Friday, March 24, 2006


I'm celebrating two milestones. Today marks the six month anniversary of this blog. In addition, this is my 200th post.

I can't say often enough or enthusiastically enough how deeply I appreciate all of the support and encouragement shown me by you, my dear readers. You are my inspiration. Your wonderful comments and e-mails are a constant source of joy. For that gift I remain most grateful.

It's been an amazing six months. I'm working to make month number seven the best yet.

For those readers who believe that I need to be vigorously spanked to commemorate all such milestone events, I can report that Randy has something of the sort planned for this weekend.

In other news, our granddaughter is due to arrive in this world any day. When the time comes, I will probably take a few days off from blogging. Please don't think I've abandoned you or given up spanking altogether (perish the thought!). I'll try to post a notice, but circumstances may prevent that.

Hugs to All


Paul said...

Bonnie, may I say six months very well spent indeed, you get better and better. the next time I comment on her blog I'll say thank you to CeeCi for pointing me in your direction.
Congratulations Bonnie, some of my best friends are grandparents, that's not a surprise considering my age 70+, becoming a grandparent is possibly one of the best moments of life, enjoy!

Bonnie said...

Paul - Thank you twice. I'm so nervous for our daughter that I've been busying myself by finishing up projects for the blog. I wonder if grandmothers are subject to the nesting impulse? I wouldn't have thought so, at least until now.

SpankedMinx said...

Well Bon you have outdone yourself with posts. I love reading them all and now have a date with the PC every sunday morning & pop in when I can in the week. Hope it all goes well as I'm sure it will. Enjoy!

Lots of huggggggggggggggggs

Minx x x x x

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