Monday, April 03, 2006

Fire and Ice

I found this excellent story at a blog named StickTight. Definitely sounds like my kind of fun!

I agree with Wintermute when he says that women write the best erotica.



Marcus said...

Women add the details that guys tend to miss. I have to agree, Randy.

Paul said...

Nice way to start the day Randy, missing Bonnie?

Tight said...

Randy, Paul and Bonnie,

Got room for one more in this cozy group?

Anonymous said...

Loved it!!!


SpankedMinx said...

Me too x x x x

Bonnie said...

Tight - Yes, absolutely! You're most welcome here.

Storm Rider said...

I agree! Not only can women write more eroticly but they write it almost in a poetic ertotic state sometimes!
Have a man write about two women making love and compare it to a woman that writes about it.
Hands down, by the time you get through the females version you will be smelling the perfume and ....well you get what I mean!LOL

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