Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It All Adds Up

Today's subject is arithmetic.

25 years together
1 spanking per week (average)
52 weeks per year
25 swats per spanking (average)
32,500 swats!

Is it any wonder this blog is named My Bottom Smarts?



SpankedMinx said...

25 years together is truly inspiring. And the amount of swats too..............hopefully in another twenty years or so we'll catch you up!



Bonnie said...

Spanked - Even I'm impressed by that number. 32,500? Who'd have imagined?

We've been married for a long time and they've been good years. Randy and I have had our share of challenges, but we've always faced them together.

I wish you many, many happy spankings.

NMswitch said...

25 swats per spanking, lol thats my warm up ,
on afterave i get about 500 swats in a spanking

he shoudl spank more lol
happy spankings

Bonnie said...


Welcome to MBS!

That's an average and I was trying for a conservative estimate. I'm sure I take 100 or more swats sometimes, but there are other occasions where ten with the big paddle are absolutely all I need.

There's no need to be concerned. I get spanked plenty!

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