Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Twenty Ways to Ask

There are times when I simply want need a good spanking. Nothing else will get me to the mental/physical/emotional place I need to go. But I'd rather not ask. I know it would be much easier and Randy would gladly accommodate me. But I just don't want to have to say, "Honey, will you please spank me?" He should know.

Realistically, I recognize that men don't read minds. Nor are they very good with subtle hints. A more direct approach is required. I don't do the whole brat scene, because that's just not me. Nevertheless, a message must be sent.

Here are my top twenty ways to ask for a spanking without speaking those fateful words:
  1. Accidentally leave a paddle on the dining room table

  2. Ask if he's getting a little behind in his household chores

  3. Gripe about the pale skin on your posterior

  4. Tell him a military man called - by the name of Corporal Punishment!

  5. Hand him the strap

  6. Greet him at the door wearing only wrist cuffs

  7. Shake Shake Shake

  8. Mention that your bottom feels very cold

  9. The strategic bend-over maneuver

  10. Wish him a spanking good day

  11. Admire the belt he's wearing

  12. Send him a spanko e-mail every hour

  13. Leave a trail of discarded lingerie and toys from the front door to the bedroom

  14. Hide a hairbrush in his lunch box

  15. Arrange teddy bears in classic disciplinary positions

  16. Lie across the coffee table while he's watching TV

  17. Swat yourself a couple of times and complain you don't know how

  18. Serve his dinner with the mashed potatoes formed in the shape of female buttocks

  19. Write a sexy post about his favorite topic

  20. Two words: tight jeans

Please free to adopt any of these techniques the next time the need arises.



IntricatePieces said...

Mannnn, I know what I'm making for his dinner tomorrow night... a big ol' plate of scluptured mashed potatoes ;-)!

To hysterical Bonnie thanks for the hints :-)

Lisa said...

Thank you Thank You Thank you
I now have 20 more ways to get what I want. I really hot bottom. LOL

rivka said...

LOL wonderful! Thank you, Bonnie. =)

SpankedMinx said...

LOL Loving the list!


Spanked x x x x

Paul said...

Bonnie, it seems to me that every spankee has their own method to tell their S O their needs.
Mel's method if I didn't pick up on her more subtle hints was to go and strip and put on one of my shirts. As I was more than six inches taller and correspondingly broader all round, my shirts more than covered her, the naughtier she felt the higher she buttoned the shirt, you should have seen her running down the stairs with just the coller buttoned, WOW!!!
My little girl got everything she needed and prehaps a little more, and so did I! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love them all, Bonnie!!! Gotta tell you what I do, though...I simply bend over a little, stick my bottom out, pout, and say, "bottom!" I know, it probably sounds silly, but it works!!! *grin*


Roper said...

Sorry, but I can't agree with any of this, Bonnie. If buttercup were to adopt any of these tactics, the results would be the exact opposite of what she intended. Topping from the bottom is simply not tolerated in my regime. I regard it as my role to decide when she needs spanking.

IntricatePieces said...

roper ~
With all due respect is it actually topping from bottom or playful banter? My understanding of topping is when a bottom tries to manipulate a situation to get what she wants without his knowledge... What Bonnie is suggesting seems to be more playfully asking for what she wants and then leaving the decision to honor her request up to him.

I don’t know perhaps I top because sometimes I will ask, or request what I want but that’s because I know Master isn’t a mind reader and to expect him to be one would be setting me up for disappointment and him up for failure. Yes it’s his decision if it happens or not but communicating to him what I would like or want is my responsibility and a little impish play never hurt anything... life is much to short to be serious all the time. Playful interaction between a couple keeps them young. I don’t mean to be contradictory just sharing my thoughts.

Bonnie said...

Intricate - LOL! I've always wanted to try this trick with ice cream. Imagine, if you will, baked Al-ASS-ka!

Lisa - You are most welcome.

Rivka - Thanks. Just a little midweek distration.

Spanked - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Paul - I might have to try the shirt technique. No one learns more from this blog than me.

Tigger - I'll bet it does work. that's another good one. We may have to expand our list.

Roper - There's no disrespect here, only a polite and slightly humorous invitation. Randy accepts it at that level. He isn't going to do anything he doesn't choose to do. Most times, this is an offer he welcomes. We often end up laughing about the silly ideas we each concoct.

Intricate - Thank you. I like your explanation. That fits us precisely.

Camilla said...

I love the list!

Bonnie said...

Camilla - Thank you!

Roper said...

I take the point. If it's only indicating what might be acceptable, there's a case for it. And it's true, a Dom can't always be a mind-reader. But in my view, subs can often be very manipulative, and a Dom needs to be constantly on his guard against topping from the bottom!

padme said...

Priceless! Some of these really made me smile. Love the tight jeans...I've got a few pairs I wear on the right occassions just for getting a spanking!!
Really great blog post

good girl said...

I love it! I'm definitely going to try these out. I also don't like to just come out and say, "will you please do this?" Your way is so much better, and more fun!

I found your blog through Padme. I enjoy your writing and hope you don't mind if I link you to our blog.

Bonnie said...

Roper - Randy is not manipulated into anything. If he doesn't want to play, then there's no game.

Padme - Thanks. I had fun assembling this list.

GG - Thank you, and welcome to MBS! I've visited your blog before (also through Padme). I really like your design.

The only time I ever mind a link is when it's from a vanilla site where readers might not be prepared for my spanko-fied version of reality. That only happened once and it's clearly not the case with your site. So link away! Thanks.

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