Monday, May 15, 2006

The Paddled Cheerleader

Here’s the story for which I was combing my archives last week. Can you believe I found it on an old diskette? I think it was worth the hunt.

By the way, the picture is definitely not me.

Randy and I sometimes enjoy a little role play with our spankings. Wednesday night was a prime example. Our daughter was away at a school-sponsored camp. That provided us with an excellent opportunity to re-energize our romance.

Randy suggested we play the cheerleader game. I should explain that my dear husband has long been crazy for cheerleaders. In his mind, there are few things sexier than the sight of a woman dressed in a short pleated skirt.

At Christmas time, he carried his dreams to the next level. On Christmas night, after the kid has gone to bed, he and I have a tradition where we exchange adult gifts. These typically include sex toys, lingerie, spanking implements, and the like. This past Christmas, Randy gave me a complete cheerleading uniform. It included a red sweater (with a big letter ‘W’ which I am told stands for either “Whack” or “Why aren’t you bent over?”), a red and white pleated skirt, and matching red cheerleader briefs. From the boxes, I deduced that he had ordered the uniform from a cheerleading supply store. This, I thought, could be fun.

I tried on the uniform that evening, but we didn’t get a chance to play… Until Wednesday evening, that is. He arrived home more than an hour ahead of schedule. I was busy upstairs working on a writing project. The rumbling mechanical sound of the garage door startled me. Seemingly within moments, Randy bounded up two sets of stairs and was standing in the doorway. He wore a grin the meaning of which was unmistakable. It was play time.

“It’s almost time for the game, young lady,” He said sternly. “Why aren’t you wearing your cheerleading uniform?”

Slowly catching on, I nodded, saved my document, and walked across the room. As I passed my husband in the doorway, he gave me a crisp swat on my denim-covered behind. It stung, but in a delicious sort of way. I entered our bedroom and closed the door behind me. I stretched to retrieve the box containing the uniform from the top shelf of our walk in closet. I set the box on the bed and opened it. Inside, I found the little red sweater, pleated skirt, and bright red panties, all neatly folded and ready for wearing. I laid each out on the bed.

A shudder went through my body. I was almost as thrilled by the prospect of being a naughty cheerleader as Randy was by the concept of dealing with one. I removed my clothes slowly, still staring at that scarlet and white uniform. I thought I knew what my man had in mind, but I can never be entirely certain. I stripped completely naked. I thought I might keep my bra and panties, but ultimately decided that neither went with a cheerleading uniform. I selected instead a grey sports bra and a white cotton thong to wear underneath.

Now it was time to transform myself into a naughty cheerleader. I pulled on the sweater first. It was tight, but it fit. Sometimes, it’s a blessing to have small boobs. I next pulled the full cut red nylon briefs up and into place. I liked the silky feel, but I harbored no illusions about them providing any real protection during the events yet to come.

I next stepped into the skirt and slid it up over my hips. It felt very short. This skirt was clearly not designed for someone with my ample figure. When I looked in the mirror, I did indeed look the part of a naughty cheerleader. When I turned around, I could see just a hint of red briefs peeking out from beneath my pleated skirt. I knew Randy would absolutely adore that look and tugged the elastic waist of my skirt up another inch. I then tied my hair back in a pony tail. To complete the look, I added a pair of plain white footies and my cleanest athletic shoes.

I took a deep breath and then opened the door.

“Wow!” Randy exclaimed in a tone that betrayed his strong approval. “You look fantastic.” I snickered at having made him forget his role entirely.

“Oh, thank you,” I replied with a smile.

“Enough of that laughing,” he said, again in his gruff principal’s voice. He led me into our study. I could see that he had cleaned off the desk, except for my wooden sorority paddle.

“Bonnie, I have a note here from your teacher, Mrs. Thomas. She says that you have repeatedly been chewing gum, talking in class, and passing notes. What do have to say for yourself?”

“Well, um, I didn’t do it…” I looked at the floor as I mumbled these words. Randy was playing this scene to the hilt.

“Are you calling Mrs. Thomas a liar?” His voice dripped with incredulity.

“No sir.”

“Then you are guilty, aren’t you? Aren’t you, Bonnie?”’

“Yes sir.”

“Mrs. Thomas has recommended the use of corporal punishment, and frankly, I agree. You have been skating along for far too long and the time has come to set things straight. Just because you are the captain of the cheerleading squad doesn’t mean you are too big to be paddled. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“All right then. I want you to bend over the desk.”

I took my position with my chest on the cold wooden surface.

“Grab onto the far edges.”

I did as he commanded and braced myself.

“Do you understand why you are being punished?”

“Yes sir.”

“What then?”

“I wrote notes to Julie and put my gum under the desk and cheated in math.”

“What? You cheated too?” His voice rose a whole octave. Now things were getting really amusing. It was all I could do to not giggle.

“I was planning to give you ten swats, but you’ve just earned fifteen!” I thought about saying, “Oh, goody,” but sanity prevailed.

“Are you ready?” I nodded my head in affirmation. I suspect he would have swatted me regardless of my answer, but again I played along.

The first whack crashed into my bottom with surprising power. As I suspected, the little red cheerleader panties served only as decoration. By the time the second swat arrived, my posterior was burning. I stayed in place. The next few blows were equally severe. This was a fine paddling. My costume truly brought out Randy’s best spanking performance.

I thought he might lower my panties for the last few, but he didn’t. After I had taken all fifteen swats, he helped me back to my feet. I wasn’t sobbing, but I had tears in my eyes from the sheer intensity of the experience. My dear husband hugged me closely and ran his fingers through my hair. His words now were smooth and soothing.

Soon, however, his hands traveled southward. He couldn’t keep his fingers off of my smooth red briefs and the equally red skin immediately beneath. I realized that this role play combined two of his all time favorite fantasies – Spanking and cheerleaders. He led me into our bedroom where he began the next part of our cheerleader adventure.

He sat on the edge of the bed in the spot where he usually sits to spank me. He encouraged me to lie across his lap. I figured that if he wanted to spank me again, then I probably deserved it. I solemnly lowered myself into the classic OTK position. Randy lifted my skirt and paused for a minute, apparently to admire the view. He really does have a cheerleader thing. He pulled down the panties to reveal my well punished globes. They felt very warm and still had a lot of residual sting. He rubbed my inflamed skin with the palm of his hand. The next sensation was remarkably cool. He squirted some lotion onto each side of my bottom and began to massage it in. Any touch hurt at this point, but nevertheless, his technique was most welcome.

Several minutes later, rubbing had turned to caressing and massaging gave way to stimulating. He pulled my briefs and my thong down and all the way off. My lover then positioned me on hands and knees facing the center of the bed. He lifted the little skirt and approached me from behind. He entered me in a single thrust without resistance. I gasped as he delivered full length insertions with a slow, but methodical tempo. He picked up the pace gradually as my hips rocked to meet him. Suddenly, my very consciousness exploded into orgasmic release when Randy squeezed two handfuls of my freshly paddled flesh. The pain and the pleasure blended into a deliriously sweet harmony. I know I had to have been noisy, but I don’t recall actually screaming. In fact, I was so out of it that I barely realized that Randy finished about the same time.

As we lay snuggling in bed afterward, I wondered aloud why we hadn’t tried that before. After all, I’ve known about Randy’s cheerleader thing since before we were married. He told me that he thought the reason was that only now did I possess the self-assuredness to actually become the cheerleader. I thought for a moment and then recognized that he might be right. Ten years ago, I probably would have spent time worrying about how I looked or whether that kind of revealing outfit sends the wrong message to young girls. Now I understand that it’s just for Randy and me. What the rest of the world thinks about it is simply irrelevant.

I believe we’ll play principal and cheerleader again soon, but not until my poor bottom aches a little less!

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Naughty Girl said...

Hi Bonnie!!
I love your blog!! I am slowly figuring things out over here. Thanks for checking out my blog - a work in progress!

wind walker said...

i love that story!!! amazing!! you and randy are so awesome together, you really do inspire me!!

Paul said...

Wow Bonnie,
great story, thank you.
Cheerleaders are a very recent sight over here, (UK).
Mel kept her school uniform, and, being petite could always wear it.
Head and naughty school girl was always a hot scene for us, and the 'afters' were always fantastic. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sooooo loved it, Bonnie!!! And sooooo going to have to get a cheerleader outfit now!!!


Shon Richards said...

That was really good. I really liked the line, "Suddenly, my very consciousness exploded into orgasmic release when Randy squeezed two handfuls of my freshly paddled flesh." That is such a good image.

Scarlett said...

Brilliant story! I can't figure out why on earth you waited (counting on my fingers...) nearly 5 months to try the cheerleader costume. Hopefully it won't sit gathering dust for another 5 months!
(PS am sending you an email)

Fireman Chris said...

Great story, Bonnie! Absolutely loved it.

I've always had a thing for cheerleaders myself. Wonder if I can talk Sparkle into letting me buy her a uniform.


Yours said...

Great story!!

Looking forward to hearing more cheerleading tales!!

padme said...

I really want to go out and buy a cheerleader outfit too! :)
Great story, bonnie!

ross said...

Just found this blog. Love it. I'm an spanker from way back.


Anonymous said...

My cousin Mary Ann was a cheerleader class of 1966. YES we are both as old as dirt. Anyway I still remember thinking how I would love to smack her bottom when she wore her cheerleader skirt and panties. Green and Gold and quite short for those days. Mary Ann had a great butt and fantastic legs. Nice boobs too as I remember. Those were the GOOD OL DAYS.


Bonnie said...

Naughty - Thanks, and welcome!

Wind - Hi! Welcome back. It's wonderful to see you again. I'm glad you liked our cheerleader story. It's one of my favorites and it was driving me nuts when I couldn't find it last week. In any case, we do have a good time.

Paul - I know for a fact that there are quite a few schoolgirl enthusiasts here as well.

Tigger - It's a great roleplay adventure. We love it.

Shon - Hi! Thank you. I'm glad you stopped by. Fellow writers are always very welcome here at MBS!

Scarlett - In truth, these events happened several years ago and I wrote the story at that time. Mind you, I wouldn't mind recreating it now...

Chris - If you do, I hope you'll both share the experience with your loyal readers. I enjoy the his-and-hers perspectives on the same events.

Yours - Thank you!

Padme - I recall your take on the classic schoolgirl look and I know you'd make a very sexy cheerleader.

Ross - Another new reader... Welcome! Please feel free to find a comfortable spot and stay as long as you like.

Tony - It's a fun fantasy, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Really nice. Fantastically clean honest style, no distracting cliche. Powerful ending. I like it.

Joaquin Tirado said...

Bonnie, any girl that can spell "incredulity" correctly should know the difference between "shutter" and "shudder." You are a handful.
--Mr Thomas

Bonnie said...

Joaquin - OK. You're correct. I fixed it.

The best thing about this medium is that there's no editor. The worst thing about this medium is the same.


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