Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tagged by Cuddlybum

OK, I'll play along.

Twenty years ago, I...
  • Sent our daughter to school
  • Made my living doing freelance writing
  • Was a closet spanko

Ten years ago, I...
  • Was a band mom
  • Started working out again
  • Worked in the corporate world

Five years ago, I...
  • Spent a lot of money on college
  • Had an emergency appendectomy
  • Joined Internet spanking forums

Three years ago, I...
  • Attended several excellent theater festivals
  • Worked as a technical writer
  • Enjoyed being an empty nester

One year ago, I...
  • Bought a new car
  • Wrote lots of spanking stories
  • Thought about getting into blogging

So far this year, I...
  • Became a grandmother
  • Managed a spanko blog
  • Received an award at work

Yesterday, I...
  • Struggled to get over a nasty cold
  • Worked on a new Spanking 101 post
  • Received a cyber-spanking

Today, I...
  • Had chicken soup for lunch
  • Posted the aforementioned Spanking 101 article
  • Still can't shake the remnants of that cold

Tomorrow, I...
  • Will spend the day stuck in the office
  • Could be in for a real spanking
  • Will buy flowers to plant on Saturday

In the next year I...
  • Want to take a big vacation
  • Seek to reduce the time spent doing things I don't enjoy
  • Desire to become a better person, woman, wife, lover, partner, friend, spanko, confidant, blogger, mother, and grandmother


cuddlybum said...

See - it's fun - honest!!!


Anonymous said...

Very insightful, Bonnie!!!


SpankedMinx said...

Where have I been all week? I've missed so much! Huggggggggggggggggggggs..that looks fun xx x x

Bonnie said...

Cuddly - So it is!

Tigger - Thanks.

Minx - I don't know where you've been, but I'm glad you're back.

AngelBrat said...

Very cute, Bonnie (and cuddlybum). I stole it for mine!


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