Friday, April 21, 2006

Search Word Bingo

As you've probably deduced, I find search terms to be a tremendous source of amusement. I hope I entertain my readers, because you good folks amaze and amuse me. See what I mean...

OK, my bottom is undeniably round. But juicy? That word sounds more applicable to a rump roast than a roasted rump.

Spanking follies? I love that. I'm picturing a spanko blooper reel. The spanker lifts his paddle high into the air in preparation for a momentous swat. Suddenly, the implement slips from his grasp and goes flying out an open window!

I couldn't help but notice the "butt spankings for married couples in foreplay." Yes, butt spankings are my favorite kind too. Apparently, this reader doesn't even want to think about the possibility of pre-marital spanking.

As for the "world's most spankable bottom," it's not likely to be found on this blog. I'm not sure I would even want to possess that bottom. I have to imagine everyone would want a take a whack at it.

I like the "bare bottom blistered belt whipping stories." I don't even want to know what one would have to do with a belt to give it a blister.

OK, "spanking on hips" is simply evil. I've taken my share of shots over there, but those were collateral damage. Whipping hips on purpose is unkind in the extreme.

For the "hairbrush spanking over girdle," I'm always surprised by how specialized people's kinks can be.

Please keep on searching. Not only do I enjoy a good laugh, it provides material for the blog.

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