Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Favorite, Hands Down

It’s been a tough week for Randy and me. We both felt tired, overworked, and under the weather. We had a spanking date last night and we were both determined to keep it in spite of all of life’s distractions. These sessions renew and reinforce the bonds between us.

After dinner, Randy took me upstairs to our bedroom. At his instruction, I removed all of my clothing. I then laid face down across his lap as he sat at the edge of our bed. The spanking he delivered was slow, deliberate, and enjoyable. He used only his hand, but that was quite sufficient.

My lover talked as he spanked. He gave me a good dose of my own medicine by conducting a Spanking 101 clinic right there on my bottom.

“Now, you see, when I hold my hand stiff with fingers together, it works very much like a paddle.”

Needless to say, he demonstrated this technique with great gusto.

“I can also splay the fingers and allow them to be slightly more flexible. This creates a tawse-like effect.”

After another demonstration, he felt it necessary to describe the beautiful hand prints he was painting on my posterior.

“If I cup my hand like this, I can make a really cool smacking sound.”

…And so it did.

“When I use an upward swing, like so, it really targets your sit spots. You’ll feel these later.”

I had no doubt he spoke the truth.

“Now for the fun part. Now that you’re good and red, I can deliver a hard swat, and then squeeze the flesh I just punished. Doesn’t that feel good?”

“Good” wouldn’t have been the first word that came to mind, but this was a fun session. So I agreed.

He continued to chat and spank for quite a while longer. There were many more demonstrations, but these are the ones I recall. His point was that the hand is too often dismissed by experienced spankos. It is, in fact, a deliciously versatile spanking implement ideally suited to erotic spankings.

By the time he decided I was done, I felt very warm and very ready for the next phase. Soon after, we found ourselves under the covers and luxuriating in the joys of slow, passionate lovemaking. It was wonderful to physically reconnect after this long, miserable week.

This morning, I feel upbeat and re-energized. Today’s agenda includes planting flowers and I’m motivated to get started. It’s going to be a fine day.

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SmartNnaughty said...

You are right. The hand is an amazing implement. Sounds like lots of fun and it is good that you were both able to reconnect. Thank you for a very sweet story!


Storm Rider said...

My hand is Winds favorite! I may have to try Randys idea about discussing it as it happens! I kind of like that!
Maybe give Wind a test at the end of it , if she fails, then its the PADDLE!
Missed you sweety!

Paul said...

Absolutely Bonnie, I've never had a complaint about a hand spanking.
It's suitable for all kinds of spanking, it's always available and so versatile. LOL
Nice post, catch you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Saw smartnnnaughty's profile photo., bot bare as a baby. When are you going to show us your naughty bottom like that Bonnie? Susan

Marcus said...

Considering what my week felt like, I could have used a bottom to spank at some point this week. Glad you've been renewed and energized.

Anonymous said...

I love it, Bonnie!!! Isn't all that light banter wonderful when you're getting spanked!!!


Bonnie said...

SNN - It was fun. You're most welcome.

Storm - I would point out that it's very difficult to listen and learn when someone is pounding on your posterior. There was a lot of Randy's presentation that rolled off my, um, back. Let's give Wind a swinging chance, OK?

Paul - Thanks.

Susan - Welcome! If I looked like that picture, I'd probably be equally generous.

Marcus - I am told that the stress relief is effective at the skinny end of the paddle as well.

Tigger - Yes, I love it!

rose said...

oh bonnie.....what a great story. made me sigh. don't you just love those times of connection?


padme said...

There is nothing better than a good spanking to help you connect with your lover. Loved this blog post, bonnie. :)

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