Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bonnie's Spanko Alphabet

OK, boys and girls. Let's talk about the spanko alphabet. Are you ready?

A is for Apple - The color of a well spanked bottom

B is for Belt - A favorite wearable implement

C is for Crop - Not just for equestrians any more

D is for Discipline - Setting things right

E is for Education - We're never too old to learn the hard way

F is for Flogger - Sensual or serious? Only the spanker knows for sure

G is for Grateful - How I feel afterward

H is for Heat - Where there's fire, there's heat

I is for Implement - Tools of the trade

J is for Joy - The result we all seek

K is for Kiss - Show of affection

L is for Leather - The smell of discipline

M is for Maple - Hardwood for hard spankings

N is for Naked - Natural state of spankos

O is for Ouch - Pain is part of the bargain

P is for Paddle - The wellspring of bottom sting

Q is for Questions - "Are you going to behave?"

R is for Restraints - Ah, the bonds of matrimony

S is for Spankings - The spice of my (love) life

T is for Target - That's where I sit down

U is for Upended - How I end up

V is for Vermont - The official state implement is a bathbrush

W is for Welts - The red badge of courage

X is for eXcited - My emotional state when spanked

Y is for Yes - Always the right answer

Z is for Zipper - Where I head after the spanking



Curvaceous Dee said...

*cracks up* Oh, but that's excellent! Thanks for the laugh.

xx Dee

Mary said...

My favorite... Z is for Zipper. :)

ann regel said...

Spanko Alphabet? I didn't think it could be done! Once again, I am proven wrong. Thanks, Bonnie, it is purrfect.

Storm Rider said...

LMAO! I love how you come up with this shit! LOL Only you Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!


Zoe said...

Such fun posts, always a pleasure to stop by.

patricia said...

Very funny and very true.

ReaderGirl said...

Now I dare you to make it into a picture book....

miss kitty said...

Very clever! I just found your blog and have put it on my favorites list.

jade said...

I would LOVE to see this in a picture book! lol

Bonnie said...

Dee - Welcome! You've come a very long way to visit. I'm delighted that you did.

Mary - Yes, I must admit a certain fondness as well...

Smart - You are most welcome!

Storm - I may have a one track mind, but the trains are fully loaded!

Tigger - Thanks!

Zoe - Thank you. I aim to please.

Patricia - Welcome to MBS! I'm glad you enjoyed my goofy alphabet.

Reader - Now that's a fun idea. Were I an artist, I certainly would.

Miss Kitty - Welcome to you! I'm glad you're here. If you have a thought, I invite you to jump right in.

Jade - All we need is an (spanko) illustrator. Any volunteers?

Mike said...

well done, very amusing. I had several favorites, but then I read Z, the best.


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