Thursday, March 30, 2006

March Mailbag

Readers like to send me questions and I like to answer them. Here's this month's mail.

Question: Do you shave your pelvic region?

Answer: Shave no. Crop yes. (No, not kind of crop!)

Question: Is there ever a time when you don't want to be spanked?

Answer: Yes, of course. Like anyone else, my moods change from day to day (and occasionally from hour to hour). Sometimes it's just not what I need or want. If Randy is determined to spank, I generally defer to his wishes. Even so, there are times when I beg off due to illness, workload, or time constraints. Our relationship is flexible enough that we can make up a spanking later with no hard feelings.

Question: Why do some of your pictures include panty lines?

Answer: I'm quite capable of editing them out, but Randy asked me to leave those lines intact. He likes that look. I wouldn't have given the subject much thought but for keen interest expressed by several readers. They seem to agree with Randy.

Question: Will Blogging 101 be a series?

Answer: I don't know. To me, it seems a bit off topic. Also, I have no doubt that there are lots of vanilla bloggers who know the subject far better than I do. But if readers really like blogging tutorials, there's certainly more I could say. Let me know what you think.

Question: How do you come up with those brunch questions?

Answer: There isn't any formula. I simply think of a relevant topic we haven't yet considered. I try to pose the question in such a way that it will generate plenty of interesting discussion. I've never been disappointed by the wide range of responses contributed.

Question: You don't show as much of yourself as some bloggers. Is there any chance that will change?

Answer: Well, I'm not likely to post a photo of my boobs, if that's what you mean! LOL

Seriously, the feedback I get from readers suggests that they want me to stay on message. In other words, they believe this blog should be about spankings, sex, bondage, submission, and kindred issues. The only time I receive constructive criticism is when I stray too far from this base. Perhaps I'll get motivated to start a vanilla blog in my spare time, but that would be a completely separate entity.

Question: Do you envy people who lack kink? Or do you pity them?

Answer: Neither. I think we are each as we are meant to be. It's not a question of good or bad, right or wrong. All of us have the opportunity to make this life rich and fulfilling. I happen to come equipped with kinkophilia, and that's just fine.

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SpankedMinx said...


Love how you keep this so interesting. And I LOVE the mail bag!



padme said...

Love the mail bag...hope your doing ok...BIG HUGS

Bonnie said...

Minx - Thanks. My mind has always been occupied with sexy spanko thoughts a good part of time. The only difference is that now I write them down. It's fun to share.

Padme - Thank you. I always seem to get comments about that rather unusual mailbag.

I'm doing fine. The baby is due any time and I'm a little nervous about that, but I know our daughter will be a wonderful mother. I'll feel relieved when it's all over (or maybe I need some stress relief before then)...

Speaking of which, I hope you get a break soon as well. I really feel for you in the situation you face now. My thoughts are with your family.

padme said...

Grandma to be!! I bet your so excited about that. My Mom was there for the birth of my first child and I remember my mom being so excited about becoming a grandma. I hope that goes well for your daughter and your family and you too!! It's a very exciting time for a family.

I am doing good and am taking a break next weekend to a local ski resort for my wedding anniversary. I'm sure I'll have a few spanking stories to tell. :)

Bonnie said...


I am excited, and nervous too. All indications are that the birth will be soon. She's experiencing contractions now.

Have a lovely weekend getaway!

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