Saturday, March 25, 2006

Spanko Word Find

A while back we had a spanko crossword puzzle. It seems only natural to follow that with a spanko word find.

In the grid above (click to expand), find these 35 words related to spanking:


The words can be arranged horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The letters can be in either forward or reverse sequence.

For the solution, click here.

Keywords: ,


Anonymous said...

Now, I"m not usually a puzzle-type of person, but since it's about spanking, well... *grin*


CeeCi said...

Um?? What's a "fessee"? Inquiring minds need to know :D I knew everything else, and even managed to find a few...gosh, "BendOver" was the first one to pop out at me. Cute puzzle, Bonnie.

Bonnie said...

Tigger - Good luck and feel free to peek at the answers as necessary.

CeeCi - Fessee means spanking in French. Do you know the Italian word? In any case, I'm glad you liked my little puzzle.

I hope everyone gets the chance to stop by the brunch tomorrow!

CeeCi said...

"Sculacciare" and now we both know! ;D

SpankedMinx said...

I LOVE wordsearches! I never thought I'd get to do a spanko one! Thanx Bon x

But it is 6am so I'm going to save it for later & leave the ones I can't find for EH. Purrrfict x


Spanked x x x x

PS the first one to JUMP out at me IGBOTTOM LOL

Bonnie said...

CeeCi - As a matter of fact, we had sculacciare for dessert last night!


Spanked - Enjoy! EH might just find some inspiration amongst those letters.

jade said...

What a fun diversion! Kept me from working for a half hour!

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