Thursday, March 23, 2006

My SugarClick Review

I learned today that My Bottom Smarts was recently reviewed by SugarClick. I'm delighted to report that the review was very positive and described this blog pretty accurately.

The review reveals that I am mentioned in the spanking edition of Bizarre Magazine in the UK. You might recall that I completed an extensive questionnaire for them a while back. That's very good news as well.

Needless to say, I'm delighted! My thanks go to the incomparable Magdelena for her generous words and to SugarClick for recognizing MBS.


rose said...

bonnie sweets....congrats on the sugarclick review! i saw that tonight and had to write. that's so great!

and by the way, thanks for the comment. reality was better than the words i wrote thursday. the post is up tonight.

A Nawty Mouz said...

bonnie, excellent review for an excellent blog and an excellent writer. you continue to delight with your prose and charms. bottoms up!

Paul said...

Really nice Bonnie, I'm glad that you got a good review, but then you earned it with a delightful blog. :-)
I'd say bottoms up, but you'd think that I was emulating Storm Rider. LOL

magdelena said...

Hey Bonnie,

Your site's a pleasure so I really enjoyed doing the review. I hope it brings you a raft of new readers, of which I am one.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bonnie!!!


SpankedMinx said...

Wow Bon, thats really fantastic! Well done x x x x

Happy Weekend Huggggggggs

Spanked x x x x

padme said...

Thank you bonnie for your supportive comments on my blog during my difficult time. I did go check out the sugerclick review. That's really great! Congrats on a great review...

Bonnie said...

Rose - Thank you, and you do live well!

Nawty - I'm glad you like my blog. Thanks!

Paul - Thank you. Needless to say, I'm thrilled. There can be only one Storm Rider (and I believe that is the appropriate number).

Magdelena - Welcome, and thank you again. I've admired your fine work for a long time.

Tigger - Thanks. Good folks like you make it a pleasure.

Spanked - Thank you. I truly appreciate your support.

Padme - I'm always glad to help if I can. Best wishes to you!

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