Saturday, March 11, 2006


This is a red letter day here at My Bottom Smarts. First, my posts were cited twice in one week by the Big Cahuna himself, SpankBoss, at the Spanking Blog. Today, I learned that my blog is listed at Jane's Guide.

I am deeply grateful and positively delighted. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who has helped me, supported me, and wished me well. Without you, this day would never have arrived.


Mike said...

Congrats Bonnie, and as well deserved as a nice spanking.


SpankedMinx said...

Well done! You deserve it! The list at Janes & a spanking!



Wintermute said...

I think that this is cause for celebration,
which of course means (drum roll), a
hard spanking!

Congradulations! I enjoy you blog more
and more. I love the mixture of feminism,
eroticism and spanking.


Paul said...

Congratulations Bonnie,
You've earned it and deserved it, whether you've earned a spanking is up to Randy, if you have, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bonnie!!!


Bonnie said...

Everybody - Thanks! I appeciate your support.

Cameo said...

Way to go Bonnie!!!!!! I agree with the others - you DEF deserve a spanking, lol. Oh, had to rename the dang blog - realized a certain person I didn't want finding it could find it FAR too easily (forgot they know my nickname...eek!!). So when ya wanna find it, take the old name and put spankopagan directly in front of the word blog in the URL, and you'll find it. *grin* (It's a looong story why I don't want Toad reading my blog...VERY long...)

rivka said...

Congratulations Bonnie!! That's wonderful. :)

dwcmike said...

Congratulations Bonnie... I hope you keep finding the time, and the energy to keep such an informative spanking blog going. May you have a reward erotic spanking for your achievements.

CeeCi said...

Hooray for Bonnie and MBS!!!!

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