Sunday, January 22, 2006

Your Turn

I've done a lot of talking here. Today, it's your turn. Let's think of it as a spanko brunch.

Please tell us what you think. Do you love your spankings? Do you hate them? Both or neither? Do you wish for spankings? Or do you pray to avoid them?

What makes a good spanking for you? Or is that phrase an oxymoron?

How do spankings make you feel? Satisfied? Contrite? Romantic? Or just plain sore?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts, so I'll be quiet now and pass the virtual microphone to you.

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Linda said...

Hmmmm this looks like fun. Let me see if I can answer this question.

A good spanking is one that both myself and my husband are into at the same time. It's not as effective if only one of us is into it and the other is only appeasing.

Most cases spankings make me feel arroused but also satisfied and sated all at the same time. It's the best stress reliever I know and is also the best form of forplay.

I love it when Mark is really into it, he gets all dommy and stern and doesn't allow me to wimp out. He holds his ground with me and at the same time is lovingly reassuring.

This morning was one of those situations. We had planned an evening together last night and lots of spanking fun but as things worked out it never happened. This morning I was promised the works and I was primed for it but as anyone who loves spanking knows, sometimes the pain doesn't warp into subspace for quite a while. Mark knew I needed to be marked and feel this spanking for a while so no matter how much I whined and squirmed and begged him to stop, he refuesed. God I love that man. Once I realized there was no getting out of it, I relaxed enough to really enjoy the sensations. My ass is definately black and blue and hot as coals and we had the best sex afterwards. He's really great at keeping me in the moment and not letting me give up when it gets tough.

Spanking is really my thing but Mark is like any read blodded american man, if it turns me on and makes me uninhibited, he's game.

Sometimes I need to feel punished and dominated to the point of completely losing control but for the most part I just love the closeness and warmth I get from Mark spanking me before we make love. I think he loves the way I become during and after, I'm not only very agreeable but thankful as well.

So was that the kind of answer you were looking for Bonnie?

Anonymous said...


To answer your first question, I love getting spanked and my hubby loves spanking me. For us, it's definitely sexual.

What makes a good spanking? For me it starts with the anticipation. The thought of knowing I'm going to get a spanking turns me on almost as much as the act itself. Especially when my hubby gives me that sexy grin of his! Then it's onto the main event, which is usually over my husband's lap on the bed (my favorite position) and always starts with a warm-up. Sometimes, I have panties on for this, sometimes not, but either way, it's wonderful! Then, little by little, the spanks get harder (no more than I can take, of course, but most times, I can take a pretty hard spanking) until I'm so aroused that I'm wiggling around and begging for him to touch me. At which point he does, but only just enough to tease me before I get spanked some more. Since spanking is erotic for us, it's always followed by incredible sex! Mmmm, there's nothing better than making love while my bottom is still hot and stinging!!!

How do I feel after a spanking? I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say I was usually a little sore. But in a good way, if that makes sense. And of course, I also feel very satisfied, not to mention extremely loved.

I'm not really sure why I like being spanked, though. Like Linda, I like the submissive aspect of it, I suppose. And I completely agree with her about spanking making a couple feel a closeness and love.


kk said...

i agree with you both that a spanking makes you closer as a couple. i have never felt as close to a person as i do my Master.

i enjoy each and every swat i get and sometimes i crave them. if it has been a while between them i miss them very much.

i know that they are what i need in my life. i am glad to have someone that will give them to me and not think i am crazy for loving them so much.

i enjoy a red ass.

Danielle said...

I really need spankings and can't live without them anymore. Very strange, because I did live more than 30 years without any thought of spanking.
Erotic spankings have spiced and increased my sexlife. I feel wanted and loved and very satisfied afterwards. Spanking for stress relief is a must. All problems are gone or I can cope with them. Punishment spanking is a rare phenomenon. But when I'm in tantrum there's only one way, the old-fashioned. Afterwards I feel liberated; everything is forgiven and forgotten.

rivka said...

I do love spankings... very very much. Even the discipline ones (although, NOT while they're actually happening).

No, I don't think a good spanking is an oxymoron at all. For me, there are both good erotic spankings *and* good discipline spankings (just don't ask me in the midst of it).

In my opinion, a good erotic spanking is a mind trip - it alternates constantly between varying, opposite sensations (slap-rub, pinch-kiss, fast-slow... etc etc). However it happens, it's a combination of pain and pleasure.

A good discipline spanking is memorable and lasting. It's one that is long enough to break through resolves and truly "get the point across." After it's completely over, it involves (for me) aftercare. A point of reconciliation.

Spankings make me feel... all of the above. It would be a lie to say they don't HURT or make me SORE as heck... but at the same time, in any case, I'm very satisfied. Usually it's a major turn on for me (even after discipline spankings) and so I'm definitely feeling sexy and romantic. Sometimes... I do simply feel resolved after a discipline session. But not too often.

Good questions. :)

Bonnie said...

Wow! You folks are great! I thought it would be a fun experiement to offer an open mike. You exceeded my best hopes.

There's a lot of wisdom here. In fact, I'm considering using some of your material as the basis for another article. Thank you for sharing your candor and your insight.

Sassy said...

I both love and hate my spankings. More importantly, I NEED them. They give me balance and make me feel safe. It is imperative that I receive consistent discipline spankings. It is only then that I can enjoy the erotic or lighthearted ones. Without the foundation of the discipline, the others only lead to frustration. I have been so inclined my entire life, but have only recently lived it. It has been one hell of a year!

Mike said...

I love the spankings that I get and give. With my wife and I it's all about erotic spanking. I'm the one that started it in our relationship, but she's joined in.

A good spanking is simply one we both enjoy. A great spanking, for me, is when my boundry starts to get pushed, but not enough to get in the way of immiediatly moving on to other activities.

I'll leave it at that for now. thanks for asking :)


Marcus said...

Open mike? Hrm.
One of my favorite spankings I gave had my girl on my lap cuddling. She was wearing my button-down shirt and nada else. She was getting goofy and bratty, and so I gave her a swat. She nibbled my ear. I gave her another swat. More nibbling. Pretty soon she was breathing hard and my hand was still working her cheeks. She never left cuddling me in my lap throughout the spanking.

It's amazing how black and blue a bottom can get from a hand spanking though.

Janeen said...

I'd have to say it's a love/hate relationship with the discipline ones, but the erotic ones are always fun.

Just popping in to say hi, and I love how you've been able to get your readers so involved lately! I commend your creativity.

Thanks for always having such an interesting blog, and always making everyone feel so welcome, not all great blogs go out of their way to interact with their readers as much as you do, and it makes all the difference in my opinion.

hmmmm....don't know where all that came from! I tend to ramble when I'm tired, sorry..

Eyes Downcast said...

I shouldn't even comment as I have not been forunate to receive my first real spanking yet. Reading about everyone else's spankings is making me envious as heck.
At this point I will take whatever kind of spanking my husband would give me! :-)

little one said...

A good spanking to me is any spanking that I receive from my Guy. They may be too few and far between at the present time, but any I receive from him are full of love. Of course, our erotic spankings are by far the crème de la crème. :)

Guy’s spankings leave me feeling so loved and cherished. They leave me feeling centered again, and more able to focus on the important things and not let the little things take center stage. Even his words have a way of making me feel that way.

I’m almost always left sore from a spanking, if not I think I feel I missed out on something. The aftercare from any spanking is almost just as sweet as the spanking itself, be it just him soothing my scalded bottom with his soft, soothing, loving hands, or if it’s sweet and gentle or hot and frantic love making. They all go hand in hand and one wouldn’t be complete without the other.

Very good questions Bonnie. :)

pinkcheeks said...

wow...don't know what to add here that has not already been said! From erotic spankings to discipline spankings to quick swats on the bottom as "reminders", Hubby and I know the importance of DD in our lives, and how much it enhances our relationship *smile*

padme said...

I agree with janeen. I have a love and hate with the discipline spankings. But the erotic ones are lovely and center me and bond me with Master Anakin...
Great questions bonnie. How are you doing? I hope you had a good weekend..

Storm Rider said...

Oops! Sorry ladies, Im pasing the Mike to Wind, I came through the wrong door!

Mary said...

Since you asked... *grin*
I LOVE spankings. Unlike some, we do not use spankings as punishment (I guess I'm just too much of a pain slut). Though there may be playful threats of "punishing the naughty girl", the spankings are for me because I simply enjoy being spanked. I most definitely wish for them and have at times been known to beg for them.
What makes it good? I thrive on the endorphin rush - being pushed just a little farther than I can go and ending up in a happy subspace. I like it hard; I like marks. I absolutely LOVE how hot and horny he gets spanking me.
How do spankings make me feel? Horny as heck! They always end in good sex.

By the way, I just stumbled upon this blog today - and I'm loving it! Thanks!

cuddlybum said...

Spankings are for fun, foreplay, stress relief..... we don't do punishment spankings - well my beloved doesn't do them - Isometimes ask for a spanking if I'm feeling really bad about it and want to wipe the slate clean so to speak.

But the most important part of any spanking for me is the cuddling afterwards. I always get cuddled afterwards regardless of what the spanking is for!! ANd yes, mostly there's sex involved as well, even in the stress relief ones - and my God is it hot after!!!

I love them. And now I'm off to try and weasel my way into another one tonight!!!! Good, good question!

Carrielily said...

Wow, I'm not sure if I have anything new and insightful to add to what your wonderful readers have already commented. But I was thinking that spankings make me feel. . . well all of the above. satisfied,check. contrite, check. romantic,(um more like horny but yes :)check. However, very rarely really sore. CD likes to say that I have an ass of steel. My ass doesn't mark very much and usually the day after I'm pretty much back to normal. We do punishment spankings (more for me than for him) maintainance spankings, and erotic gg spankings (oh yum my absolute favorite!) ok, I know totally rambling. sorry. thanks for getting me thinking tho' :)

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