Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Happy Spanko Troubadour

Regular readers probably won’t be surprised to learn that Randy and I share some rather unusual conversations. Take last night, for example. I had just posted the cheerleader story. I knew it was one of his favorites so I made a point of telling him it was up.

He rushed to the computer and reread my account of our adventure.

“I love that story. You do still have the uniform, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“I think we need to schedule a cheerleader reunion.” He was smiling from ear to ear.


“You know I love your blog too.” Let there be no doubt, the man had a lot of love to share last night.

“You do?” I know he reads it and occasionally uses my material as cause to spank me. But he had not really been so definitive before. “Why,” I asked, “do you say that?” I really wasn’t fishing for compliments. I wanted to know.

“After you finish talking about spankings and sex and all that fun stuff, I can count on you being primed for the real thing. How great is that?”

“I’m not always primed, you know.”

“Close enough for me… And another thing, I think it’s so cool that you talk all of those other women into getting their husbands and boyfriends to spank them.”

“I don’t talk anybody into anything. I present my thoughts and feelings. We learn, we laugh, and we share. Readers can do as they please.”

“You know there’s more than one woman out there tonight who’s having trouble sitting down on account of you.”

“I choose not to think of it that way. I’d like to think that if I provide any inspiration, it is to bring couples closer, to help them improve their communication, and to be more loving.”

“…And swat some butts.”

“Well, yeah. That’s our thing and I write about what I know.”

“So I guess that makes you some kind of happy spanko troubadour. You dance from town to town, entertaining as you go and spreading your message of better living through spanking.

“OK, I’ll concede that point. I’m the skipping spanko troubadour of cyberspace. That and $3.49 will buy me a cappuccino.”

“Excuse me? That and my belt will buy you a very sore posterior.”

And so it did...

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~ Storm said...

Great! Not great that you had a sore posterior, but well, yeah kinda :-) Great post!

Oh, also I finally got off my lame ass and added you in my links. Sorry it took so long. I haven't done links in months. I still have lots more to do.

But J's not home and I'm horny and my toy box is calling....

SmartNnaughty said...


Don'tcha just love it when men are focused! They want what they want and no amount of logic is going to dissuade them.

Hope you had a good time!


Paul said...


wouldn't you just hate it, if we weren't. LOL

I'm sure you had a good time.


Anonymous said...

Cute, Bonnie!!! And being a writer myself, I always think that you should write what you know!!!


Fireman Chris said...

Hmmm, I can hear it now, "The Ballad of Bonnie and her Burning Bum". A true classic for the ages.

Randy was right though, there was "one woman out there tonight who’s having trouble sitting down on account of you," and it was you. ;)


Yours said...

lol... is he reading now?? are you???

bet u enjoyed it!

ross said...

Randy is right about that. My wife didn't know what hit her last night. I was tumescent all day after reading that story. Regarding the panty poll, I was surprised by how few panties-on spankers they were. I always start with them on and gradually they end up around her thighs. A spanking without panties? Unthinkable. But, then again, panties are my thing.

Shimon said...

Would you let anyone besides Randy spank you? Would randy mind?
The answer to these 2 question determin if you are a true troubadour.

wind walker said...

i think that's a great analogy...you've inspired me on several occasions....

Bonnie said...

~Storm - Thanks! No worries. As it says at the bottom of this page, spankings happen.

I just linked you as well!

SNN - I do indeed!

Paul - True enough. We did have a good time. Thanks.

Tigger - You are so right!

Chris - LOL! Now that's funny! ...and quite correct as well.

Yours - I really did enjoy it. I appreciate a good spanking, especially when it comes with all the trimmings.

Ross - I'm glad you (and your wife) had fun with my story. I'm working on another panty-related feature, so stay tuned.

Shimon - No and yes. I guess I'm just a so-so troubador.

Wind - I'm glad to be of service, especially for you!

rivka said...

Y'all are SO cute! LOL...

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