Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for April 2

This post is better late than never. I’m happy to be back at home. All is well, or at least it will be soon.

I think Randy did a fantastic job taking care of the blog while I was away. I wasn’t certain what he would do, but he was just spectacular. Do you know that my readership actually went up under his management? It did!

Now, on to our brunch. The question concerned crying during a spanking. As usual, we received an interesting variety of responses.

Tigger: The answer to that question is, quite simply, no. However, let me add that we don't practice discipline spanking, but only erotic spanking. That's not to say that a person wouldn't cry during an erotic spanking, I'm sure, but I don't.

Paul: For Mel a spanking wasn't a spanking unless she could soak my shirt or have her tears running down my chest. A GG, an adjustment spanking or indeed a punishment spanking, the tears came fast and furious. She said no tears no release, she'd often be crying and laughing at the same time. She was a wonderful woman and always a delightful puzzle.

Intricate Pieces: I think it depends on the type of spanking. Personally, I am a crier by nature. So tears typically flow freely from me the moment a "punishment spanking" is announced. Why? It’s mostly because I ashamed and disappointed in myself and the actions that led to the need for that type of correction.

If it's an "I'm stressed and Master thinks a good session otk will help" spanking, tears usually come due to the emotional release it allows me (believe it or not there is scientific evidence that releasing these type of tears, brings about a calming effect).

As for the importance of allowing tears to flow, for me it is very important because it's a sign of acceptance and surrender. There are times I will be stubborn (gasp I know, hard to believe) and refuse to give in to them. But that's a sign I am not accepting. Thankfully, I have a man who doesn't allow me to get away with that.

So the way I look at it tears aren't really a bad thing. In a way they're a sign of growth.

Jean Marie: I was formulating my answer mentally as I read the previous posts. I could not articulate it better than the beauty of Intricate Pieces’ words.

Simply, for me, if it's a punishment session, I already feel guilt and shame (though I may not admit that) and I am emotionally naked as a rule. So I almost always have a good cleansing cry while my naughty butt is disciplined and my wrongs righted in the trial by fire.

Spanked Minx: I'm not a cryer. I never have been. That's not to say I wouldn't like to experience it sometime. I do put it in my stories. I get both types of spankings, erotic and punishment. I don't analyse it too much. If it happens, it happens. If not, I'm might fine damn happy as I am.

CeeCi: Our spankings are purely erotic, and because they're all about play I sometimes find myself crying because I'm laughing so hard! MoJo has an amazing sense of humor. When he channels "Maurice" I lose it!

kk: Most of my spankings are of pure joy for me. But sometimes they get very intense and this is when the tears start to come. Sometimes while I am being spanked I cry knowing that I have disappointed my Master in some way and that is not good.

Marie: I rarely cry. Sometimes I wish I would more often. It is an emotional release when I do. It seems I should cry, as I like pretty intense spankings, but going over that edge is more a factor of frame of mind than pain. If the spanks are hard and fast, it is more likely because I can't catch my breath. Also, somehow knowing how many I will get will help me hold out and focus on the end and not cry. My boyfriend is rarely really mad at me. He mostly is trying to help me with some bad habits. So I don't often feel "guilty" in terms of disappointing him. I imagine if I did, that would make me cry.

Bonnie: I almost never cry during spankings. I have no idea why not. It just doesn't happen.

Now, let me watch the kid's movie where the family dog dies and I'm a blubbering mess. But spankings? No tears. Go figure.

The very rare occasions when I do cry are always at the end of a long and intense session. In these cases, I think it's mostly emotional release.

Marcus: My partner has never cried, though I have had the most interesting reactions other than that.

SmartNnaughty: For disciplinary spankings, I do cry. I am not a sobbing mess, but the tears well up and they are more emotional than physical. I am one tough cookie most of the time. There is something about the tears that make the spanking all the better. It is then that I feel closest to MG. That is why I miss the weekly maintenance spankings we were going to do.

Rose: I always cry when spanked. It’s mostly from emotional release and prior to floating off into sub-space. I love the feeling of those whacks and smacks that connect my lover and me... and the knowledge that he takes care of me when I'm gone, kisses away the tears when we're finished. Ah, I have one waiting for me later today! *big smile*

Anon: I have only cried once during a very stern discipline spanking with a belt. Most of my spankings do not result in tears, although I do feel the emotional release and the "floating".

Padme: I rarely cry during spankings. I cry so easily during movies or TV shows, but I just can't seem to let it out during a spanking. It takes a lot to get me to the point of tears. Usually, it's the very firm discipline spankings that can get me to cry and it's usually because of guilt I am feeling.

Janeen: For me, tears depend on so many different factors. Discipline versus play, my mood, how much stress I've been under prior to the spanking, etc. It used to be so difficult for me to cry during a spanking, but the more hectic my life becomes the easier the tears seem to come!

I've cried tears from the release of stress, tears from guilt, tears from just being overwhelmed by the moment, but oddly enough I can't really remember crying tears from the pain.

I’d better go now. I have a date tonight!

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padme said...

Have fun on your date bonnie! Glad things are going well for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, have fun, Bonnie!!! And as always, the brunch was fun!!!


Janeen said...

Congrats again, and welcome home! Have fun catching up with Randy. ;)

Blondie said...

I like Tiggers take on things.

Erotic spanking is fine. No offence to your partner, no crying and leads into great sex with ones wife.

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