Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spanking News Network

The spanking you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

(James Earl Jones sound-alike voiceover) This... is... SNN.

(Pretty anchor behind desk) Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Spanking News Network. This is Renee O. Teaque at SNN studios in Washington.

On tonight's program, we begin by witnessing an interesting twist on the classic marital spanking. In an SNN exclusive, our innovative brush-cam will take you right into the bedroom as never before. Now, let's go on location with our correspondent Melinda Moonglow.

(Serious correspondent holding microphone) This is Melinda Moonglow of SNN. I'm here at the Smith residence on King Road. With me are Randy and Bonnie. I've just learned that Bonnie is overdue for a spanking. Is this correct?

(Nervous Bonnie) Uh, yes, Melinda. That's true. I haven't had my bottom warmed for a week.

(Melinda) Tell me, Randy, are you really going to spank your wife?

(Smiling Randy) Yes, absolutely. She just told us she needs it.

(Puzzled Melinda) Bonnie, do you want Randy to spank you?

(Bonnie, looking at floor) Yes... I really want a good, hard spanking.

(Melinda, recovering nicely) Well, let's get spanking!

(Randy gently assists Bonnie as she stands in front of the bed and bends at the waist)

(Randy lifts Bonnie's cotton flannel nightgown and lowers her underwear revealing her naked bottom)

(Melinda, asking a reporter's question) Randy, is that a bath brush you have there?

(Randy, slightly distracted) Yes. It's a Vermont Country Store wooden model. Note the medium length handle design. It allows me to focus the brunt of each blow right on her sit spot.

(Melinda) Sit spot? Can you explain that?

(Randy, now a little annoyed) Yeah, Bonnie's sit spot is the portion of her bottom which makes contact with a chair when she sits down. By concentrating attention there, we can make sure that she is reminded of this spanking for at least the next couple days.

(Melinda, sensing a scoop) Are you telling me that she will be sore until the end of the conventional American work week?

(Randy, ready to get on with it) Yeah, I certainly hope so.

(Bonnie, very tired of talk) Will you shut up and spank me already?!

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! ...

(Melinda, in quiet voice) As you can see, Randy is now striking Bonnie's bottom with the bath brush. He seems to be generating quite a bit of snap with each blow. Now, note the redness beginning to appear along the lower slopes of each buttock. We can only imagine the discomfort Bonnie is experiencing.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! ...

(Melinda, again in hushed tones) Bonnie is beginning to show signs of tiring. No, wait, perhaps it isn't exhaustion. Hold on... Yes! It's sexual arousal. She is actually turned on by being spanked. To our viewers out there, note that this is a television first.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! ...

(Melinda, with a sense of history) I believe it may be all over. Yes, the spanking has been completed. Let's see if we can get a few words with this now-famous couple. Randy?

(Randy, passionately kissing Bonnie) Mmmmmm.

(Melinda, worried that her interview is falling apart) Bonnie? What do you have to say on this momentous occasion?

(Bonnie, now beneath her husband) Oh! Oh my! Yesssssss! Ah!

(Melinda, ready to bail out) Well Renee, I guess that's it from here.

(Renee, back in studio looking a little disheveled all of a sudden) Oh! Thank you, Melinda. Well, they're certainly a, um, loving pair. Let's go to commercial.

(James Earl Jones sound-alike voiceover) This... is... SNN.

(Fade to commercial)

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Linda said...

That was absolutely wonderful! I'm laughing so hard I almost wet my pants. You did that so perfectly Bonnie. Awesome!

ann regel said...

SNN? I thought you were talking about me!

Terrific story. I could actually imagine it was happening. You never know, it just might some day. Yes the Iron Chef will be replaced by the Iron Spanker. Who will win: the challenger or the Iron Spanker? Tune in to find out.


Thank you for a big grin!

Mike said...

Great one Bonnie, very funny. So what advetisers will be running spots on SNN? Maybe something featuring nice soothing lotions?


Curvaceous Dee said...

That was fabulous! Had me chortling in my seat :)

xx Dee

rivka said...

That was hilarious!!! I loved it!! You so should make this a recurring sort of thing. *g* Thank you!!

Carrielily said...

definitely very creative! OH and smartnnaughty loved your idea too of the Iron Spanker! LOL Where can I sign up? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!

Love the VCS bathbrush, too, by the way!!! It's absolutely yummy!!!


Storm Rider said...

LMAO! By the way I Love the picture of your ass! Damned girl, you held up FINE!!!

cuddlybum said...

That was hikarious, Bonnie.

Thank you

CeeCi said...

SNN...reporting the Nudes worth reporting.

Bonnie, great post, you're a wellspring of cleverness. I love visiting your site as I never know what to expect.

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

Very entertaining!!! Thanks for the laugh!!

ReaderGirl said...

*pouts* I just checked with my Cable company - they don't carry this channel! Oh, woe is me...

hee....thanks Bonnie!

Bonnie said...

Everybody - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed our news spot.

I'm thinking we could do an entire network of spanko television. Just imagine...

Spanking with the Stars
Survivor: Vermont County Store
The OC (Over Couch)
Rear Factor
CSI (Creative Spankings Interactive)
Twenty More
Who Wants a Sore Derriere?

The possibilities are endless, aren't they?

Janeen said...

LOL!! Too cute! I loved your news scoop it was very entertaining.

sixofthebest said...

In my fantasy world, I wish I was interviewing Katie Couric, on the subject of spanking. I would lead her into my bedroom, bend her over it, then raise her dress waist high. Then proceed to pull down her panties, to bare her bottom. Katie now dressed only in garter-belt and stockings, I would cane that most tender bare bottom of hers 25 stinging painful strokes.

sixofthebest said...

SNN Network has been invited to the White House Oval Office, where President Obama, has some unfinished business left over from the last election. "Sarah Palin, you are about to receive six of the best with the cane, on that bare bottom of yours", says the young good looking newly appointed Chief Executive, and proceeds to carry out this command, on the Ex-Governor of Alaska's bare bottom.

sixofthebest said...

How about the a sequel to '60 minutes', called '60 Spanks, Thanks'.

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