Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bonnie's Bottom Ten Everyday Events

For those who inhabit the vanilla world, I imagine that receiving a spanking would be considered just about the least enjoyable experience possible. To my tastes, however, there are many worse things. Here are ten...
  1. Dental surgery
  2. Airport security
  3. Interactive phone menu systems
  4. Mammograms
  5. Being cornered by a boorish coworker
  6. The license bureau
  7. A traffic ticket
  8. Persistent evangelists at the door
  9. Technical support lines
  10. Lack of spankings
So next time you have to bare your bottom, smile and remember, it could be much worse!



Bethie said...

Bonnie, I may have to start chanting that during a spanking, "It could be much worse, it could be much worse." The only problem with that is Dan may take that as a challenge. :-)

Anonymous said...

Too funny, Bonnie!!! And I completely agree!!! But then, I absolutely LOVE getting spanked!!!


kitten said...

great list Bonnie! May I add "people who drive, grocery shop, workout, talk..etc... on their cell phones?

good girl said...

Great list! During my next spanking, I'll be visualizing my parking tickets.

Bonnie said...

Bethie - "May" take it as a challenge? I don't think there is any question with Dan. Please reference my previous thoughts about the red flag and the bull.

I hope you both enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Tigger - Thanks! Me too.

Kitten - Amen! How could I forget?

GG - Be my guest! It can always be worse.

Storm Rider said...

Were the hell is "having prostate examined"?
Oh sorry Bonnie, I meant that for Randy! LOL

Bonnie said...

Storm - I can't speak to that particular indignity, but I'll certainly take your word.

SpankedMinx said...

kitten? what's wrong with that? and putting you make up on at the same time too! LOL
huggggggggggggggggggs ya all
have a great weekend x x x x

Paul said...

Bonnie, I'll second Storm, that has to be the worst. :(

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