Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Fair Warning

Caution: Discipline Zone Ahead

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Mike said...

ha ha ha, good one. Gives me the idea of a string a signs...like:
no paddle zone
Swat Limits

thanks Bonnie


Bonnie said...

Mike - Thanks. Just a little fun for a Tuesday evening.

Speaking of signs, I wrote a poem a while back that had kind of Burma Shave feel to it. I think it would work well on a series of road signs.

Marcus said...

Oh, I can't imagine a Swat Limits sign... though a sign for After Swat Parking would be good (a couple come to mind). Cute Bonnie.

cuddlybum said...

He he he - me likey!!

That cheered me up after a long day.

Thanks bonnie

Anonymous said...



Storm Rider said...

Should'nt that be "dicipline Zone giving Head!"?lol

Bonnie said...

Marcus - After swat parking? I think not. I believe I'll just stand with the motor running, thank you!

Cuddly - Thanks. Glad you liked my sign of the times.

Storm - Perhaps that one belongs a mile or two down the highway!

cva-me said...

Loved it! I think I saw that sign on the road the other day! Ciao!

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