Tuesday, March 21, 2006

View from the Top

I was more than a little frustrated by all of the Blogger problems last weekend. My blog was a disaster and there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to fix it. In hopes of calming me down, at one point, Randy actually offered to write an article for me. Well, I don’t get that kind of proposal very often. Here’s his account of our Saturday evening.

Bon asked me to write about Saturday night’s session. Before I start, you should know that there’s only one fantastic amazing writer in this family and I’m not it. So bear with me.

Bon was having a tough day on Saturday. Real tough. This blog and all of you people are really important to her. Blogger was misbehaving and it was making her abso-fricking-lutely apeshit. Her page was messed up in a bunch of different ways for two whole days. She had lots of good advice, but no solution. Finally, after dinner, she came to me and asked for my help. At first, I though she wanted me to look at her blog. Soon, though, I figured out it was that other kind of help she needed.

I took her upstairs. I grabbed the small leather paddle and sat on the end of our bed. Without any prompting from me, Bon takes down her jeans, drops her panties, and climbs over my lap. I think I told her “I guess you do need your spanking.” She did too.

I picked out this paddle because it’s perfect for this kind of therapeutic spanking. It’s flexible and it causes plenty of redness and sting, but does no serious damage. I know I can spank her long and hard without creating cuts or bruises. She raised her butt, inviting me to spank. I sure did. Again and again. Even after I thought she would be long done, she was raising that beautiful rump in search of more. I really laid into her then. By the time I finished, her backside was bright red and I know it hurt her a lot.

After I told her I was done, she got up, unzipped me, and went to town. I know she won’t tell you this, but Bon is a genius when it comes to giving head. I never tire of it. So I guess she appreciated that spanking. I know I appreciated the effect it had on her. Before long we were nude and wrestling on the bed. We had some wild sex, ending up with her riding on top of me. I like that position because I can squeeze that gorgeous hot butt. Most of all, I love getting my hands on her delicious sweet little body.

So it was a stressful night, but it ended well. Very well. Come Sunday, she was still a tad tender in the hindquarters, but she seemed much more relaxed. I guess we can chalk it up as another spanking success story!

PS - For the record, Bonnie's butt doesn't wobble. Jiggle, yeah. But it never wobbles.

There you have it. I probably wouldn’t have told the tale quite that way, but all of the relevant facts are there. It was a fine evening.

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SpankedMinx said...

Wheyhey! Sounds fine to me! And for the record I though it was an excellent account! Now need to jiggle my butt off to work.

Huggggggggs U Two

Spanked x x x x

(Lovely compliment too)
( Who needs Blogging!)

Paul said...

Great story Bonnie, thank Randy for us.
He's right too, Mel's butt never wobbled, it jiggled beautifully when being spanked.
Hope everythings right with blogger now.
You surely won't wait for another breakdown before receiving something you enjoy. *g* LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story, Bonnie!!! And I have to agree, sometimes we just neeeeeeeeed a spanking, don't we!!!


Storm Rider said...

That JUST happened with Wind and I. Corrected the action and all is well!
I meant to tell you, I saw a womans ass the other day that looked just like yours , hell I followed her around the store and finally relized "hey stupid! She does'nt live around here!" I suddenly felt like THE ass! LOL

Caia said...

Sweet story! Spankings are great stress relievers!


Bonnie said...

Everybody - I'm sorry that I've not responded before now. Blogger comments weren't working for me last night. This is my fourth attempt.

Spanked - For a guy who says he can't write in English (he's a computer programmer), Randy does fine. I tidied up the spelling and punctuation, but this was his story.

Paul - No, I'm sure we won't wait that long.

Tigger - You are so right. Thank you, as always, for your generous comments.

Storm - Far be it from me to tell you whose posterior you should be following. However, that brings up an interesting question. Do guys really believe we don't know you're staring, or do you just not care what women think?

What am I to think when a guy approaches me on the sidewalk, passes me, does a quick U turn, and begins to follow close behind? I choose not to challenge these characters, but WTF?

Despite what you read here, I dress fairly conservatively for work. If I'm trying to advertise something with my attire, it's competence, not sex.

Were I a guy (shudder), I'm sure this behavior would make perfect sense. But I'm not, so please feel free to enlighten me when time and energy permit.

Bonnie said...

Caia - Yes, spankings are wonderful stress relievers. Who needs anti-depressants? Not me!

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