Thursday, March 09, 2006

Come with Me, Young Lady

Here’s some fun from the archives.

My husband and I don't really do discipline per se. It's too confusing. How can something I desire and enjoy be an effective punishment? Besides, Randy has no interest in judging my behavior nor would I want him to try. We have plenty of spankings for fun, spankings as foreplay, spankings as therapy, spankings to reconfirm my submission, and spankings just because. We find no need for anything more.* Nevertheless, it's fun once in a while to incorporate some of the trappings of discipline.

Our daughter departed yesterday afternoon with some friends. They were eager to finally get outside and celebrate a brief break in this relentless winter. Randy and I were equally eager. With all of the bad weather, we have had few opportunities to practice some of our noisier pastimes. Moments after she went out the door, I looked at him and he looked at me. That glance told me we both had the same idea.

"Come with me, young lady" he said. He took my hand and led me up to our bedroom. He closed the door and then turned to me. "All right, you've been sliding for quite a while now, but that comes to an end today. Drop those jeans and bend over. You're getting paddled!" Those words sent shivers through me. My sweet, loving man had been magically transformed into a stern disciplinarian.

Purposefully, I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, and slid them down over my hips. While I was preparing, so was he. Randy retrieved my sorority paddle. It isn't as heavy as the dreaded Mother of All Paddles, but it can deliver a powerful swat. I elected to leave my underwear in place just to see what would happen (as if I didn't already know). Since he had told me to bend over, I placed my hands on the bed.

"Oh no! You're not getting off that easy," Randy said with a serious tone. Whack! He slammed the wooden paddle against my bottom with full force. I jumped from the shock of the impact. "Get those panties down!" he barked. Quickly, I complied. He reached out and briefly touched my freshly swatted behind. "Now, get down and grab those ankles." Uh oh. Now, I knew he meant business. Again, I did as I was instructed.

So there I was, in that classic punishment pose, awaiting what was certain to be a severe paddling. I momentarily entertained thoughts of bailing out. I knew that if I asked Randy to stop he would. My determination took over. I decided I needed and deserved this paddling. I knew once it was over, that we would make love with newlywed enthusiasm. No, the pain I was about to feel was welcome. It held the key to fulfillment and intimacy.

Whack! The time for thoughtful reflection was over. My mind was now clearly focused only upon the effect the wooden paddle was having on my naked flesh. Ouch, it hurt! Randy swung the large wooden implement only about a dozen times, but the swats were very hard. I found myself gritting my teeth as the strokes mounted. Finally, I heard him toss the paddle on the bed. I started to arise, but he gently placed his hand on my back to hold me in position.

The next sound I heard was familiar and welcome. It was the buzzing made by a sex toy. I widened my stance as much as the jeans around my ankles would permit me. He caressed me with the toy as I squealed with exhilaration. My breathing was short and rapid. The paddling must have excited me, but I didn't truly realize the extent of my arousal until Randy began to touch me. My dear, loving husband had returned. With my full cooperation, he moved me to the bed. Once there, he approached me from behind and I accepted his loving gesture. He was so skillful. We fit like puzzle pieces. This was just what I required. At last, I had found delicious affirmation.

My bottom is still sore today, but it's a happy kind of ache. As long as my spirit is soaring, I don't need to sit.

*I have no desire to criticize anyone who enjoys a different lifestyle. What I describe is what works best for us.

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Paul said...

Very nice Bonnie,
that sort of play is great, if you're both in the same headspace.
Sweet memories for me. :-)
Thanks for sharing Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

We don't do the discipline thing either, Bonnie. For two reasons, because it just wouldn't work for us, and because I like being spanked too much!!! LOL!!! That being said though, it is still fun to get spanked for being "naughty," especially now that my hubby has started occasionally using corner time!!! Just the thought is enough to make me melt!!!

Great story, BTW!!!


Anonymous said...

I love to be spanked as well. But my Husband and I also use it for discipline. And trust me there is no confusion. His mannerism changes and he lets me know right away what is going on. So for some it works for others it doesn't. I cannot enjoy it even if it is lighter than some play spankings. He does not enjoy it and I guess I take his cue. Anyways just a different view.

Edward said...

I know that one!!I have my first cane,yes Lisa bought it:)But I know her well enough to know the kids can't be home when we play with it.She's a squeeler somtimes she cries,some lengthy sessions will make her sob.For these times we deffinatly make sure the kids are out of the house!

Marcus said...

That's been my problem with the ladies I've spanked. "If you don't stop _____, I'm going to spank you." And then they grin.

Sheesh. Actually, I love any kind of spankplay. Just another word for foreplay, right?

Storm Rider said...

I cannot tell you how many times Wind has told me please dont paddle me and when it was all over, all she could do was thank me over and over because of how great she felt afterwards.
You da man Bonnie! LOL
Alright , you da wo-man!

Bonnie said...

Paul - You are most welcome.

Tigger - That sounds very much like us. Thanks!

Anon - Thanks for adding your perspective. I wouldn't suggest for a moment that there aren't many other formulations that work well for the couples who practice them. Obviously, there are. I describe the arrangement with which I am most familiar in hopes that these tales will entertain and inform.

Edward - Yes, noise can be a problem, especially with older kids in the house. This story was written a few years ago. We no longer have that issue.

Best wishes with the new cane. I hope you and Lisa enjoy it.

Marcus - Yep. I'm definitely a grinner too (and why shouldn't I?)

Storm - There you are! Welcome back.

I'm the wha...? Oh, ever mind.

Katie said...

Could you please share the history of you and your sorority paddle?
Were you only paddled by your sorority or also in school?
Neither my school nor my my parents used the paddle (they did spank:) ) so I have always been a bit curious of how it feels. You say that your husband paddled you a dozen times. That sounds crule! I thought that that four or five would be enough to make a even a teenager cry?

Bonnie said...

Katie - My sorority paddle and I go back quite a few years. When I was in college, I pledged to a sorority. Everyone received a paddle as a part of that process. Many girls had two or three paddles from different functions.

There were strict rules even then about hazing and I never saw anyone paddled as a part of initiation or any other official house function. However, I think they turned a blind eye to informal paddlings that members might organize. I recall that birthdays were sometimes cause to utilize those wooden paddles for more than decoration.

So I was not paddled by the sorority, but I was paddled by a few of the members. It wasn't a big deal and we all laughed.

I was not paddled in school. I was a good girl.

As for how it feels to be paddled, imagine a thousand bee stings concentrated into a small area of your bottom. That's the impact of the swat. The raging sting slowly fades and is replaced by a warm glow. For a serious paddling, a deep ache often follows later. For those of us who enjoy this kink, all of that stimulation also generates a strong sexual arousal.

Regarding the cruelty of receiving a dozen whacks from the paddle, I don't feel that way. My spankings are completely consensual. If I chose to call a halt to the proceedings, I know I could invoke my safeword and everything would stop. Without question, though, these spankings do me a lot more good than harm.

I hope that helps. I'm glad you stopped by.

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