Friday, April 14, 2006

The Wager

Here's a story for you from the archive.

Yesterday evening, Randy suggested a game of Trivial Pursuit, or should I say, Spanking Trivial Pursuit. We've played this game for years and own several editions. Sometimes, we play the regular game. More often, we just use the cards. The results are generally the same - a red, aching bottom for yours truly (with lots of fun sex play to follow).

When he arrived home, I proposed a wager. Instead of him asking me questions and meting out rewards and penalties accordingly, I wanted to even the stakes a little. I suggested that we play one conventional game. If he won, I would submit to a vigorous paddling. If he won, I would get a sensuous, erotic session instead AND he would agree to give up the cable TV remote for the rest of the weekend. Randy thought about it for a minute and said, "OK, I'll play." I suspect he hesitated because he knows I'm pretty good at this game.

After dinner, our daughter headed out for the evening with a couple of her friends. No sooner was she gone than Randy told me to get the game and set it up on the kitchen table. As I did, I heard him walk up the stairs and into our bedroom. When he returned, he was carrying my ultimate nemesis - the mother of all paddles. This thing is one scary piece of lumber. It's longer, wider, thicker, and heavier than any other paddle I've seen (or felt). It has a long handle designed to accommodate a two handed grip. The results of a meeting between it and my bare bottom are devastating. I think I can handle a lot, but that MOAP is absolutely off the scale. He laid the paddle across the corner of the table. If he was trying to psych me out, it was working.

We began the game. He took an early lead with what I thought were a couple of lucky guesses. I caught up and passed him. Finally, we got to the end neck and neck. Each of us had all the slices and sought final victory with a single correct answer. I landed on the center space. He chose the sports category. He picked up the MOAP and swung it a couple of times as if paddling an unfortunate invisible bottom. He said something about grabbing my ankles. I'm not too good at the sports questions. He asked a horse-racing question. I had no idea. Randy smiled as though my paddling was now assured. We played a while longer and again I landed on the center space. This time he asked an ice skating question. I got it right and won the game! I wanted to ask Randy what he planned to do with that massive paddle, but it seemed unwise to gloat at this juncture.

Up the stairs we marched. Randy was carrying the MOAP, but there was no way that he was going to get to apply it. Oh, no. This spanking would be purely for fun. I stripped off my clothes and asked him to do the same. When we were completely naked, we shared a passionate embrace and a long, open-mouthed kiss. Slowly, my husband moved his attention from my mouth to my cheek, my temple, my ear, my neck, my chest, my breasts, and beyond. I was now ready for pretty much anything.

Randy went to the toy drawer and removed the slapper and two different sex toys. He set them on the bed and then sat beside them on the edge. He motioned for me to join him. I took my familiar position face down across his lap with my bottom prominently positioned. He sampled my level of readiness and declared it to be excellent.

He took the first sex toy, switched it on, and applied to a very sensitive spot. Within moments, I could hardly stay still. Next, he easily inserted it within me. This drove me crazy. He picked up the slapper and gently rubbed it against my skin. This went on for a several minutes. In retrospect, I'm sure he was waiting for me to beg for my spanking. At the time, I only knew I wanted him to begin and he wasn't doing it. "Please paddle me!" I exclaimed. With that invitation, he did.

The slapper generates that unique burning sting only leather can produce. He repeatedly hit the same spots, right along my lower slopes. I was yelling "Ouch, Oh, Yeow!" but I loved it. With the buzzing within me, I didn't care about the pain.

When Randy stopped and set the slapper on the bed, I thought he might be finished with it. I was wrong. He picked up the second toy, started it buzzing, and carefully applied it to a region of my lower anatomy he hadn't really visited earlier. This type of action always makes me pant. After a couple minutes of teasing me this way, he discarded the second toy, again in favor of the slapper.

Now Randy whacked me in earnest. While this was, by design, a very erotic session, my spanking wasn't just light play. When he was finished, I had no doubt that my bottom had been thoroughly assaulted. When I arose from his lap, I instinctively rubbed my posterior. It was very sore and very hot.

With the toys brushed aside, I took my position on the bed. I got on all fours with legs apart and my knees at the edge of the bed. He stepped up behind me and instantly joined his body to mine. I'm not sure I can provide a detailed account of what happened next because I was, frankly, somewhat preoccupied. I do know it was a very enjoyment fulfillment of all of the desires that had accumulated throughout the day. He didn't finish until my body was limp.

As much as we felt like sleeping, the night was still young. We shared a laugh as we snuggled in bed when we simultaneously recognized a mysterious humming sound as a sex toy that someone neglected to shut off. We got up, shared a shower, donned our sleepwear, and headed downstairs. I made a point of turning on the TV and settling into the King's chair with the remote control. Randy mumbled something about guessing there was nothing good on TV. I guess, for him, there wasn't. I had a fun time watching things like the Home and Garden channel. After a while, I decided I couldn't let him suffer too much given how he had just made me so happy. I relented and let him return to the control chair for the rest of the evening. Today, however, I've been watching my shows. We've seen neither golf nor football this afternoon. This was a good bet. However, as Randy has already reminded me, I almost lost big. For today, at least, victory is sweet.

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Paul said...

Yes Bonnie, I learnt a long time ago that erotic spankings must feel like spanking, otherwise the point is lost, that's what my Mel said anyway, I wasn't going to argue.
Thanks for sharing a great story.

SpankedMinx said...

just trying to remember where all our boardgames are ! Huggggggggggggggs
Minx x x x x

Cameo said...

I'm with spankedminx...where's the board games? Or even the CARD games for that matter, cuz I'm a wicked Uno player. *grin* Thanks for the ideeer Bonnie - as if Boss NEEDS any ideas on when and how to spank me, lol. He comes up with plenty of his own! But maybe I can use the games to get OUT of a few - doubtful but hey, it's my bounden duty to TRY, right? Hugs to ya both!!

Anonymous said...

That was soooooo cute, Bonnie!!! And romantic!!!! And sweet!!! And makes Trivial Pursuit a whole lot more fun!!!

Gotta admit though, my hubby's a sweetie...he always lets me handle the remote :)... then again, he's lucky, because I love pro football as much as he does!!! Plus, we like the same shows, anyway!!!

Oh, yeah, about the football, every time our favorite team scores a touchdown, I get a spanking!!! Boo-Ya!!!


Bonnie said...

Paul - Thanks. Mel was right, and so are you. There are many kinds of pleasure that don't hurt, but spanking isn't among them.

Minx - Good luck (or not as the case meay be). :D

Cameo - Hi! It's good to hear from you again.

In my view, the best game is one at which you're good, but not overwhelmingly so.

The concept of spanking games seem to be popular. I'm considering using this for our Sunday brunch question. I'll bet the reader have some great ideas.

Tigger - Thank you. If you can't bet the remote, I'm sure you can think of something else to wager. Hmmm...

As for your football arrangement, I'm not sure I could remain in position for three hours. But it might be fun to try.

Bonnie said...

Everybody - A regular reader suggested some further reading for those interested in spanko Trivial Pursuit. Invidia, (courtesy of SpankBoss) offers some great ideas for adapting the rules.

Marcus said...

Spanking games? Hrm... oh wait, I've played those! Glad you won, curious what has happened when you've lost.

I like those stakes. A spanking for your pleasure vs. his pleasure.

Paul said...

We didn't go for traditional sports, but we played cards and board games.
I never caught Mel actually cheating, but she always seemed to lose.
Made for some fun evenings and nights which was the aim of the whole thing.
Like your brunches, thanks Bonnie.

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