Monday, March 27, 2006

Meme du Jour

Here's a cute little meme...

1) Why and how did you start your blog?

I originally created My Bottom Smarts as a showcase for my writing. I had written a good number of spanking stories, primarily recounting my adventures with Randy. I wanted to share them with the world. I thought these tales might entertain, inspire, and arouse. So I created a blog and began to post my stories.

In the beginning, if you go back and look, you'll see that I posted several of my very best stories and received not a single comment. I was throwing them out into the ether with no idea whether anyone saw them, read them, or had any opinion. I persevered and obviously it all worked out. But I really had my doubts early on. That is why I make a point of encouraging new bloggers. It's so easy to get discouraged.

2) If you have a special 'nom de blog', how did you choose it?

I don't. My mother named me after a friend. It's kind of an old-fashioned name and totally out of vogue. But it's distinctive and I think it fits me.

3) How did you come up with the name for your blog?

I actually gave it some thought. I wanted something clever, yet descriptive. I chose this name because it fits those criteria, and it's a triple entendre.

4) What things do you tend to blog about the most, and why?

Well, I guess most readers would agree that I tend to blog about spanking. It's the primary subject of this blog and my favorite topic.

5) Are there subjects you'd like to blog about, but don't, and if so, what is stopping you?

I would probably show you some other aspects of my world. The only time I get grumbles from readers is when I stray too far from my message. I do listen and I seek to give readers what they want (No, Storm, I'm not taking off my top).

6) How do you organize your blogroll/links?

I answered that question in more detail in a mailbag post a while back. But in general, I try to keep a tidy list. The title says "Blogs I Read" and they are precisely that. From time to time, I add new blogs and trim others that have become inactive. My goal is to have a manageable list of links to blogs that my readers are likely to enjoy.

7) How do you feel about the design of your blog? Are there any changes you'd like to make to it?

I settled on this basic design at the very beginning and I really haven't changed it since. It's servicable, but I see many other blogs that are more attractive. At this point, though, the white on red is part of my brand. Every time I mention the possibility of another scheme, readers tell me I shouldn't.

I am going to make one small change in the very near future. Readers will be able to participate. I'll be announcing details soon.

8) How often do you post new entries on your blog? Would you like to post more (or less) often?

I try to post every day if I can. Lately, I've been ahead of that pace. I'm concerned that with the imminent arrival of our granddaughter, I may have to be away from the blog for a while. In my twisted mind, more posts now might somehow compensate for fewer posts later. Also, when I get a good idea, I want to set it free as soon as possible.

9) How often do you read and/or comment on other blogs? How do you find new blogs to read?

I read lots of spanko, BDSM, and sex blogs. They inspire me and sometimes I inspire them. I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories.

I love getting comments here, so I frequently leave comments on other blogs when I feel I can add to the discussion.

I find new blogs mostly by following links. I also try to visit sites that link to MBS.

10) Have you done anything special to get others to read and/or comment on your blog?

I participate in a number of directories, top lists, and Web rings. I also added my blog to every search engine I know. The purpose of these activities is to bring readers to my blog.

Once people arrive, only quality content will keep them coming back. That has been my primary focus. I seek to make MBS interesting, entertaining, and original. The SugarClick review called this a "spanking free for all." I like that characterization. I want to cover every angle of adult spanking and related issues in a positive, but realistic manner. While we're at it, we might as well have some fun as well.


Anonymous said...

I totally enjoy reading your blog, Bonnie!!!


Paul said...

You certainly continue to keep this reader's interest Bonnie.
Thank you for the hard work and dedication. :-)

padme said...

I enjoyed reading the meme, bonnie. I always enjoy getting to know more about you and your blog...

Bonnie said...

Tigger, Paul, and Padme - Thank you! I aim to please.

Storm Rider said...

I hate when you can read my mind faster than I can type! lol

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