Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Moment of Truth

Every spankee knows the moment of truth.

The room is dimly lit. Your lover sits on the edge of the bed. At his side, you can discern the outline of a wooden paddle with which he clearly intends to administer a spanking. He raises his arm, extends his index and then retracts it in a gesture clearly meant to beckon you forward.

You take one halting step toward him and then freeze. Regaining your composure and your nerve at least for an instant, you edge another half step in the direction of your destiny. Again, you pause. This paddling is going to hurt. You know you deserve every single bottom-blistering swat that is coming to you. But that fact doesn’t make this moment any easier.

Your man now appears impatient. What is that gentle thumping? His fingers are lightly drumming upon the surface of the paddle. Aware of your obvious hesitation, you again lurch forward. He is now so close you could reach out and touch him, or he could touch you. Yet, the gentleman takes no action. He awaits your next move.

You strain to look into his dark eyes. In the candlelit bedroom, however, you cannot read his emotion. Now you find yourself at his side. His lap is before you. You shiver as he releases the single button at his cuff and purposefully begins to roll up his sleeve. You don’t fear the pain so much as the possibility that you may not be able to accept his gift in its scorching entirety.

You've been here before. You know what comes next.

He pats his thigh. The time is now. The moment of truth is at hand. Do you not turn away? Do you reject the impulse to negotiate another arrangement? Do you instead lower yourself slowly onto his lap?

Are you willing to position yourself voluntarily? Are you prepared to become an active participant in your own spanking? Can you submit to his will? Do you embrace this fate? Will you arch your back to signal your undeniable need for a spanking that is both long and severe? Shall you grind your crotch against his leg to reveal the depth of your arousal?

You are a spanko. At this moment of truth, the only answer you can think of is…




Marcus said...

Thanks. I've always wondered.

roper said...

I never doubted for a single moment what the answer would be!

ann regel said...

Wow, Bonnie! You captured the moment equisitely. Fantastic writing!!!!


Anonymous said...

Soooooo true, Bonnie!!! And so eloquently put!!!


Paul said...

Very nice Bonnie, thanks.

padme said...

Very well said bonnie...good blog post...

rivka said...

Wonderful illustration. Thank you!

Caia said...

Very nice Bonnie... I still struggle with that moment of truth. You captured all of those feelings and questions so well. Thanks,


Bonnie said...

Everybody - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my frozen moment.

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