Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bonnie’s Top Ten Strangest Spanking Locales

I meant to post this list last week, but life and computer problems got in the way.

  1. The hayloft of a barn

  2. A limousine

  3. A storage locker

  4. A deserted tavern

  5. A city park

  6. Various hotel rooms

  7. The hood of the car

  8. Under a grandstand

  9. A highway rest area

  10. The beach

Yes, I've been spanked in all of these places.



Storm Rider said...

A highway rest area???

kk said...

details Bonnie! what did you do to get spanked in all of those places???????? warm bottoms what to know.

Paul said...

All I can say is, YOU LUCKY GIRL YOU!!!
I'm with kk, details please. :-)

Bonnie said...

Storm - (blush) Yeah. It was late and we didn't think there was anyone around.

kk - I've told a number of these stories already such as the hotel, the hood of the car, and the limo. There are a few more of these in the vault that I will share in the coming weeks and months.

I wrote up the story of the hayloft a number of years ago, but now I can't find it. I may try to reconstitute it, because it was a particularly good one.

Paul - I am lucky indeed.

Anonymous said...

They all sound yummy!!! But then again, spankings are always yummy, no matter where they take place, don't you think? *grin*


Bonnie said...

Tigger - Yes. Yummy indeed.

BTW, I totally forgot the Boat story. Maybe ten isn't enough...

jeanmarie said...

Ummm! The barn locale conjures images of Daisy Mae-like cut-off jeans being lowered and a gingham blouse being tied-up above the midriff. My grandpa had these stantions in his barn for cows. I could fantasize about being made to put my head through one and keep a hold of the iron bar sides while my lover goes to get the leather harness off the peg on the wall. I bend over and stick my pale flesh out for it. He cracks the thick, supple leather across my backside, taking me to pink, red, crimson, magenta as I pant and whimper and beg. Only when I can't cry out anymore and my tears are all cried out and my fanny is on fire does he drop the harness and mount me from behind. We fuck like animals, coming quickly and violently. He pulls my pants up over my throbbing sex and glowing tushy, and we walk hand-in-hand toward the farmhouse and a big country meal.
"Tomorrow I'm going to make you collect eggs from underneath the hens, and one will be coated in tractor axel grease and inserted up your rectum, Missy," my dominant lover warns. I smile and can't wait...

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