Saturday, May 20, 2006

Spanking 101: Anticipation

In the world of erotic spanking, getting there is definitely half the fun. While there are times when a short and sweet quickie spanking fits the bill, nothing beats the delicious decadence of extended preparation.

For the spanker, announcing a spanking in advance is both an expression of dominance and an invitation to play. It also provides him with the time to prepare more intricate scenarios.

For the recipient, learning of an upcoming spanking in advance triggers a wide array of thoughts and sensations. For me, that moment highlights the sweet dichotomy of recreational spanking. On one hand, my handsome husband is proposing to deliver an powerful bolt of sexual lightning. The very notion makes my skin tingle. My hand slides involuntarily back toward my bottom, not as protection, but to reconnect with the destination of his rough affection.

At the same time, another part of my psyche reacts as a young girl who must soon bend over, stare at the carpet, and endure a painful punishment. This thought releases a hundred butterflies in my stomach. Despite the fact that Randy has spanked me a thousand times before, I still feel nervous. These feelings turn me on as well, but at a totally different level.

I find that a period of waiting supercharges my emotions. It gives me a chance to speculate about what might happen. My fertile imagination runs wild pondering a hundred permutations of spanking and sex. All the while, the contradictions mount. I want the waiting to be over, yet I’m not quite ready to be spanked. I crave the sensation of a spanking, but I’m not yet prepared to embrace the pain. I am eager to submit, though perhaps not just this minute. By the time Randy calls my name, I am already in an intense state of nervous arousal.

There are a number of ways in which couples can heighten the sense of anticipation prior to a spanking. Here are ten practical suggestions:
  1. Schedule your spanking at a time when you won’t be rushed or interrupted.

  2. Building anticipation is most valuable for erotic spankings. With other types, particularly stress relief spankings, waiting can be counterproductive.

  3. Fun surprises make for memorable spankings. There needn’t always be one big surprise. In fact, several small ones can be even more enjoyable. Examples include new toys, new positions, new locales, new techniques, or new scenarios.

  4. Prepare the scene. I love a spanking with a theme. They can’t all be Broadway productions, but I absolutely adore it when Randy goes the extra mile to make the experience so much more than just a sore bottom.

  5. Physical separation is beneficial during the time of anticipation. This time apart increases the spankee’s curiosity and eagerness, especially when she can hear her partner preparing.

  6. Hints go hand in hand with surprises. Sometimes Randy will share the general theme, but none of the details. This tactic gets my mind working even harder.

  7. Variety is the spice of life and spanking is spicy play indeed. The broader your spanking repertoire, the more difficult it will be for the recipient to anticipate the events to follow.

  8. The duration needs to be right. The waiting interval will vary based upon the couple and the situation. It’s difficult to provide a hard and fast guideline, but less then ten minutes is probably too short and more than two hours will likely prove to be too long. Keep in mind that the desired result is a horny spankee who is primed for an exciting session.

  9. Change your sequence. Consider fellatio before the spanking or spanking as a part of intercourse. These small alterations restore the novelty and feed future anticipation.

  10. Always remember the love. It’s fun to tease, but cruelty is never positive. Seek experiences that both partners will appreciate.
Anticipation is worthless without the events being anticipated. But together, each can make the other a lot more fun.

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Paul said...

you can take two hours, Mel would have been walking on the ceiling by then.
I mostly worked from home, a big advantage, gave me a chance to prepare.
Mel would come in, I'd say, have a cup of coffee, shower, change into what I've laid out, wait for me on the naughty stool.
She would sit there shivering with a mixture of delighted fear, desire and lust.
Mel loved spontaneous warm ups, but planned scenes really floated her boat, such evenings often took several hours, it's a good idea to have food and drinks readily available, so as not to spoil the flow.
Excellent post Bonnie, thanks a bunch.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, Bonnie!!! Quickie spankings are fun, but there's nothing like a sweet, slow spanking, complete with lots of touching and caressing, and then followed by incredible sex!!!


Shon Richards said...

That's some great advice and every one is vital. I personally can't stress 7 enough.

Bratscorcher said...

hmm, # 9 is not bad either...

yes, I whole-heartedly agree, giving a naughty girl time to contemplate her behavior and the soon to be realized consequences is essential.

-- B.

Bonnie said...

Paul - That's precisely why I chose to write about this topic. Thanks!

Tigger - You are so right!

Shon - Thank you.

Brat Scorcher - Thanks, and welcome to MBS!

jeanmarie said...

Man! You hit so many nails squarely on the head with this entry. AMEN, sister.
I hate corner time after a spanking because I'm always in a cuddle mood (which will lead to highly charged sex) and it gets in the way of that, but I LOVE corner time before the act, while loverboy is doing God knows what in preparation to do God knows what to my rear end.
We live in a world of immediate gratification, and delaying the gratification (and even dreaded hard punishment spankings are oh so gratifying) builds anticipation, making it so much sweeter. I'll often find myself humming the old Carly Simon tune, "Anticipation" as the butterflies swarm in my tummy, as my hands caress the bare cool unblemished tingly-senitive butt that soon won't be any of those things except bare. We have a rule in our household that if I'm caught playing on the other side of the fence (in my pussy) during this wait-time, I get it extra hard or get an extra set of smacks. Spanking quite often get prolonged around here. I'm not too self-disciplined in this regard, obviously. That's why I need discipline instilled from outside, or backside...
Jean Marie

jeanmarie said...

I thought we had a routine, I thought he knew it; I get up early, read the MBS brunch topic, post my 2 cents worth, get aroused reading other posts, come back to bed, jump my lover's bones to get spanked hard and fucked even harder, live happily ever after, or at least for awhile.
This morning he wants to sleep-in! I think I'm gonna get out my noisiest vibrators and play loudly at both holes, bouncing the bed continuously, moaning and groaning, and see if that won't rouse the sleeping giant in anger to do his Sunday morning duty to address my needs. This is anticipation of the worst kind.
Jean Marie

ross said...

I almost always insist on masturbation during the spanking. Am I the only one?

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