Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Healthy Glow

This is a story I recorded several years ago. It describes my first spanking after an extended layoff. I had had emergency surgery just before Christmas and it took a very long time for me to feel good again. As you will see, this event definitely helped!

I got my wish last night! I hadn't received a good, hard spanking since my surgery last month. My husband didn't want to give me much more than a gentle warming because he was afraid he might hurt me. Yesterday, I visited my doctor and received a clean bill of health. For Randy's benefit (and mine too!), I had him write a brief note explaining his findings (I told him it was for work).

Randy arrived home around 8:30 last night. Our daughter was conveniently 'studying' at a friend's house. I met him at the door. I was wearing my big winter robe (with nothing underneath but a lacy pink nylon thong). Before he even removed his shoes, I embraced him and gave him that unmistakable lover's kiss. A bit startled, he said, "Am I to assume we're feeling better?" "Oh, yes" I whispered. While he shed his winter layers, I went to retrieve two items I had stashed in the kitchen - my note and our dogleg hairbrush. I dropped the brush into my big robe pocket.

We met in the hallway. I proudly presented Randy with a note the doctor had written. He read it for an inordinately long period of time as if he were rereading to ensure he didn't miss any nuance. Finally, he looked at me and said in a very even voice, "OK, that's good enough for me. Let's go." With that he took my hand and he headed upstairs. On the landing, about halfway up, I stopped and turned to him. I removed the brush from my pocket and handed it to him handle end first. As he accepted the brush, a smile crossed his face for the first time. Right there on the landing, he lifted my robe. I believe I heard a gasp as he felt my thong.

Randy stopped to caress my bottom for a minute or two. Then he delivered about half a dozen hard swats with the brush. Yeow! The question about whether one's rear is toughened by regular spankings was settled, at least in my mind. I was clearly out of practice. When he finished, we kissed passionately as our hands roamed freely. It was now time to continue our fun in the bedroom. Being the gentleman that he is, Randy allowed me to proceed up the steps first. He encouraged me to hold my robe up around my waist. Along the way, he commented about enjoying the view.

Once in the bedroom with the door safely closed, we immediately took up the job at hand. Randy had me remove my robe and lie on the bed face down. I was very excited already. What he did next surprised me. He grabbed a pair of my pantyhose and used them to tie my wrists behind my back. We've done this before, but it's been a while. The restraint is more symbolic than real. I know I can ask him to stop at any time and he will. Nevertheless, it's a tangible expression of my surrendering control to my dear husband. By this point, I was so jazzed, he could have anything he wanted.

He allowed me to lie there for a few moments, presumably to ponder my fate. Finally, the first swat landed on my left cheek. It was full strength. I yelled "ow!" (or something like that). I struggled against the bonds as he methodically proceeded to deliver a first rate spanking. He alternated sides focusing most of his attention on my sit-spots. There was absolutely nothing half-hearted about this spanking. Randy obviously believed the doctor's note. My bottom stung like crazy, but there was no way after so long that I was going to ask him to quit. Eventually, though, he did stop. I lay there silent and drained. Randy spoke first as he rubbed my throbbing orbs, "Wow, I hope I didn't overdo it. Are you OK, Bon?" "Yes" I said with conviction, "I'm more than OK."

Upon hearing these words, he freed my wrists and helped me up. He quickly removed his clothes to reveal that uniquely male expression of readiness. I too was now well prepared for the lovemaking to follow. Just to make certain, he removed my thong and then applied his mouth to a most delicate locale. Before long I was writhing with pleasure and anticipation. Mutual fulfillment soon came as he took me from behind. As he did this, he massaged my glowing bottom with his thumbs. At that moment, it could not have been clearer that I was both well loved and well spanked. I was enveloped with bliss.

When it was all over, we happily lay in bed with arms and legs entangled. I felt warm and safe beside my man. He satisfies my soul. That's one of many reasons I will always love him.

Last night was more than I had hoped and all that I had dreamed. It doesn't make up for Christmas and New Year's and all the rest, but it was a nice down payment. I'm a bit sore today, but I don't care at all. In fact, it provides a nice reminder of a wonderful evening. It's good to have things back to normal!

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Barend said...

Bonnie, I love your stories..not only the way they are written but certainly also because they picture so precisely what a beautiful thing you have going together..thanks for sharing and keep going with the good, Barend

Anonymous said...

What about spanking during your pregnancy? Did you need them? If so, did your husband want to spank you?

Storm Rider said...

Hey Bonnie, Wind is sick and we havent been able to be together for a while now, Im glad you wrote this because I did'nt think about the amount of time that has passed since her last spanking. Thanks to you I will be careful not to over due it!
Again, you have just saved Winds ass! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great story!!!

And a little light bondage is quite fun when combined with a spanking, don't you think!!!


Bonnie said...

Barend - Welcome to MBS, and thank you! I wouldn't trade my life for anyone's.

Anon - Randy chose not to spank me during my pregnancy. He was afraid it might hurt the baby. I wasn't too worried, but he simply wouldn't do it. Needless to say, it was a long nine months!

Storm - I'm always willing to do what I can for Wind!

Tigger - I completely agree!

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