Monday, February 20, 2006

Two Smiles

Bacchus at the Eros Blog posted an excellent essay entitled "Two Smiles." He makes the point that regardless of our kink (or lack thereof), we all have an interest in protecting our kinky friends from the crusading moralists now running loose in the United States. Just because we don't practice or enjoy heavy bondage, as in the cited example, we can still support the rights of good people who do. The same can be said for many other practices and relationship styles that fall beyond the comfortable boundaries of the mainstream.

We kinky bloggers tend to divide ourselves into discrete subcommunities. It's the whole alphabet soup label game. While they can be descriptive, I don't have much use for labels. They divide us at least as often as they bring us together. Whether we consider ourselves to be D/s, DD, TPE, M/s, B&D, S&M, or gourmet vanilla, we all have a great deal in common. Not the least of which is the desire to live and love as we choose without government intrusion into our bedrooms.

Thank you, Bacchus, for this timely reminder.

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Paul. said...

Bonnie, that's an interesting post, thanks, it's impossible for one person to read everything.
This is a development that's a concern to many bloggers that I read.
I hope that it's #43's way of throwing tit-bits,(no pun intended),to his fundamentalist right wing voters, and hopefully will vanish when he does.
Until it does, all of us, vanilla or kinky, who believe that we have the right to live our lives the way we want to, wherever we live, must resist this however we can.

Storm Rider said...

I agree Bonnie, freedom to do as we wish is OUR decision, and no one elses.
Besides, if it were against the law, Wind and I would be doing life sentances!lol

Anonymous said...

I agree!!! I think that everyone should do what works for them, and spanking definitely works for us!!!


tboneslagirl said...

Great post Bonnie.. It's so true that labels always divide and separate.

I to believe that whats done between consenting adults behind closed doors is none of my business.

I also believe that we (put your label here) bloggers also have a right to tell our stories about our lives and loves as long as we provide some sort of warning too those who don't want to hear from us.

CeeCi said...

Thank you for the link to ErosBlog and the great post. I completely agree with you, labels do divide us.

As I read your post I had a feeling well up within me. Where does it stop? What the "good, moral crusaders" don't seem to realize is that once the crusading begins NO ONE is exempt from scrutiny, not even the crusaders.

Caia said...

Its strange how we can hide behind our labels and think that others are "different" from ourselves. But, when we look past the labels, we are all really the same. Just regular folks, doing whatever it is that we enjoy. The government certainly should never have a say in what we can or can't enjoy.
Thanks Bonnie.


padme said...

Great blog post, bonnie.

rivka said...

I'm not much on labels either. The only reason I ever use them (like in my blog description) is to give others a general idea of the extent of my kink.

I can't say I've heard a lot about the government pushing certain things, but I haven't really looked for it. Given this information, however, I totally agree that the government shouldn't have the right to intrude on our bedroom lives.

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