Sunday, February 12, 2006

Valentine's Sunday Brunch

Yes, I'm back! I wouldn't think of missing our brunch...

Welcome, dear MBS readers! Please come in and join our weekly Sunday Morning Spanko Brunch. This is your opportunity to enlighten and entertain us with your wisdom and wit.

I have a particularly fun topic this week in honor of Valentine's Day.

Please describe your favorite spanking fantasy. This question is open-ended, so feel free to use your imagination and your powers of expression.

As in the past, I will summarize your responses and post them here. If you choose to share your thoughts on your own blog rather than leaving them in a comment, just give me a link and I will find your response.

I had a nice break, but it's wonderful to see you all again. I hope you enjoy a lovely Sunday!


Mike said...

Some many fantasies, so little time. This abriviated account will probably encourage me to write a story or two, so here goes.

My favorite fantasy, at the moment, involves me giving my wife a long hard sensual spanking. We start on the couch, talking touching, kissing, and slowly moving to more intimate touching. My hand runs down her side, past her waist, over her panty clad hip and onto her smooth backside. At this touch, she gently pushes into me, and moans lightly, encourage more attention to that part of her body. First I rub, over her panties, and give her a nice firm squeeze. Then the first pat, crisp, light, with only my fingers. She flinches out of anticipation, not from the sting.

"Do you want more?" I ask.

"Yes," she wispers as she lowers herself across my lap, eager to have me start in earnst.

I carress her cheeks and lift my hand as if to start, then bring it down lighty to carress some more.

"Please," she begs.

"Hmm," I respond, "I think you are too dressed for this."

I dely in the spanking by making her strip first teases her and builds the suspense of the sting to come.

When she is naked, she drapes herself over me again. She feel my stiffness against her belly and knows I'm as anxious as her to start.

The spanking then begins for real. Rythmic moderate taps on one cheek then the other. Back and forth building in tempo and strenght. My palm tingles slighty, but not as much as her, with each stroke, and the color starts to fill in her pale flesh. When her moans match the beat of the spanks, she begins to rock in sync with the punishment. I switch hands, using my arm over her back to continue the spanks. My other hand slips between her legs. I'm always surprised at how excited she becomes by a spanking, although I shouldn't be because I know what they do to me too.

I'll leave a nice cliff hanger there, becuase I think you can all see where it goes from here. Ok off to shovel snow. At least it will give me a chance to think up a good story to write, as the shoveling is pretty mindless.


Linda said...

When I first read the topic for today’s brunch I actually felt myself blush. Jeeze, I'm almost 44 years old and have been involved in TTWD since I was 20 and I blushed. How funny!

I actually told myself to sit this one out and left. For some reason I wasn't able to stay away, I guess because I never really told anyone, not even Mark my true spanking fantasy. The same one I have had since I can remember.

OK, here goes...

My true fantasy is so cliché but with a bit of a twist I guess. Oh God, I feel like a teenager trying to hide something from everyone.

The fantasy actually starts out pretty normal in the strict sense of the word. Wanting a strong man to actually take me in hand and truly punish me until I'm sobbing and have lost total control but then it's not just the spanking, I want to be so completely dominated not only emotionally and mentally but physically too. There’s a huge D/s factor in this, yes it's definitely sexual. After he spanks me into submission he then basically forces me to allow him to do things to my body I would never in reality do or allow. (Well, maybe some of it I would allow because I love and trust my husband and if he wanted to explore these areas, I would at least try.) Some of it is quite painful and other parts just a bit humiliating and somewhat degrading.

He has me completed bound and at his mercy, but he's not menacing or anything to fear, just some of what he wants to inflict on my body is a bit fearful, if I try to resist he stops and harshly punishes me and not necessarily in the traditional manner either. He may decide to punish my breasts or other private and sensitive parts of my anatomy rather than my backside. The whole time he has me captive he eludes pure power and control. It's hypnotizing and a real sexual turn on. The fear, pain, pleasure and emotional roller coaster he has me on is what keeps making me come back to him. My fantasy of "him". Actually "he" doesn't have a face, it's more just the idea of that kind of personality.

The main reason I have never told Mark this fantasy is because I'm truly afraid he would attempt to assimulate the scenerio for me. I have thought it through for years and know that in this particular case, fantasy is better left a fantasy, the reality of it is...My reality with TTWD and my husband is exactly what I want and need, I truly belive if my fantasy were to come true I would not be the happy, content, woman or loving wife and mother I am now.

Bonnie, I know you wanted sorted details but come on....I'm afraid it would have been too harsh to actually wrtite about. Just use your imagination on this one.

Hope no one is dissapointed, but at least I attempted to answer this one.

Happy Sunday to everyone'

Huggggs Bonnie, glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

A spanking fantasy, hmmm? Funny you should ask that because my hubby and I discussed one just yesterday!!! You see, while I was getting a wonderully erotic spanking, I found myself asking my husband what he would do if I dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl!!! Well, he told me exactly what he would do, and in the most delicious detail!!!

My grades in math (not my favorite subject!) have been abysmal and he has asked me to come over to his house for some extra help. Of course, being the bad girl that I am, I show up in the shortest plaid skirt I can find, stack-heeled Mary Jane shoes and the tiniest of white blouses.

Needless to say my outfit raises an eyebrow. It also prompts my "teacher" to lecture me not only on my grades, but also on my choice of dress. That then leads to him telling me that perhaps I need a lesson how a schoolgirl should act.

So saying, he instructs me to stand up and bend over the desk. I give him a little pout, (it's required, after all) but do as he asks, only to look over my shoulder to find him holding a big wooden paddle (kind of like a sorority paddle - which we just happen to really have in our collection, I might add!). Though my eyes go even wider, I am a little excited by the prospect of getting spanked with such a wicked-looking thing, and obediently stick out my bottom.

The first few spanks are light and over my skirt, but he quickly lifts the garment out of the way, revealing a pair of very skimpy panties that prompt another lecture on the inappropriateness of such undergarments. The lecutre is of course accompanied by more smacks with the paddle, a little harder this time. They soon have me dancing from foot to foot, and I can only imagine what that paddle will feel like on my bare bottom, especially since he is already pulling my now very wet panties down to mid-thigh.

I tense a little in anticipation, but much to my relief, instead of continuing with the spanking, he caresses my stinging bottom, his hand wonderfully soothing. Then, just when I am relaxed, he starts spanking me again.

The paddle stings fiercely, and yet I love it!!! I also love how excited it is getting me!!!

Then, abruptly, the paddling stops, and he tells me that I need to reflect on my misdeeds with some well-deserved corner time!!! (Okay, I don't know where my sudden fascination with corner time has come from, but I definitely like the idea!)

I pout again, but he only leads me over to the corner. I am to hold my skirt up, he tells me. And there will be absolutely no rubbing my stinging bottom!!!

As much as I would like to reach back and rub my stinging bottom, I don't. But I do steal a glance over my shoulder to see him sitting in the desk chair, watching me. To make sure I behave myself, I wonder? Or because he likes looking at my red ass? From how hard he obviously is, I'd say because he likes looking at my red ass, and I can't help but grin as I put my nose back in the corner.

Finally, he announces that I am to come back over to him. I do so, my panties still banded around my thighs, only to find myself over his knee this time. Though my bottom is still sore from the paddling, I welcome the feel of his hand as he spanks me. Every so often, he dips his fingers into my wetness just to see how absolutely ready I am for him. And I am more than ready, I assure you!!!

After listening to my hubby tell me such an erotic fantasy (while he spanks me, no less!) it was all I could do to control myself!!! I even told him that I might have to get myself a schoolgirl outfit just so that we can act it out. That made him grin! Of course, what I didn't tell him was that I already have the schoolgirl outfit tucked away in the closet!!! Can't wait to see his face when he sees me in it!!! I get excited just thinking about it!!!


Bonnie said...

Wow, those are superb!

Now it's my turn. You might think with a husband as inventive as Randy that we would have exhausted our supply of fantasies. Not so. There are two in particular we have yet to try. One because we can't and a second because I'm not ready and I may never be.

My first fantasy involves spanking and sex in zero-gravity. I touched on it in my fictional story The Sphere. I would love to try this, but it's not very likely to happen.

My second fantasy involves performing in front of a live audience. My exhibitionist side thrills at the prospect. My practical side is mortified at the thought of some RL person I know seeing me receive (and probably enjoy) a spanking in front of a whole crowd of people.

Some fantasies, alas, are probably better if they remain just that. But the imagination is a marvelous world that is well worth exploring.

Anonymous said...

This is a very hard questioin because married 25 years to a man who spanked me fromt he very begining I think I might have lived out all of them but maybe onetwo more left. Let em think and I will come back to this.

cuddlybum said...

How many would you like??? I was thinking bout this earlier cos we're jsut about to move out of the 'spanking purely for fun' into the 'spanking as a definite consequence of soemthing' area.

I love the fantasy of doing something wrong/naughty and being told 'As soon as I get you home, you're going straight over my knee, young lady!'

Being dragged home, against my will, being thrown over his knee, knickers pulled down, ass blistered. Then I'm sent to the corner and ordered to stay there until further notice - with my bum still on display of course! Then pulled back and bent over the back of the chair for a session with the paddle and the wooden spoon with my hand tied to the legs to stop me reaching back. THen back to the corner to think about things before being pushed to my knees in front of my darling to - ahem, well use your imaginations!

didn't even nhave to think much about that one!!! he he he


Anonymous said...

I said I would come back so after thinking about it here goes:
I arrive home all the lights are out except one tiny one in the den. “Hun are you home” “Come here brat” is the response I get “I can’t believe you” “What did I do?” my voice raised about 4 octaves out of fear of the unknown.

“Go upstairs and get ready” Why I ask still not sure what I did. Just do it is your answer.

Running up the stairs I try to think what could I have done but come up with out a trace. Resigned that my butt is going to pay for an unknown infraction I get ready Getting ready include all make off hair in pony tail or braid and standing in the corner, panties down. And I wait my stomach has that sinking feeling that something horrible has happened and I just don’t know what it is, my mind races about a mile a minute waiting for you to come up.

Finally I hear you on the steps. I hear the door to our bedroom open I know better than to turn around I had that lesson the hard way. I just listen as you open first one than two draws. Finally, you call me, you see a mixture of fear and excitement in my eyes, I look at you and I can’t tell what you are thinking. I have given myself to you for over 25 years and right now I am not sure what is going on, but I do know I will not speak unless told I may. You own me, you control me, I do as you say because you said it I don’t need any other reason.

You point to the bed. Looking at the pillows lined up on the bed I know what I must do. Unfortunately I have been thru this drill many times and each time I swear it will be my last time. Tonight is no different. Arranging my body just so I feel you hands move my legs farther apart pushing my head down making my butt stick up more. Allowing a view of everything, there isn’t an opening that you can’t see.

Little one do you know why you are here’

No Sir” I barely whisper

Don’t mumble do I have to make sure you never do that again

No Sir I say loudly NO Sir I don’t know what I did

Just think little one I’m sure it will come to you Just think.

The next minute I feel the slap of the belt; before I can get my breath I feel it again and again. Some of them hard and some of them light as a feather but each of them letting me now know that this spanking is for me. I feel your hands reach up to my whistle bare pussy, your hands parting the lips first one then two fingers, rubbing and caressing the most sensitive part of me. You stop just before I can reach my climax. I feel you move to the side of the bed my head is spinning and before I can get a single thought together I feel the unmistakable sting of the wooden paddle. You make sure that every inch of my bottom is covered at least once maybe twice while at the same time playing gently with my clit. Just as I am about to climax again you tell me no. This continues for what seems like for ever each time you change what you use, sometimes it the belt other times the paddle but your fingers are playing my pussy like a fined tuned violin sometimes hard and sometimes soft. I hear your zipper being lowered and feel your rock hard manhood knocking at the door of the gate to pleasure. My lips open up to allow you to enter. You thrush yourself in with force my pussy starts to convulses I hear you whisper “Cum for me Cum for me little one” As if by magic we both reach novena together. We fall aslepp in each others arms.


rivka said...

Mine is...sort of stereotypical. But, it is definitely my favorite.

Skipping all the details... my fantasy is a day, or two.. or three *weg*, of being my husband's slave. I'd be required to obey him absolutely, to trust him with everything, and to do things I wouldn't normally do. Infractions are punished severely and immediately, yet there are rewards as well... Spankings and major power exchange galore. Yep. That's it.

rose said...

i'm going to make this short. my greatest spanking fantasy involves a lenghty warm up...from hand, to flogger to cat o' nine tails, cane and ending being caressed by a single tail whip, by a dom who obviously knows what he's doing with a single tail (and who has the room). the thought of being caressed by a single tail: lovingly on my back and hard on my ass......mmmmmmmmm, heaven!

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