Monday, February 13, 2006

V-Day and Time for Play

In honor of Valentine's Day, I've dragged this story out of the archive.

Randy and I held our Valentine’s Day celebration last night. Our daughter was away for the evening at a friend's house. I have reason to believe my dear husband bribed the child. In any case, we were absolutely alone in the house and free to let our imaginations roam. As you will soon see, my husband has no problems in that area.

Our evening began with a wonderful dinner that Randy "prepared" himself. His best recipe is the one that begins with the phone number of a favorite restaurant. He ordered Thai food. He suggested that I go and pick it up while he prepared the table. So amused was I at the prospect of him decorating, I jumped at the chance. I retrieved the pungent, spicy food without incident. When I returned, I learned to my surprise that he really did have a plan for the table. It included a dozen long stemmed red roses in a clear glass vase! He also replaced the tablecloth and dug up a pair of candlesticks. Needless to say, I was more than impressed. Why, the napkins even matched the tablecloth!

After enjoying our spicy meal, we moved to the living room. Randy put on some sweet music. I'm pretty sure it was Mozart, but I don't know which piece. Anyhow, I thought it was romantic. Randy lit a fire in the fireplace, poured us each another glass of wine, and the mood was set. When he joined me on the couch, I greeted him with a passionate kiss. Now we were on our way.

One thing led to another as so often happens at times like these. Randy spread a blanket on the floor by the fire. Before long, we were nearly naked and lying on it. Four hands and four lips played out the complex human mating ritual.

After several minutes of this delightful pastime, Randy got up and grabbed two pillows from the couch. I thought they were for our heads, but I was wrong. Gently, he rolled me onto my tummy with the pillows beneath my hips. I decided I was ready for my spanking. A nice tail-warming seemed like the next step in this glorious celebration. But Randy didn't spank me, at least not yet. He started with my left ankle and ever so slowly kissed, licked, and caressed his way over my calf, knee, and thigh. As he worked toward my upper, inner thigh, my legs parted involuntarily. For the moment, though, Randy sidestepped my invitation. He paid prolonged attention to my hips and bottom. From a man who too often rushes through foreplay in search of the final destination, this was marvelous luxury.

Gradually, he worked his way up my back. By the time he reached my neck, I was practically panting with desire. There's something about a slow buildup that just drives me wild. When he nibbled my earlobe, I was the one who was beginning to get impatient. After a lovely pause to aggressively kiss me on the mouth, he sat up as if to signal the beginning of the next phase in this night of pleasure. He got up and left! As the fire crackled behind me, I wondered why he had so aroused me only to leave me unattended. I wasn't nearly done yet!

Had I not been so distracted, I surely would have realized that Randy had only gone to retrieve toys from our bedroom. As soon as he returned with hands full, I deduced this fact. The next feeling I experienced was the Vermont Country Store bath brush against my bottom. But it wasn't the stinging wooden back. It was instead the flexible bristles moving across first one as yet unmarked cheek and then the other. In my heightened state of sensitivity, it was stimulating to say the least. Next, he produced a pulsating sex toy. To my delight, it quickly found an exquisite destination. Soon, he was manipulating both the toy and the brush. All of a sudden, the slightly scratchy feel of the bristles was replaced by an unmistakable cool, smooth sensation. It was the back of the brush now swirling along my hillocks in a circular motion. My spanking was now imminent.

"Is this what you want?" Randy said in a low, sexy voice as he continued to rub. "Yes," I replied in a whisper. Now he began lightly tapping with the brush. "Do you crave your spanking?" I did and I told him so. His response was to increase both the pace and the intensity. Still he wasn't striking my bottom very hard. "Do you like your spanking nice and rough?" he inquired. "Uh huh," I said with conviction. Now he applied the brush in earnest. That familiar warm and stinging sensation grew to encompass my entire bottom. It definitely hurt, but I didn't even care. My mind was fully engrossed in this amazing corporeal experience.

Each snap of Randy's wrist generated a loud "crack" as the brush repeatedly made sharp contact with my skin. Accompanying the sound was a burning which began at the point of most recent contact and then slowly blended into the overall heat of a well-spanked derriere. I made no effort to struggle or leave. I was right where I wanted to be and right where I belonged. I was committed to accept all that my lover chose to give.

After Randy set down the brush, he lightly touched my glowing orbs with both of his hands. He marveled at the warmth he had produced. Without a word, he moved behind me. Despite considerable residual stinging, I welcomed his skin against mine. Together, we rocked as one body and exclaimed as one soul. It wasn't Independence Day, but I saw those fireworks! Words fail at this point, but suffice to say, it was a memorable event.

Afterward, we went upstairs and snuggled in bed before falling asleep. This was a great evening. I told Randy this morning that he really did it right. I am still impressed (and the roses are a sweet reminder). Now it's Valentine's Day and I'm in love all over again.

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rivka said...

That was a sweet, yummy story. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Sweet and yummy is right!!!
Romantic, too!!!

And though I know I've said this before, I have to say it again. That VCS bathbrush is absolutely delicious!!! In fact, I'm hoping that it'll be my hubby's choice of toys this evening!!!


Paul. said...

Lovely story Bonnie, given time and opportunity that's the ideal way, before I'd finish Mel would be begging for her spanking and that which followed, g, wink. :-)

Would like to add, I loved your S/F story, "The Sphere", as a lifelong S/f fan that was the first kinky S/f I've read, more please, pretty please:-)

Thank you for your welcome and invite, I'll take you up on it.

Warm hugs. :-)


Bonnie said...

Rivka - Thank you!

Tigger - The VCS brush certainly performs its job effectively. Sometimes it's more than I want, but it's always all that I need.

Paul - There's a lot to be said for taking one's time and doing things right.

As for The Sphere, that was the first science fiction story I ever attempted. While I was writing it, Randy and I had several of discussions about the implications of zero gravity and life on a space station. I sought to create an emotional landscape that paralleled the stark beauty of space.

I don't know when I will have time to create new fiction, but sooner or later, the muse will tap me on the shoulder. When it happens, I promise you can read it here.

Have a great week!

Marcus said...

What a nice, warm story. Memorable indeed. The kind of event you never forget. Thank you for sharing it with us.

RnC Personal said...

That was a very warm, seductive and romantic story. Set in elegant surroundings with the wine, Mozart and roaring fire.

I really enjoyed this Bonnie - thank you :)


Caia said...

Oh, what a wonderfully romantic Valentines Day. Thank you for sharing it!


Bonnie said...

Marcus - You are most welcome.

C - The scene was wonderfully romantic. I loved it!

Caia - You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Muffin said...

I adored the romance of this story. How exquisitely sexy! But a BATHBRUSH?? Yikes!! That's the point where my "on" switch would be flipped to "off!" I'm not a fan of anything wooden that makes my bottom burn. A long sexy romantic spanking for me only involves the implement that my beloved has with him all the time, attached to his wrist! I adore his hands, and that would be all I'd need or want in a setting like this. But I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. That's what's cool about our lifestyle--what's good for one isn't necessarily good for another, but at the end of the day, it's all good, if it makes both participants happy and turned on.


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