study, I finally will.

cuddlybum said...

Sign me up for that study too - please? We could organise it ourslves.......


Paul said...

Bonnie, can I volunteer for the study, as a spanker. WEG!
I haven't heard of a follow up of the Russian study either.
Funny how long it takes scientists to discover what every child who ever had to wait for father to come home, or outside the headmasters study for punishment instinctively knows.
Spanking can be good for a lot of things that ail us, but you know that already, don't you Bonnie.
Interesting post, as usual, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bonnie,

Was lovely to have you visit my blog. Delighted to have returned the favour. I love the way you write and will be back!

Suzee Moon
ps I'm anonymous 'cos as said I'm member of Blogspot under another identity!

padme said...

Sign me up too bonnie. *grins*
Thanks for letting me know about the sugarclick review, bonnie. Hope you have a good weekend...

Bonnie said...

Shimon - You could truly get a little behind in your work.

Cuddly - Anything for science!

Paul - I can't imagine a spanking study without spankers. As soon as they contact me, I'll let you know. :D

Suzee - Hi! You're welcome here under any name you choose. I just linked you.

Padme - You're most welcome. Have fun tonight!

Nimble Jack said...


You have one of the best written blogs on the net. That you are able to maintain this quality while focusing solely on spanking is truly amazing.

As a spankologist myself, I have decided to start a study here in sunny southern California to replicate the Russian results.

Normally, a control group would be required, but I fear it could be unethical to leave one group wholly unspanked, given the obvious benefits . . . .

Keep up your excellent work!

Bonnie said...

Jack - Welcome to MBS! Thank you for your generous words. What can I say? I write about topics I love.

I look forward to hearing about the results of your spankological research. This effort is truly for the betterment of humankind. I applaud your civic-minded contribution to science.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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