Sunday, April 16, 2006

MBS Spanko Brunch #13

Another week has passed and it is again time to discuss the wild and wonderful world of spanking. Our question this week has a decidedly recreational bent. I invite you to contribute your thoughts as comments below, as a post in your own blog, or as an e-mail. As in past weeks, I will then compile and post a summary of the proceedings.

Here's our question: Do you ever incorporate otherwise vanilla sports or games into your spanking repertoire? If so, please describe how these competitions operate in the context of your relationship.

C'mon, be a sport and leave us a message!


jade said...

When my beau and I go to a hockey game, I get spanked for every goal the other team scores, and for each minute one of our players spends in the penalty box. He says it's my fault for not cheering loudly enough! ;-)

kk said...

Football season is when I get extra points (swats). If my team wins the points are doubled. If they won by 10 then I will get 20 swats.
If they lose by 10 then I will get 10. When they are on a winning streak my ass gets a lot of attention. But I love the game.

jeanmarie said...

Years ago, as I moved in with my present boyfriend, I noticed that he had an English cane in his closet. I told him that I feared the implement, valued the unblemished complexion of my bottom's cheeks, and wanted his promise that he'd only use the cane on me if I was REALLY bad. But the very next weekend Kyle was watching a golf tournament on tv, and every golf stroke sounded like a cane whistling through the air. It got me so hot, I retired to the bedroom, and got naked and masturbated to a phenomenal series of orgasms, fantasizing that my deserving butt was being caned. Apparently I was pretty vocal, because Kyle caught me, told me that I was very bad for having sex without him, and told me to roll over and ask for "six of the best." I got my first caning that Saturday afternoon, followed by great sex. The match concluded the next day, and even though my butt was raw, I misbehaved in the same way, asking to be caned again. My lover didn't spare me because I was already marked, I got ten good stripes (and another fantastic fuck). Tiger Woods lost that match. That is now our criteria; if Tiger looses, my fanny pays the price with a set of stripes. I personally hope that he never refines his swing. Last weekend, when he lost the Masters, Kyle masterfully administered twelve of the most delicious licks to my wiggling tushy. A caning is like tabasco sauce; an acquired taste, very hot and spicey, addictive...
I didn't think I'd ever have reason to reveal this; how'd you think of this question? I guess we're not alone in game-playing!
Jean Marie

Mike said...

Absolutley. I've based a couple of stories on some of the things my wife and I have done. One of our favorites is to play strip gin. We say strip because that is how it always ends up, but the winner of each hand gets a choice, spank the looser, or take a piece of clothing. Once some looses after they are naked they get one more spanking and the game ends. I think we've only played all the way to the end once, we usually get after a few rounds.

Sorry I missed a few weeks, Sunday mornings haven't been the same.

Mike (aka_ireland)

cuddlybum said...

Not as yet, but I just asked the beloved the question and he's got this gleam in his eye now...... I can see us developing some sports/games soon.....


Anonymous said...

My hubby and I really don't incorporate any traditional sports or games into our spanking repetoire. We do have some variations, however.

Like we bet on how long it will take the pizza delivery guy to deliver the pizza...there's just one catch - I get the spanking regardless of which one of us is right! Either way, we both win!!!

We also started playing this game a friend told us about where you watch a show on television, and every time the girl does something she should be spanked for, I get spanked. Makes watching television whole lot more interesting, I can tell you!!!


rose said...

i had to really think about this one. we don't, but then we have a rather unconventional relationship at this point. now i'll have to think about what types of fun we could have.......besides what's already there.

and ps bonnie......thanks so much for the comment. i appreciate it and i feel the same about the friendship.


Anakin said...

Yes, Master Anakin and I like to incorporate vanilla sports mostly into a spanking game. Last night we bet on the UFC. Andrei lost so I got a spanking. Master was cheering for Tim Sylvia. It makes watching the sports more exciting. :)

Paul said...

Bonnie, I must have been half asleep, I put my comment for the brunch on your Friday 14th comment, sorry!!!

Cameo said...

We have played spank poker - 5 card stud, lol. Loser hand gets 5 hard swats on the bare. Doesn't sound like much but when Boss gets to whacking it hurts! And funny part is, any other game I'm a darn good cardplayer. Wish I could get him to play Spank Uno - I'd be the one spanking HIM lol!!!

Lee said...

Ah, poker. As the one in the group still searching for someone with kink to date, I can tell you that I LOVE games that can be adapted to "alternative" purposes. Knowing myself, I know my play will involve some sort of these types of games (ie. Chess, dominoes, poker). Anything that can be adapted to become a strip game can also be adapted to be a spanking game.

Bonnie said...

Randy and I have corrupted all manner of otherwise wholesome games over the years. Besides Spanko Trivial Pursuit, we also enjoy cutting cards for swats, Whack-o-poly, Crops, and Truth-or-Bare. After all, what good is a recreational spanking if you can’t have a little fun with it?

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