Friday, January 27, 2006

Poem: Spank Me Good

I haven't published a spanko poem in at least a month. It's time to make amends.

Spank me good
Make me sting
Lay the wood

Swat my seat
Make me fret
Give more heat
Not done yet

Grab me tight
Tie up well
Smack me right
Ring my bell

Make me glow
All the week
Leave me sore
Cheek to cheek

Toast my rear
Touch my skin
Hold me near
Shove it in

Rock me hard
Make me pant
Drop my guard
No more "can't"

Stretch my bounds
Ever more
Moaning sounds
I adore

Snuggle close
Loving play
Ample dose
For today


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Mike said...

It sounds truely inspired, I'll bet you weren't spanked yet the day you wrote it?


Bonnie said...


I wrote that poem yesterday, and no, I wasn't. That issue, and a couple of others, were subsequently resolved.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Glad to hear that you got things "resolved!"


Janeen said...

Loved the poem, and not surprised to hear that Randy decided to act it out. LOL

Hope you're not too sore today. ;)

padme said...

Really enjoyed the poem, bonnie. :) I really wish I could write a poem but I tried once in high school and failed miserably. Great job! Hope your having a good weekend...

rivka said...

*G* Loved the poem and the alphabet, Bonnie. Too cute!

kitten said...

love the poem Bonnie...and was sorry not to have been able to join your group for Sunday brunch-but from all the responses I read, there would not be too much I could have added anyway! The benefits of a DD relationship FAR outweigh a life for my important question...where did you get those awesome jeans????? I love them!!

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