Friday, May 05, 2006

Seriously Good

I requested and received a fine spanking last night. True to form, though, Randy delivered a very different session than the one I had envisioned.

We haven’t played much on weeknights lately. Most evenings, it seems we are both tired after work. Last night was no exception in that regard, but I chose to press the issue. Randy generally returns home two to three hours after I do. This time provides me with an opportunity to fiddle with the blog, answer my e-mail, have dinner, or do some chores. Yesterday, I spent time reading a couple of spanko blogs. Several of the stories really appealed to my, um, carnal nature. By the time my Prince Charming returned home, I was ready for what he alone can give me.

“Hi Honey!” I exclaimed.

“My, you're certainly enthusiastic tonight.”

We embraced and kissed as we normally do, but this was no light peck. It evolved into an intertwined open-mouthed marathon smooch. His hands tightly grasped either side of my waist as he pulled me toward him. He ground his stiffened crotch against me. I was, at this moment, putty in his hands. I desired for my husband to deliver the wildest, most extreme spanking and sex he could concoct. I wanted it all. I wanted it from my man. I wanted it very, very soon.

I demonstrated my willingness by starting to strip off my clothes right there in the kitchen. Randy stopped me with a gentle suggestion that we move upstairs. I happily complied. Once we retired to our bedroom, I finished undressing. He admired my smooth, curved body with his eyes and with his hands. He uttered a deep “Mmmmm,” in a tone that signaled his approval.

Suddenly, the mood shifted as he delivered a sharp swat with the palm of his hand. We were standing face to face and he pulled me close. While his left arm encircled my waist, his right hand impacted several more times against my exposed buttocks. It hurt, but in a thrilling sort of way. It seemed to me to be an appetizer for the bigger spanking still yet to come. I was ready for something serious. What I got instead was seriously good.

Randy retrieved a small, flexible leather paddle from our toy drawer. This paddle is pure fun. It delivers a strong, stinging blow, but causes few lingering effects. He sat at the edge of the bed as he has so many times before. I eagerly assumed my normal position with my torso laid perpendicular across his upper legs. Before beginning the spanking in earnest, Randy took the time to stimulate me in a most wonderful manner. His dancing digits had me bucking atop his lap even before the first blow landed.

When my spanking began, it was not with a momentous pow, but with a tiny tap. Randy slapped the smooth, semi-rigid implement against my cheeks so lightly that I could almost hear the swat more than I could feel it. He repeated this tapping routine about a dozen times before switching hands and beginning a circular rubbing motion. With his free hand, he again explored my feminine folds. I felt a drop of my own moisture run down my inner thigh.

In time, the rubbing gave way to more tapping and ultimately, a number of significant whacks. All the while, he made love to me with his expert fingertips. The entire spanking was rather tame by our usual standards. By this time, however, I no longer craved a severe session. Randy had demonstrated in most dramatic terms that my real need was for this slow and highly erotic spanking.

I was panting hard when Randy tossed the paddle aside. He rolled me onto the bed and flipped me on my back. After quickly doffing his trousers, my lover positioned himself between my legs. I opened my thighs to bid him welcome. As he entered me, I rolled my hips forward and lifted my legs into the air. His powerful pelvis thrust forward and then receded again and again as he filled my vagina and fulfilled my lusty aspirations.

Randy told me later that I screamed his name. I don’t recall doing that, but I’m sure that I must have. The orgasms I experienced were positively explosive. This session was precisely what I needed. Somehow, he knew that.

After we finished, we cuddled for a while under the covers. We were both exhausted. Yet we felt light, as if unburdened from the stresses of the day. The sleep that soon followed was the slumber of the contented. And so we were.

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jeanmarie said...

I'm green with envy where I want to be crimson.
Both the paddle spanks and the Big O's couldn't happen to a nicer girl.
Tomorrow we're going to the Ky Derby, we have great grandstand seats, but I may go down to the infield just so I can flash my lover (and everybody else) a peek at my pink posterior. Do you think he'll spank me in public for mooning? Do you think anybody would care, notice, applaud, want to take a turn?
I'm looking forward to Sunday's Brunch.
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

Sweet and romantic, Bonnie!!!


padme said...

Very sweet and nice story, bonnie. :)

Paul said...

Oh Bonnie, it's been far too long since I've given a good girl spanking, and that dear girl is one of the best discriptions of such that I've read in a long time. WEG!
You rock Bonnie in the best possible way.:-) Thanks so much.

Bonnie said...

Jean Marie - Thanks.

The Kentucky Derby sounds like fun. I attended once (1977 - Seattle Slew) and from what I recall, it would take an extraordinary performance to gain much notice among the folks in that infield.

I hope you two have a wonderful time.

Tigger - Thank you!

Padme - Thanks. This was my very favorite kind of spanking.

Paul - Thank you. I'm glad you liked my account.

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