Thursday, January 12, 2006

Yet Another Meme

Padme tagged me this time.

Five things I like about myself:
  1. My vivid imagination
  2. My taste in men
  3. I know what I like
  4. My passion for the things I love
  5. My ability to laugh at life
Five things I don't like about myself:
  1. I can be impatient
  2. I don't always handle my impatience very well
  3. I get tired at the end of the day
  4. I don't have as much energy as Randy
  5. I have a large bottom
Five things I wish for:
  1. A world without war or cruelty
  2. Respect for people regardless of their place in society
  3. An end to poverty and neglect
  4. Greed and selfishness no longer rewarded
  5. Nice weather
Five things I don't wish for:
  1. Fame
  2. Wealth
  3. Intoxicants
  4. Immortality
  5. Single tail anything
Five things I would change:
  1. Attend grad school
  2. Start blogging far sooner
  3. Know writing is the career for me
  4. Record more of my spanking stories
  5. My underwear religiously every day
Five things I have learned to appreciate:
  1. Asperagus
  2. Green tea
  3. Opera
  4. Canes
  5. Submission
Five things that interest me:
  1. Live theater
  2. Travel
  3. Hiking
  4. People
  5. Spankings and sex
Five talents I have:
  1. Writing
  2. Whistling
  3. Poetry
  4. Keeping quiet while being spanked
  5. Sword swallowing
Five favorite things:
  1. My husband
  2. My daughter
  3. My kitty
  4. My blog
  5. My love life, spankings and all
Five secret desires:
  1. Semi-public spankings
  2. To try a spanking machine
  3. To attend a spanking event
  4. To make a movie
  5. To be as sexually free as some of my friends
Five self truths:
  1. I am geting older
  2. I can't do everything
  3. I have to prioritize
  4. Women can be strong
  5. People are what matter most
Five lies I have told:
  1. Oh, look. It's thong underwear. My favorite!
  2. No, I don't mind if you eat the last of the chocolate
  3. I'm not that sore
  4. It's all right that you washed my bras with red socks
  5. Sure, I always adore dildos back there
Five silly things:
  1. My husband owns a propellor beanie
  2. I sing in the shower
  3. I rhyme all the time
  4. I own polka-dot panties
  5. Randy once spanked me with a TV remote

I'm not going to designate victims. But if you want to do this, consider yourselves tagged.

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padme said...

Thanks for doing the meme, bonnie. I found it very interesting. It's good to know more about you. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Bonnie, I took the tag!

little one said...

Oh Bonnie, I had to giggle at a few of these. I love your sense of humor! Thanks for doing this and sharing with us. Have a happy Friday, Bonnie. :)

Anonymous said...

Your list got me thinking, and agreeing with some of the things, as I read it.



Theresa said...

hehe Bonnie! I loved the silly things. I added those jus to lighten the mood of the meme. Glad you decided to post your answers and share with us all!

Bonnie said...

Padme - Thank you for the tag! It was fun.

Flinch - Loved your responses. Like everything you do, they reflected your wonderful contemplative nature.

Little - Thanks. This was fun. BTW, I loved your 100 things. I might have to write one myself.

Tigger - I'm glad you enjoyed this post.

Theresa - Hi! This meme was fun. Thank you for dreaming it up.

Janeen said...

Loved your answers, this one was a head scratcher, but in a good way. ;)

ReaderGirl said...

Actually, if that picture is really you, you don't have a large bottom. You have a nice one.

Reader Girl

Bonnie said...


In Randy's view, the two are quite compatible. For that, I am grateful.

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