Friday, April 07, 2006

Quiz: Favorite Fantasy Spanking Location

Where is Your Ideal Fantasy Spanking Location?

The beach is your ideal fantasy spanking location. The whistle of the wind and the roar of the waves delightfully conceal whatever sounds of pleasure you might utter.
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SpankedMinx said...

I'm a beach girl too! High fives!


Minx x x x x

Anonymous said...

I'm a beach girl, too!!!

Cute quiz, Bonnie!!!


The Pink Wench said...

Well I'm boring, my came out as at home on the bed. :-)
Really prefer middle of the desert, blazing heat and cool water.

Love the quiz Bonnie


Paul said...

My spanking fantasy involves a space station, interesting, giving a spanking in free fall, I wonder if it's been done.

Anonymous said...

Darn, I was all up for the beach, but it seems I must flog lasses in a stone castle.

padme said...

I got the beach too!

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