Monday, April 10, 2006

Smoke Signals

I originally wrote this in 1997, but I still get a variation of this treatment from time to time.

Communication in any relationship is essential. Without an ongoing exchange of thoughts and ideas, it’s easy to wander off the path toward understanding. Randy and I are mostly in synch right now, but it’s not always been so.

Over the years, we’ve developed subtle signals. For example, when my husband discovers I am wearing a thong, it's open season on my hide. I don't find this kind of underwear particularly comfortable, but when paired with stockings and a garter belt, it definitely serves a purpose. It's fun when we're out somewhere to invite Randy to inconspicuously slide a hand under my dress. Even after all our years together, his eyes get as big as saucers.

At our house, my Prince Charming's domain includes the laundry. He's by no means perfect in his discharge of these solemn duties, but it's better than doing it myself. Sometimes, he abuses his authority. Every so often, I look in my underwear drawer to find my comfortable cotton briefs have been replaced by little pink thongs (I must admit, for a guy, he has a pretty good sense of color coordination). If I put them on, I know what will happen to me later. If I instead demand my regular underwear back, he always seems to be able to find them. In either case, it's kind of fun to be put on the spot first thing in the morning. On those occasions when I pick the thong, I walk around all day thinking about what the evening inevitably holds. That tight "floss" provides a continuous reminder. The anticipation is delicious.

When he returns home in the evening, Randy usually gives my bottom a couple of gentle pats. This serves as both a friendly greeting and a test for the telltale panty lines. If I'm still wearing the thong, we head straight for our bedroom. The resulting spankings run the full gamut from adequate to outrageous, depending upon how enthusiastic we get.

The best part of the thong routine is its removal after he is finished spanking me (or at least nearly finished). I always let Randy perform this task. One time he used his teeth (was I impressed!). On another occasion, he actually cut them off me with a knife. Other times he will slide them up and down before pulling them off. At this point, I just want hot, wild lovemaking with my husband. Darling that he is, I generally get all of that and more. I may be annoyed when I see a drawer full of impractical, wedgie underwear, but I can't argue with the results. What a turn-on!

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rose said...

bonnie.....reading about you and randy always makes me smile! thanks for the always sweet, often really hot stories!

sorry i missed brunch on sunday. i was out of town (and staying away from the computer).


Paul said...

My Mel was often called a pocket Venus, by the time we were married I knew her body intimately, yet every time she wore sexy undies, or a mini skirt or hot pants she turned me on, she had a very short cocktail black dress that as far as I was concerned was an invitation to rape not to mention spank, she was so hot.
This continued to happen all through the 33 years we had together.
I so know where Randy is coming from.
Lovely post Bonnie, your stories often bring back memories, for which, many thanks.

Tom said...

Hi Bonnie,

Couldn't find a link to CSW. A bit of a smokesignal to other bloggers?
Don't you agree, she really was and IS creative?
Did you think the blog was already a dead one?
Think people will continue reading if she posts the good stuff and there is already so much of real value about spanking. What happened to a few people is for most of us far away or even over the ocean.
Are you going to relink if the blog survives and continues drawing a lot of readers ?

dwcmike said...

What a wonderful way of saying "Do you want a spanking tonight, and allow you to decide?" You have the delicious excitement to think about throughout the whole day, especially as at times you will forget you are wearing the thong, and the reminder brings all the thoughts of the spanking and love-making to come vividly to mind.
Hope you decided to wear a thong today, after posting this update, and hope that Randy looked at the post today.

Anonymous said...

I love it, Bonnie!!! And wearing a thong is a definite turn-on, isn't it!!! Then again, wearing anything skimpy is a turn-on!!! My hubby especially loves it when I pair those skimpy somethings with a garter belt and high-heels!!! And yes, wearing such an outfit does get me a spanking, too...*sigh*...


Bonnie said...

Rose - You're most welcome!

Paul - Thank you. That sounds wonderful.

Tom - Links come and go fairly regularly on this blog. I try to keep the list to a manageable size. As the title indicates, the list represents what I am reading. I seek a high quality, ecclectic mix consisting of mostly spanko and submissive sites.

The presence of a link shouldn't necessarily be interpreted as an endorsement. Similarly, the lack of a link is not meant as a slight. I recently dropped a few blogs that I dearly love because their content had grown stale.

As for Patty, her talent has never been in question. I'm ready, though, to distance myself from that controversy. As with all links around here, no decision is irrevocable.

Mike - Delicious is a good word to describe that feeling of anticipation. Thanks.

Tigger - I completely agree! What fun...

Janeen said...

I agree with Mike, sounds like the perfect way for each of you to say what you want without having to say it. :)

miss kitty said...

Kudos to you you for being able to wear a thong all day. Me, I can't stand the d* things for very long. I like "cheeky panties": made of a lacy stretchy material, they are cut in a V, and only cover the top half of your derriere. I've seen them at H-mart, Lane Bryant and Kohls. They're comfy and sexy, and don't give VPL.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just linked here from a new blog site I have found, thanks to the Patty fiasco and what do I find? A bunch of like minded, kinkos like myself! Yayyyy. As to men and color co-ordinating, my husband also seems to have a fine sense of what I should wear for a proper spanking. I always thought this was inherent in all men looking for a "fun" time haha..face it, we spankos know how to "pick" our men..hmmm,or did they pick us first? Who cares, as long as they play the game and we both enjoy the results. Thongs, a torture device almost as bad as the whale boned corset, not that I would personally recall the whale boned corset days, mind you..wink wink...tulip

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

How I envy you those unspoken signs!!! I tried over and over to smoke the place at the point I couldn't breath anymore.... without any reaction on the other side of the room... grrrr...

Marcus said...

I love reading the details of that story. Thank you for sharing it with us, Bonnie! I for one would have my woman wear thongs at any time she wanted, and many times I wanted it.

SpankedMinx said...

Hmm pretty much exposing ANY underwear & a cheeky grin gets me one!

Nice to share Bonnie :O)

Minx x x x x

Bonnie said...

Janeen - For whatever reason, there is something special about effective non-verbal communication.

Miss Kitty - I didn't mean to suggest that I found thongs at all comfortable. I don't. When I wear them, it's for one reason only (but it's a pretty good reason!)

Tulip - Welcome! I'm glad you found us.

Despite being members of a gender commonly labeled as being incapable of coordinating anything, spanko husbands seem quite skilled at matching colors, so long as they are pink or red!

Jo - At that point, I suppose all you have left is your words. That's a tough situation. Can you pre-arrange a signal?

Marcus - As some of the others indicated, many women find thongs to be uncomfortable. As I mentioned above, if I wear a thong, it's for one reason only.

Minx - Well now. That simplifies things considerably!

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