Sunday, February 12, 2006

Baby Got Back: A Valentine’s Tale

Randy and I have a long running joke where he pretends to lecture me about my tendency to collect spanking implements. He says, ”Young lady, if you bring home one more implement, so help me, I’m going to turn you over my knee and spank you with it!” My response is typically a bat of the eyelashes and a sweetly inquisitive, “Promise?” Last night, however, it has he who brought a new toy into the house.

I had been away all week pursuing my favorite worthy cause. Even though we had talked on the telephone every evening, we still missed one another. Yesterday afternoon, Randy announced that we would be celebrating both Valentine’s Day and our reunion. At that moment, I knew he had cooked up another one of his exotic plans. You can’t live with someone for so many years and not know such things.

After a pleasant, if routine dinner, Randy directed me to go to our bedroom. He wanted me to remove my clothing and lie on my back on the bed. I didn’t know what he had in mind, except in a general way. However, by this time, I was aching for some adult fun. I happily complied.

Randy left me up there, unattended and little cold, for about ten minutes. When he finally came through the door, he went straight to work. He removed from our toy drawer my cuffs and two long bungee cords. Rather than placing the cuffs on my wrists as we always had before, he slipped them over my feet and tightened them around my ankles. I reognized at that moment that I was in for the full treatment. He attached a bungee to each cuff and fastened the opposite ends to that hook he installed in the bedroom ceiling. My legs were secured and pointed straight up in the air. Thanks to the elasticity of the bungees, I had some flexibility of motion, but I clearly wasn’t going anywhere until Randy was finished with me.

I expected some flavor of spanking next, but that wasn’t my husband’s intent just yet. He kissed me tenderly and wished me a happy Valentine’s Day. I returned his kiss and the sentiment. At that moment, I was proud to be his wife and pleased we were back together at last.

It was interesting to be restrained yet have my arms free for hugging and touching. We embraced lovingly for several minutes. He told me how much he had missed me – the softness of my skin, the sweetness of my kiss, and gentle curve of my hips. With that, his hands wandered over my body. He took my breasts in his hands, first caressing and then lightly pinching each nipple. I shivered with delight and anticipation. When his large hands reached my bottom, he gave each cheek a preparatory swat. These weren’t hard, but they signaled that the time for spanking was at hand.

From the toy drawer, Randy produced an implement I had not seen before. It was a short, thin cane. It couldn’t be more than two feet in length. “I bought you a gift for Valentine’s Day.” He said. I thanked him and told him it was a thoughtful selection (OK, I’m a little weird, but he certainly knows what I like).

Before he tested the new toy, Randy grabbed me by the hips and dragged me to the foot of the bed. This forced my legs up over my head. It was unnerving at first, but not uncomfortable. He then began tapping the little cane against my poor neglected bottom. At first, I could barely feel it. Over time, though, those little taps built into a powerful burn. I thoroughly enjoyed his new toy. It doesn’t produce the kind of nasty skin damage I associate with larger canes, yet it is appropriately painful and lights the fires of my desire in a wonderful way.

When Randy decided I was nice and warm, he gave me a vibrator and told me to use it. This was a fun variation. I took the vibrator and applied it to the epicenter of my desire. As I did so, he applied lubricant to my rear orifice. This made me even hotter. By the time he inserted in a second, smaller vibrator, I was already shaking with passionate release. As I writhed in orgasmic pleasure, my lover relentlessly pumped the vibrator in and out, stopping occasionally to cane my quivering flesh. Ecstasy was mine.

After I was spent, my Prince Charming bent down and kissed me softly. He gave me a sip of water. There’s something about screaming that always makes my mouth dry.

Randy next removed his clothes and again lubricated my posterior. I gasped as his rigid love tool penetrated my most private realm. I don’t like anal sex, but once in a while I love it. As he moved within me, he encouraged me to turn the vibrator back on. I did and that made the experience even better. As he thrust, my man grabbed handfuls of my punished bottom and squeezed tightly. When he did, the rich amalgam of sensations washed over me like the tide. He pushed me beyond the brink again. My lover soon found his own release deep inside me.

Afterward, we shared a shower. This provided another form of reconnection. We washed each other. We embraced. The warm water danced upon our skin and trickled away any residual concerns. Four hands and four lips explored and caressed. It was wonderful.

Early this morning, when I got out of bed, Randy asked me if my bottom was still sore. It wasn’t and I told him the truth. He furrowed his brow and vowed to finish the job today. I told him I thought his Valentines’ Day celebration was just perfect …and that was the truth as well.

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Marcus said...

I think... all I can say is...

Welcome home. But Randy already did. ;)

rose said...

oh lucky, lucky you!!! i love a nice caning......happy valentine's day, indeed ; P

Anonymous said...

Romantic, as always!!!

I just have to say that I love using a vibrator while my hubby's spanking me!!! The combination can make for a very intense orgasm!!!


wind walker said...

i love reading your stories with you & randy!!!!

those are my favorite ones!!

Paul. said...

Hi Bonnie,

love your blog it's a great read.

Your Sunday brunch is unusual and very interesting, though not so much for a spanker.

You fill your blue jeans wonderfully well, the sight makes my right hand itch, I won't mention other parts, Randy's a very lucky man and you are one lucky and very talanted lady.

My Bottom Smarts is now on my favourites list, I shall be returning daily.

By the way it was CeeCi extolling your virtues that directed me here.



Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet!

I agree entirely with you and Tigger - a vibrator and a nice spanking really hits the spot, doesn't it?


Bonnie said...

Marcus - Thank you! As you may have guessed, it's great to be back home.

Rose - Thanks, and happy V-Day to you too.

Tigger - Isn't that wonderful?

Wind - Thank you. I hope you and Storm are happy and well.

Paul - Thank you, and welcome to MBS. I'm glad you stopped by. I look forward to your participation.

I love CeeCi's site. Her recommendation means a lot to me.

Spankers are always welcome at the brunch. Please feel free to drop in. We'd love to hear your perspective.

Randy and I are both lucky indeed. We've been together for a very long time, but we're still having fun.

Dakota - Hi! Welcome back! Yes, that combination certainly does light the fires (in more ways than one).

padme said...

Great story bonnie. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Happy Valentine's day to you and Randy.
Best wishes

rivka said...

*weg* Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day!

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