Sunday, March 26, 2006

MBS Spanko Sunday Brunch #10

It's time again for our weekly get-together. This gathering is an opportunity for spanko friends, both old and new, to exchange ideas about our favorite topic. Please have some coffee or tea, a muffin, and anything else that looks good to you this fine morning.

Our questions for this week come to us courtesy of SmartNnaughty:

Do you have a favorite spanking implement? If so, please describe it and share why you like it.

Do you have a least favorite spanking implement? If so, please describe it and share why you dislike it.

Please contribute your thoughts in the form of a comment. Tonight, I will edit the responses and publish a summary of our discussion.

If you're lurking, consider this my personal invitation to add your voice and join in the fun. Even if you're a newbie, you're welcome here.

I look forward to reading all about your implements.


rivka said...

My favorite is definitely just his hand. There's just nothing else like it. Intimate, warm, it can feel several different ways depending on the force... *dreamy sigh* I do like the leather belt a lot as well.

As for my least favorite: the gosh-darned-stupid-hurty drumsticks. And no, I don't mean chicken legs. I mean those wood/fiberglass (depending on what type you get) things you beat on stuff with (no pun intended). It's something like a short cane, and here, it's used only for punishment purposes. OUCH!!

thevikingswife said...


Find my answers here...


SpankedMinx said...

I agree Rivka, there is nothing like the bare hand. 2nd place would be the belt & 3rd at a push would be the riding crop.EH's is the cane without a doubt. Groan...maybe I can talk him into a chicken drumstick instead ;o)

Hugggggggs everyone

Spanked x x x x

paqster said...

fave is definitely a belt, either wide, or my favorite, a braided, 1" or less wide, belt...great things from those.

Worst is probably a plastic hairbrush. They are so stingy...

Roper said...

Speaking as a Dom, there's nothing quite like the cane. Everything else is a bit of a game, but when the cane comes out she knows it's serious. I can see it from the look in her eye, the change in her breathing; the whole body language is different. So my advice to any aspiring Dom is, if you want to make sure you get respect, get a cane.

tom said...

Though we have several implements, I would definately choose for the hand and second for the paddle.In our relation implements are supportive. The real job is done with a sound handspanking. You can put all your energy and your whole heart in business. With an implement you have to take more care to not damage the spankee's skin.

Paul. said...

Like several others our favourite was the hand, having a bare and wriggling brat over my lap being soundly spanked, was bliss, for both of us.
A close second, two well oiled straps, the first longer and quite heavy, very stingy, not a lot of thud, the second, shorter and lighter, kept in the car, useful for instant retribution.
The implement that I hate most is the schoolmasters birch, I've felt it, as far as I'm concerned it's evil, never for someone I love.

rose said...

sheesh bonnie...that's a tough one for me. probably the combination that ultimately sends me is beginning with the hand because it is intimate and connected to my dom. then the cat and it's many different sensations.....the lovely sting it causes, followed by the cane. the double sting of the cane and the burn is heavenly. my least fav. at this point is jefferson's crop. the leather is so stiff and it sort of pops me right back to reality.

(i'd also have to say that a good flogging, from gentle to heavy sends me reeling with bliss).

a tough pick just one favorite! ; P


Anonymous said...


I'd have to say that my favorite is the Spanking Strop from the London Tanner!!! There's something so hot about getting spanked with it...maybe it's the noise it makes, or the feel of it on my bottom, or simply the fact that it's just so wicked looking!!! *grin*

I have to admit that I don't have a least favorite implement in our collection, but I can say that the one we don't have in our collection is definitely the one that I wouldn't like to get spanked with, and that's the cane. There's just something about it that makes me uneasy!!!


Anonymous said...

MY favorite and the one that is used each time to start any spanking is his hand. Depending on what type of spanking session his hands can be gentle like feather of tough as steel. My 2nd most loved is his belt but not just any belt the belt I gave him 25 years ago the soft leather belt that has been used only for one thing that belt. My least favorite is the razor strop it is an old one thicker then the newer ones of today and a bit longer. The leather is kept in good condition as it is my job to keep it oil properly. This is used only for very bad things. You know when I went over the line several times and made a couple of return trips just in case he didn't catch me the frist time spankings. When this is being used I know I will not be sitting comfortable for a several days and I will have a deep muscle sorness as well. Hate that dam strop


kitten said...

hmm so I think my favorites would have to be a tie between the lovely flogger and what we call "the gg (good girl) paddle" that's black and leather on one side and soft short fuzz on the other. both are downright yummy especially when my CD pauses to finger me. wow, warming up just thinkin' bout it. :) least favorite would have to be the evil bathbrush.

cuddlybum said...

Gotta say - his hand is my favourite as ewll! Although the new flogger we got this weekend could be up there soon - I'll write about that elsewhere later!

least favourite - the cane. nuff said. Although the paddle as a punishment runs a close second. But the cane - that thing's evil...... even when he doesn't try and hurt me, it bloody well does!!!

Great question, Bonnie.

jeanmarie said...

God, I could rhapsodize about this for days.
My favorite is a good girl spanking with the bare hand on my bared bottom,, the kind of leisurely but sound lesson that's frequently interrupted with tickles to my tush's hole, caresses of my cunt lips.
My least favorite starts out the exact same way; a hand spanking, but there's no nonsense to this type of punishment. It's just a little harder, but a lot more brisk. And when I'm reddened and repentant, I'm told to get up off his lap and bend over for the cane. If I've been really bad I'll feel more than the usual six strokes. (I once talked back and got a total of twenty-nine. Even though I was in this heavenly sub space at the time, high on adreneline and endorphins, I couldn't think about sitting for days.)
In between those polar extremes is the strap. When used moderately, the sting becomes this engulfing warmth that brings me to the brink of climax. When used severely, it can bring me to tears quicker than Mr. Cane.
Okay, this brunch idea is cute, but all this talk has me sopping wet. How do you propose we deal with the riled up feelings?
Jean Marie

Bonnie said...

My tastes evolve over time. Right now, my favorite spanking implement is a small, flexible leather paddle. When applied to a bare posterior, it stings like crazy. It leaves in its wake a bottom that is red in color and hot to the touch. Best of all, it doesn’t cause bruises or any serious skin damage.

My least favorite implement has to be Randy’s “Mother of All Paddles.” This paddle is a big, long, thick wooden plank with a handle. It’s more than I need, more than I want, and more than I care to think about. Fortunately, it comes out very rarely.

Thanks, everyone for your tremendous responses!

CeeCi said...

As my collection of spanking implements grows, my favorite changes. My first choice though will always be MoJo's hand. The range of contact he can create from fast and stinging, to hard and intense leave me blissed. When we're just goofing around, I really like the colorful plastic rulers we purchased for .18 cents each. We play name that tune as he spanks out the rhythm on my wiggling butt, or what color do I have? There are five to choose from and whether I'm right or wrong I get a stingy swat with it. The edge feels scrumptious when he drags it up the back of my thigh. My third favorite (and I never thought I'd say this because my mother disciplined me with one) is the wooden hairbrush I purchased at the dollar store.

Now for my least favorite, actually our least favorite, another purchase from the dollar store. A large plastic bath brush. MoJo says it's balanced all wrong and swings like a club. I have to agree. It went 'thud' the one and only time we used it...'thud' in more ways than one!

I purchased a flogger at the adult store many months ago. It was a just caused me to laugh hysterically when we used it, but it sure looked impressive!

kk said...

My ass has felt the pain of many different spanking toys and out of all of them I would say that Master's hand is my favorite. But to pick from all of the other spanking toys the paddle is my most favorite.
Now the easy part. My least favorite is the narrow leather crop. Every time I see the crop coming out my whole body tightens up knowing of what is to come.
The cane can be good and it can be bad. So it is in the middle of my favorite and least favorite. It all depends if I am craving for some pain on my ass or not.

Mike said...

Wow, I'm really late, so I'll make it quick.

My favorite implement is a hand, giving or getting nothing beats it (oh a pun?).

Least favorite, the wooden spoon. They sting like hell, and have almost no weight to them. For as mild as they seem, they are wicked.


Anonymous said...

My favorite is a rubber paddle about two inches wide, two ply one layer smooth, the other with holes. It has a sharp and delicious sting - the type of sting that can be very effective in punishment and very warm if used slow in play. It makes my bottom bright red and very stingy hot, but does not truly "hurt" in the deep tissue soreness, bruising sort of way. It has, on occation been used on my pussy when I have masturbated - it isn't a favorite there! My least favorite would be the cane - I hate it - always - I get it often enough (once a month maybe). I never get comfortable with it - each stroke hurts worse than the last - even if they are delivered with the same force, the anticipation is horrible as there is a pause between each stroke. To add insult to injury, I have to count and say "Thank-you Sir" after each stroke. His logic being that if I have gotten out of control enough to need the cane, I should thank him for administering it setting me straight again.

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